Restricting mail relaying

Been a long time since I used Postfix, sorry for this basic question.

I have a Postfix server used internally by servers in the network to send
out mail. Itself relays all mail to an upstream server.

How can I reject mail from given clients (list of IPs), but only if
destined for domains other than a given list of domains.

am confused by the fact that for my Postfix, all mail is "relay" mail...
and no domains are defined as "local"... so I can just say restrict
relaying to this list of clients.

Thanks a lot,

odd sendmail question

I've looked thru all the stuff at (or whatever its name
is now, they seem to have gone corporate...) and don't see anything
relating to this:

I get a series of log entries in /var/log/maillog, once or twice a day
at various times--not 12 or 24 hours apart. not always the identical
series either.

kernel problem with 16.10

Hi all,

What is the appropriate channel to report problems with the new kernel?
My laptop keyboard is not recognised by the shipped kernel (4.8.0),
however works fine using the 4.8.4 kernel from the mainline kernel ppa


Fedora 25 Final blocker status mail #1

Hi folks! The Fedora 25 Final freeze is fast approaching (it's 2016-11-
01), so it's time for a blocker status mail. As there's only five
blockers, I'll skip the tl;dr summary, the mail is quite short anyhow.

Bug-by-bug detail

1. <a href="" title=""></a> - python-blivet - POST
TypeError: Must be number, not str

Funny story - I started writing this mail yesterday afternoon,
got distracted trying to straighten out the three different iSCSI
blockers that were listed at that time, and wound up spending all night
fixing iSCSI.

Ubuntu Kernel Team - Weekly Newsletter, 2016-10-25


The Ubuntu Kernel Team has published this weeks newsletter[0].

The Newsletter is published weekly. It contains highlights from the
week, announcements regarding the development and stable kernels, as
well as any other news the Kernel Team may have.


The Ubuntu Kernel Team

[0] <a href="" title=""></a>

Using pungi for CentOS (AH specifically)

Hey, so upstream Fedora has been working on this:
<a href="" title=""></a>

And I'd like to discuss trying to use it for Atomic Host
work. The concept of a "compose" that ties together
the ISO and cloud images is nice for example. It's
going to need to gain some more sophistication
around OSTree, and there'd likely be some details
that need changing such as how signing happens.

But having a common codebase here would be nice,
and I think we could also stop doing this in Jenkins
for <a href="" title=""></a>

- Announcing PhpConference Brasil 2016

You can view the Pull Request on github:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Pull Request Description:

Ruby OOM in container


We've encountered a problem with Ruby runtime recently. I hope someone
would be interested in understanding the situation and offering a
solution to this problem :)

We use fluentd as logging agent inside a docker container with limited
amount of memory and some time ago we noticed that these containers
started to crash with OOM. In the system logs it says that container
exceeded it's memory limit and was killed by oom-killer.

What is the equivalent in mysql cluster for global table in mysql fabric?

What is the equivalent in mysql cluster for global table in mysql fabric, i.e. for table that are too small to need any partition/sharding?
My guest is just define a table of innodb engine and copy it to every sql node. But is this correct?
Can tables of different engines be joined in a mysql node?

com web/php: news entry for 7.1.0RC5: archive/archive.xml archive/entries/2016-10-27-1.xml

Link: <a href=";a=commitdiff;h=e3fe1be2b65fb351aa47c5d8af381735c56cebe3" title=";a=commitdiff;h=e3fe1be2b65fb351aa47c5d8af381735c56cebe3">;a=commitdiff;h=e3fe1be2b65fb351aa47c5d...</a>

news entry for 7.1.0RC5

Changed paths:
M archive/archive.xml
A archive/entries/2016-10-27-1.xml

diff --git a/archive/archive.xml b/archive/archive.xml
index db77f45..f5cfe2d 100644
--- a/archive/archive.xml
+++ b/archive/archive.xml
@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
<email>php- ... at lists dot</email>
+ <xi:include href="entries/2016-10-27-1.xml"/>
<xi:include href="entries/2016-10-19-1.xml"/>
<xi:include href="entries/2

Fedora Rawhide-20161027.n.0 compose check report

Missing expected images:

Cloud_base qcow2 x86_64
Atomic qcow2 x86_64
Workstation live i386
Kde live x86_64
Cloud_base raw-xz x86_64
Atomic raw-xz x86_64
Kde raw-xz armhfp
Minimal raw-xz armhfp
Workstation live x86_64
Kde live i386

Failed openQA tests: 8/79 (x86_64), 2/15 (i386)

New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20161026.n.0):

ID: 44607 Test: x86_64 universal upgrade_kde_64bit
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

Old failures (same test failed in Rawhide-20161026.n.0):

ID: 44590 Test: x86_64 Server-dvd-iso server_role_deploy_domain_controller
URL: <a href="https://openqa" title="https://openqa">https://openqa</a>

dirty cow und 12.04 LTS


currently i'm updating my systems because of the dirty cow bug in the kernel.
But i don't understand completely this document: <a href="" title=""></a>

I have a system with 12.04 LTS:

root@PC62470:~# uname -r

root@PC62470:~# cat /etc/os-release
VERSION="12.04.2 LTS, Precise Pangolin"
PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu precise (12.04.2 LTS)"

The kernel is 3.5.0-23-generic.

- Announcing PhpConference Brasil 2016

You can view the Pull Request on github:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Pull Request Description:

Bodhi For Rawhide?

Hi all,

I am thinking, why we don't have enabled Bodhi for Rawhide? I know that
you might think now that I went nut and it is bureaucracy, but let me

If I understand it correctly, during several past years, our build
process was more streamlined and we are trying to do the Rawhide
composes in a similar fashion we are doing stable releases. But for some
reason, we are still not using Bodhi for Rawhide and I see no reasons
not to use it.

python script from crontab - problems with proper execution

Hi All.

I currently have a problem with proper invocation of a python script with

non-root $ crontab -l
#Ansible: script_repo_scanner
55 11 * * * /usr/bin/python /path/ --bb_user bb_user
--bb_pass bb_pass --bd_log_dir /path/logs &>

And in /var/log/cron I see that cron executed the script but there is no
log output in /path/ and the script did not
perform his job.

com web/php: add 7.0.13RC1 info: include/

Link: <a href=";a=commitdiff;h=3947ecc672e6676e4e8800b11b0351b085bd1442" title=";a=commitdiff;h=3947ecc672e6676e4e8800b11b0351b085bd1442">;a=commitdiff;h=3947ecc672e6676e4e8800b...</a>

add 7.0.13RC1 info

Changed paths:
M include/

diff --git a/include/ b/include/
index d1e0a1f..c73de31 100644
--- a/include/
+++ b/include/
@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@

/* PHP 7.0 Release */
-$PHP_7_0_RC = false; // Current RC version (e.g., '5.6.7RC1') or false
-$PHP_7_0_RC_DATE = '29 Sep 2016';
+$PHP_7_0_RC = "7.0.13RC1"; // Current RC version (e.g., '5.6.7RC1') or false
+$PHP_7_0_RC_DATE = '27 Oct 2016';


No CentOS SCLo SIG sync-up meeting next week

I'm not able to make it for the next week's SCLo SIG meeting (was
supposed to be 1st Nov). If anybody is willing to hold the meeting, feel
free to do it, otherwise let's just cancel it.


What are we working on at ApacheCon?

If you're going to be at ApacheCon, please join us in the
collaboration/hackathon space. If there's something that you'd like to
work on there, please add it to the etherpad at
<a href="" title=""></a> so that we can
be thinking ahead about things. This tends to make the time there much
more productive.

See you in Seville!

new packages pending review & approve

Hello there,

I have 2 packages under review now:
<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

Some reviews and updates have been done, and now it has been quiet for some days.
Could someone help with the review and approve? Since it's my first package, also need a sponsor.


Schedule for Thursday's FPC Meeting (2016-10-27 16:00 UTC)

 Following is the list of topics that will be discussed in the FPC
meeting Thursday at 2016-10-27 16:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting-1 on

 Local time information (via.

multi-user guidelines for shared folders


is there a guidelines how to name directories and files in shared folders,
e.g. in /tmp on multi-user systems? And apart from the names, how
should permissions be handled?

User? PID?

upgrade to 16.04: php only produces gibberish

Hi there,

I upgraded a server from 14.04 to 16.04.

I have a number of php services running on this box.

Now they only produce pages of the format:

| | Author: Aleksander Machniak |
+-------------------------------------------------------------------------+*/ //
include environment require_once 'program/include/iniset.php'; // init
application, start session, init output class, etc.

Fw: Final release - was: Testers wanted


those who want to test different Ubuntu desktop flavours [1] might want
to use a script to automatically download all files and do the complete
check as described by <a href="" title=""></a> .

Save the script [attachment].

Make it executable by running

chmod a+x


The default flavour is ubuntu-mate.
The default release is 16.10.

Other desktop flavours available for at least 16.10, but perhaps for
other releases, too


How to recover data from an IDE drive


As some may recall, I suffered a hardware failure of a 10 yr old IBM
Netvista back in January. I was backing up my personal data, 'My Documents',
to my CentOS server but I apparently didn't get my emails.

It was a main board failure and I believe the data is still good on the hard
drive. Only problem, its an IDE drive and my server and new PC have SATA

Is it possible to install the old drive as a secondary drive into a newer PC
with SATA drives? If so, how do I do this?

Updated Vcs-Git fields for KDE Frameworks


as discussed today @ IRC I have updated the Vcs-Git fields of our frameworks
packaging to use https:// instead of git://

I'm attaching a sample commit. I made the change with the update-vcs-fields
script from Kubuntu Automation.

So please update your local clones to pull the latest changes with "do-all git

Note that the commit message includes a "NOCI" on top in order to not trigger
uneeded builds by the KCI, also note that there is no need to rebuild our
packages on the frameworks staging PPA.


"always_bcc" for multiple recipients (via alias) and "recipient_bcc_maps" don't work


I've set up a mail server on my VPS, which is running CentOS 7.

Folder Properties

Dear gnome-list,

Here are two questions about the Permissions tab of folder Properties:

1. Why does the 'Other' group have 'Access files' permission?

2. Why is the 'Security context' listed as 'unknown'?

Please see screenshot: <a href="" title=""></a>
This is from Debian 8.6, newly installed and accepting all defaults.

MySQL Connector/Python 2.0.5 GA has been released

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Python 2.0.5 GA is a new GA version of 2.0
release series of the pure Python database driver for MySQL. It
can be used for production environments.

MySQL Connector/Python version 2.0.5 is compatible with MySQL
Server versions 5.5 and greater. Python 2.6 and greater as well as
Python 3.3 and greater are supported.

review swap

Hello toghether,

I have Odoo waiting for review [1]. It is the package for my change
proposal for Fedora 26 [2]. Anyone interested to swap reviews?


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

Best Practices: Populating RPM SPEC %defines in basic Ant build management

might be the best set of SMEs to ask this question, especially since
I'm drawing a blank from when I had to do this a few years ago.

- Disconnected systems (no or very limited Internet access)
- Apache Ant build management

Best Practice Sought:
- Solution to populate %defines at the top of RPM SPEC files

Feel free to tell me to RTFM with a link or anything else.

Fedora Rawhide-20161026.n.0 compose check report

No missing expected images.

Failed openQA tests: 12/101 (x86_64), 3/17 (i386), 1/2 (arm)

New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20161025.n.0):

ID: 44327 Test: x86_64 Workstation-live-iso desktop_notifications_live
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 44328 Test: x86_64 Workstation-live-iso desktop_notifications_postinstall
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 44329 Test: x86_64 Workstation-boot-iso install_default
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 44332 Test: i386 Workstation-boot-iso install_default
URL: <a href="https://openqa.fedorapr" title="https://openqa.fedorapr">https://openqa.fedorapr</a>

rpmbuild question

Hi, folks,

Trying to build a package from a gzipped tarball of a python package.
I'm trying to build it in /root/rpmbuild. Python has a way to build it,
but it creates its own tree, with a clone of the rpmbuild tree under

So, from the specfile, I'm trying to understand, after much googling,
what I need to change the Source and BuildRoot to.

Fedora 25-20161026.n.0 compose check report

No missing expected images.

Failed openQA tests: 4/101 (x86_64), 1/17 (i386)

New failures (same test did not fail in 25-20161025.n.0):

ID: 44499 Test: x86_64 universal install_multi@uefi
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 44524 Test: x86_64 universal upgrade_desktop_64bit
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

Old failures (same test failed in 25-20161025.n.0):

ID: 44448 Test: x86_64 Workstation-live-iso desktop_notifications_postinstall
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 44510 Test: x86_64 universal install_iscsi
URL: <a href="https://openqa.fedora" title="https://openqa.fedora">https://openqa.fedora</a>

RE: 5.7.16 compilation fails due to libevent references in xplugin

Sorry, I should have specified this is on RHEL 6.7

I am trying to compile mysql-boost 5.7.16 from source to run it from a
specific account/directory but I am running into an error [1] that seems to
indicate that a libevent symbol cannot be found. I'm not very familiar with
the mysql source, but it seems to include its own copy of libevent, so this
error seems rather odd.

5.7.16 compilation fails due to libevent references in xplugin

I am trying to compile mysql-boost 5.7.16 from source to run it from a
specific account/directory but I am running into an error [1] that seems to
indicate that a libevent symbol cannot be found. I'm not very familiar with
the mysql source, but it seems to include its own copy of libevent, so this
error seems rather odd. I have been building and running mysql 5.6 versions
in a similar manner, but I want to upgrade to 5.7.

CentOS PaaS SIG meeting (2016-10-26)

It's time for our weekly PaaS SIG sync-up meeting

Time: 1700 UTC - Wedensdays
Where: IRC- Freenode - #centos-devel

- OpenShift Current Status
-- rpms
--- origin and openshift-ansible released
-- Documentation
-- Automated testing
-- images / image building
- Open Floor

Minutes from last meeting:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Bluefish html editor

Since upgrading to 16.10 I notice that Bluefish (2.2.7) no longer displays
line numbers. Anyone else have this problem?

- Richard.

Anyone know anything about slurm on CentOS 7?

The recently-left programmer did *something*, and he didn't know what, and
the guy who picked it up is working with me to find out why
/var/log/messages is getting flooded with
Oct 26 11:01:06 <servername> kernel: type=1105
audit(1477494066.569:642430): pid=108551 uid=0 auid=4294967295
ses=4294967295 subj=system_u:system_r:unconfined_service_t:s0
acct="<user>" exe="/usr/bin/su" hostname=? addr=? terminal=?

Apache on Fedora and DocumentRoot permissions


I have a fedora24 install with apache-2.4.23 and the latest version of
joomla, and having some problems with the inability of the apache user
to modify files while also allowing the site admin account modify
those same files in the document root.

I understand there are several solutions to this problem, but I don't
know which one is the best for me, both from a security and
functionality perspective.

I've been setting up apache sites for a really long time, although I
don't claim to be an expert.

Fedora 25 compose report: 20161026.n.0 changes

===== SUMMARY =====
Added images: 2
Dropped images: 0
Added packages: 1
Dropped packages: 0
Upgraded packages: 79
Downgraded packages: 0

Size of added packages: 69.71 KiB
Size of dropped packages: 0.00 B
Size of upgraded packages: 1.14 GiB
Size of downgraded packages: 0.00 B

Size change of upgraded packages: 27.40 MiB
Size change of downgraded packages: 0.00 B

===== ADDED IMAGES =====
Image: Docker_Base docker armhfp
Path: Docker/armhfp/images/Fedora-Docker-Base-25-20161026.n.0.armhfp.tar.xz
Image: Docker_Base docker x86_64
Path: Docker/x86_64/images/Fedora

Require valid-user, still let anyone access page?

I have set up mod_auth_kerb to authorize users to a web application.
I would like to let everyone get authorized by kerberos, but if that
fails, they should still be able to access the page (the login page
would be displayed).

If I just add

"Require valid-user"

only kerberos authenticated users can get in.

I have found an almost working solution:

"Require valid-user
Require all granted
Require not ip <some local addresses>
This way, everyone from outside <some local addresses> get a login page,
everyone from t

CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 140, Issue 9

Send CentOS-announce mailing list submissions to
<a href="mailto:centos- ... at centos dot org">centos- ... at centos dot org</a>

To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit
<a href="" title=""></a>
or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to
<a href="mailto:centos-announce- ... at centos dot org">centos-announce- ... at centos dot org</a>

You can reach the person managing the list at
<a href="mailto:centos-announce- ... at centos dot org">centos-announce- ... at centos dot org</a>

When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific
than "Re: Contents of CentOS-announce digest..."

Today's Topics:


Why does postfix continue to try to deliver mail after getting a 554?


I was just wondering why my postfix was continuing to try to deliver a
mail to another server after getting a 554 response the first time.
Shouldn't the delivery stop right then and there and the sender be
notified? Instead postfix tried for several days to deliver the message
before it ultimately failed and notified the sender.
soft_bounce is set to "no" if that has anything to do with it.


ReverseProxy InvalidUriScheme

Hi Everyone,

I have a small issue when configuring a ReverseProxy and Im wondering if someone has run into this issue before

- Application Innerscope developed in MS silverlight
(iframe content)
- Application does not support HTTPS
(We didn’t write the app in-house this has been provided by vendor)

- We do SSL offloading at the load balancer level before you hit the apache sever

- Proxy Config (very simple)

<VirtualHost *:*>
<IfDefine DEV>
ServerName <a href="" title=""></a>

RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-Proto http

Building and testing a parallel replacement server

I want to build and test (at least a little) a new server to replace an
existing, production one.

The old one is on machine running FreeBSD10/Postfix 3.0.2
and the new one on running FreeBSD11/Postfix 3.1.3.

I would much appreciate advice on how best to define the variables
related to host name, domain name, etc.

Fix the user perceived slowdowns caused by baloo


I'm Priyanshu Jain 4th year computer science undergraduate student from
India. I have experience with C/C++, Qt and databases and familiar with
directory structure. I want to contribute to the Project: Improve User
Experience(fix the user perceived slowdowns caused by baloo) under Season
of Kde 2016-2017. Please help me how I proceed further . Thank you.


KDE store question

Hi all,

I would like to use the KDE Store to add downloadable content to Kdenlive.
This would require adding some new categories on

However I have not found any contact info on the store, so does anybody
know where these requests should be made ? I only found the global contact
at but got no reply from this address...

Any hints ?


Bugzilla Update: Antispam modification deployed

Hi all,

As some of you will already be aware, Bugzilla has recently been
experiencing some issues with spam - courtesy of the same group that
were previously attacking our Wikis and Forums.

I've now deployed antispam countermeasures on Bugzilla, which should
mitigate many forms of the spam which were previously affecting us.

If you see any instances of legitimate comments being blocked, please
let us know.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

Invitație: Kubuntu vision meeting - mar. 1 nov. 23:00 - mie. 2 nov. 2016 00:00 (EET) (Kubuntu Events)

Ați fost invitat(ă) la următorul eveniment.

Titlu: Kubuntu vision meeting
Bucharest, Romania
Tue, Nov 1, 23:00 - 0:00 (EET)

UTC, Coordinated Universal Time
Tue, Nov 1, 21:00 - 22:00 (UTC)

CET, Central European Time
Tue, Nov 1, 22:00 - 23:00 (GMT-1)

Scheduled with <a href="" title=""></a>
Când: mar. 1 nov. 23:00 – mie. 2 nov.

Kubuntu Vision meeting

It seems that Nov 1st at 21 UTC works for the most amount of people, so
we'll go with that as a date.
I'm think BBB would be best over a normal IRC meeting as you can upload
images and sharesharing to help out.

Let's get planning!

<a href="" title=""></a>

Pondering security update time frames

It seems to me that Fedora has three severe distribution wide issues
relating to security updates:

1. Updates, even critical security updates, are very slow. Getting an
update out involves creating a build and an update (which is
reasonably fast for most packages), pushing the update to
updates-testing, getting karma, and pushing to updates. The latter
three can happen in parallel in the best case. The big problem as I
see it is that pushing updates is painfully slow.

Supported way to require that a service be stopped prior to installing an .rpm package?


My team is building and maintaining a fairly complex software stack that is being packaged via rpm. As part of the requirements, the service provided by the .rpm file must be stopped prior to installation / update of the package.

Is there any supported / recommended way to do this? Currently the team uses the %pre section to check if the service is running and fail if so, but this seems a bit ugly.

Tagging origin and openshift-ansible into released

I've ran origin and openshift-origin through all the tests I have.
They are both passing everything without any problems. I have given
them the -release tag, which means they should be going onto the
mirrors tomorrow some time.

Packages tagged into release:
(Sub-Packages are automatically tagged in)



Bugzilla upgraded

Hi all,

The production instance of has now been upgraded with the
latest Bugzilla.
Thanks to everyone who tested the instance at

If there are any issues, please let one of us know.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

Config Management Sig at Interlock

Hi everyone

I will join the CentOS Interlock. At that moment we can discuss about the
SIG. It looks like we have enough traction in the community to get
started with Ansible. I will start working on that in the coming days,
with people who have showed interest. Let's also meet & talk during the


Firefox 49.0.2

Could someone with access please build this version of FF. Apparently,
it's a security release.


Server team meeting minutes: 2016-10-25

Full agenda and log:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Review ACTION points from previous meeting

* No update: jamespage checkin with old iscsitarget users on relevancy with new kernels
* DONE: cpaelzer investigating severity of issues covered by qemu 2.5.

Fedora Rawhide-20161025.n.0 compose check report

Missing expected images:

Workstation live i386
Workstation live x86_64

Failed openQA tests: 8/90 (x86_64), 2/16 (i386), 1/2 (arm)

New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20161024.n.0):

ID: 44083 Test: x86_64 Workstation-boot-iso install_default@uefi
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 44163 Test: x86_64 universal upgrade_2_kde_64bit
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

Old failures (same test failed in Rawhide-20161024.n.0):

ID: 44097 Test: arm Minimal-raw_xz-raw.xz install_arm_image_deployment_upload
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

Fedora 25-20161025.n.0 compose check report

No missing expected images.

Failed openQA tests: 5/101 (x86_64), 2/17 (i386)

New failures (same test did not fail in 25-20161024.n.0):

ID: 44206 Test: x86_64 KDE-live-iso install_default@uefi
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 44216 Test: i386 KDE-live-iso install_default
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 44264 Test: x86_64 universal install_simple_encrypted@uefi
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 44278 Test: x86_64 universal upgrade_kde_64bit
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

Old failures (same test failed in 25-201

noarch debuginfo packages missing from repo?


Just noticed that dnf (or yum-deprecated for the matter) won't find any
mingw{32,64}-XXX-debuginfo packages to install (even though
rawhide-debuginfo is enabled, and indeed i.e. qt5-qtbase-debuginfo is
found). I suspect that perhaps noarch debuginfo packages are missing
from the repo? Indeed mingw-qt5-qtbase-debuginfo-5.6.0-4.fc24.x86_64.rpm
is also found.

FOSDEM 2017 - Distributions Devroom

FOSDEM 2017 - Distributions Devroom Call for Participation

The Distributions devroom will take place 4 February, 2017 at FOSDEM, in
room K.4.601 at Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Brussels, Belgium.

Distributions are more than just hosted collections of software from various
upstreams. Each distribution is responsible for problem-solving in building,
testing, and releasing software as well as managing the lifecycle of each
application in the collection.

ezmlm idx and postfix


I have a short question. Is it possible to integrate ezmlm-idx with Postfix
? Does ony one of You knows how to do it ?

I`m searching for some documentation for it, but everwhere is written that
ezmlm working only with qmail...

Thanks in advance for Your time and support.



LXQt Wallet,a KWallet Like Library For Secure Storage Of Secrets

I recently came across this[1] discussion in this mailing list and
though of sharing my library[2] that solves some of the
problems of KWallet.

ubuntu no default or ui configuation found

I did sudo update-grub after deleting a second install of ubuntu (I run
16.04, second install was 16.10), all from within 16.04. I then got a grub
rescue prompt when I tried to reboot. No problem, I thought, I'll just
insert my usb with ubuntu on there.

Then I get ubuntu no default or ui configuation found' when I boot into the

I reinstall ubuntu on the usb stick after formatting it with gparted and
now I get gfxboot.c32 not a com32r image.

My computer is a Lenovo flex 14, orginally with windows 8. I did a legacy

So what do I try now?



com web/php: Add missing changelog entries for #72494: ChangeLog-5.php ChangeLog-7.php

Link: <a href=";a=commitdiff;h=f0ac09cbffe7c39b37f06c1bdf7d5f31da4f0a82" title=";a=commitdiff;h=f0ac09cbffe7c39b37f06c1bdf7d5f31da4f0a82">;a=commitdiff;h=f0ac09cbffe7c39b37f06c1...</a>

Add missing changelog entries for #72494

<a href="" title=""></a>

Changed paths:
M ChangeLog-5.php
M ChangeLog-7.php

diff --git a/ChangeLog-5.php b/ChangeLog-5.php
index 5a4fb3a..15f3e4e 100644
--- a/ChangeLog-5.php
+++ b/ChangeLog-5.php
@@ -265,6 +265,7 @@ FILTER_FLAG_NO_PRIV_RANGE).</li>
<li><?php bugfix(72697); ?> (select_colors write out-of-bounds).

"Shortcut" for creating a software RAID 60?

Hello all,

Testing stuff virtually over here before taking it to the physical servers.

I found a shortcut for creating a software RAID 10 ("--level=10"), device in
CentOS 6.

Looking at the below, I don't see anything about a shortcut for RAID 60.
<a href="" title=""></a>

Is RAID 60 an uncommon RAID-configuration, as compared to RAID 10, and this
might be why it's missing?

Not too cumbersome to first create two RAID 6-arrays, then add them to a
RAID 0, but it does take some extra time.

ANN: DAC for MySQL 3.0.7 is out!

MicroOLAP Direct Access Components for MySQL and Delphi/C++ Builder (also
known as MySQLDAC) is a Borland Delphi/C++Builder component set for direct
connect to MySQL database server.

Generating a new ubuntu-keyring .deb to sign ISO CD


i want modify an existing ubuntu 16.10 iso image to provide a new
kernel for a server device which is currently in development and yet
not on the market.

I trying to build a new ubuntu-keyring.deb to sign my modified packages
in the ISO Image.

First steps for New Comers

I want to contribute to sssd project. I have builded and installed source code on my VM
These are my queries:
1. I tried to pick up a easyfix bug at <a href=";status=reopened&amp;keywords=~easyfix&amp;coverity=~&amp;group=status&amp;col=id&amp;col=summary&amp;col=status&amp;col=type&amp;col=priority&amp;col=milestone&amp;col=component&amp;report=34&amp;order=priority" title=";status=reopened&amp;keywords=~easyfix&amp;coverity=~&amp;group=status&amp;col=id&amp;col=summary&amp;col=status&amp;col=type&amp;col=priority&amp;col=milestone&amp;col=component&amp;report=34&amp;order=priority">;status=reopened&amp;keywords=...</a>
But all bugs are owned by someone or else.
Though in filters I have selected .. Status new or reopened

reviewing captagent (HOMER / SIPCapture)

Is anybody interested in reviewing captagent?

<a href="" title=""></a>

It is a relatively small package that is used to feed data to a HOMER /
SIPCapture system. It is extremely useful for troubleshooting any of
the other SIP or RTP applications currently available in Fedora

<a href="" title=""></a>

Opt-Out content_filter


I would like to have the possibility for my users to opt out of their
incomming mail being scanned by a spam filter. Is there a way I could
achieve this using ldap tables? Maybe with smtpd_*_restrictions?


Wine PPA: same for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-MATE?


I'm currently running Ubuntu 16.04 on my system, and I installed Wine
1.8 as follows (mainly to test some publishing software that a
relative used to use on Windows):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine1.8 winetricks wine-mono wine-gecko

Then I installed the software he wants to use, with no problems.

I installed Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 on his computer this summer, and he
likes it. Do I give him exactly the same instructions to follow to
install Wine 1.8 on Ubuntu-MATE?


Hi Team,

Could you please help us to know about the CVE-2016-5195 on CentOs.

I have server running with CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) , will this be effected?


This message is for the designated recipient only and may contain privileged, proprietary, or otherwise confidential information. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original. Any other use of the e-mail by you is prohibited.

Storage size unknown on rawhide


I have an error while building ccnet on rawhide:

utils.c: In function 'ccnet_decrypt_with_key':
utils.c:1141:20: error: storage size of 'ctx' isn't known
     EVP_CIPHER_CTX ctx;

How can I solve this? I'll report it upstream (ideally with a patch)
soon but I'd like a fix to get the package back in fedora.

You can find the build here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I can reproduce in mock. I can build on fedora 24 though.


Bug #73384 [NEW]: Language is not kept among sessions

Operating system: Irrelevant
PHP version: Irrelevant
Package: Website problem
Bug Type: Bug
Bug description:Language is not kept among sessions


Fedora Rawhide-20161024.n.0 compose check report

No missing expected images.

Failed openQA tests: 7/101 (x86_64), 3/17 (i386), 1/2 (arm)

New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20161022.n.0):

ID: 43973 Test: i386 Workstation-boot-iso install_default
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

Old failures (same test failed in Rawhide-20161022.n.0):

ID: 43969 Test: x86_64 Workstation-live-iso desktop_notifications_postinstall
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 43986 Test: arm Minimal-raw_xz-raw.xz install_arm_image_deployment_upload
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 44002 Test: x86_64

Understanding reject_unknown_(recipient|sender)_domain


Reading the postconf explanation of reject_unknown_recipient_domain and
reject_unknown_sender_domain, I'm having trouble understanding where
these find their use.

For incoming mail: The first test criteria for both is that Postfix not
be the final destination for the recipient/sender domain, so when
Postfix is not set up with a catchall and rejects unknown users, am I
correct to think there is no use for these here?

Likewise for outgoing messages: The criteria for the domain needing to
have valid, well formed MX -- even without reject_unknown_sender_domain,
Postfix won't be able

alias and which in Ubuntu : moving from Fedora to Ubuntu

I am moving from Fedora to Ubuntu.

In Fedora , running "which AliasName" shows the alias.

For example, if I have

$alias myAlias='echo test'

$which myAlias
alias myAlias='echo test'

In Ubuntu, this does not work.
alias myAlias='echo test'
$which myAlias

shows nothing.

Any idea - is there any setting or any way to get the same result as
in Fedora ?


Fedora 25-20161024.n.0 compose check report

No missing expected images.

Failed openQA tests: 4/101 (x86_64), 1/17 (i386)

New failures (same test did not fail in 25-20161023.n.0):

ID: 43836 Test: x86_64 KDE-live-iso desktop_notifications_live
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 43842 Test: x86_64 Server-boot-iso install_default@uefi
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

Old failures (same test failed in 25-20161023.n.0):

ID: 43822 Test: x86_64 Workstation-live-iso desktop_notifications_postinstall
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 43927 Test: i386 universal upgrade_2_desktop_32bit

incoming queue question: 'not found'

I monitor Postfix queue with Cacti, normally see warning on deffered
queue, charts in red, sends treshold warning, when there is some issues

today, first time ever saw that, I see incoming queue in Cacti growing, up
to 14/16, (charts blue) never observed that before...?

mailq gives nothing, pfqueue has like(1);

how to better asses what's going on?

Queue: 'incoming', 7 messages, 0 tagged, unsorted
ID From To
E29D64CBC2 *Not found* *Not found*
1B8654CBC1 *Not found* *Not fou

Disk access/permission problem - simplified question

Been working on this - let me try a simplified question.

New 16.04 box. I can access any folder in /home from a win box, using
the sharing set up with the Files tool - works OK.

In 16.04 USB disks mount as /media/user/diskname. I tried to share
this diskname both with Nautilus sharing and via smb.conf - neither
one works. I changed the permissions for the entire diskname to
everyone can read/write, and allowed guest sharing. From the win box,
I get "access denied."

Diskname has permissions for everyone, but /media and /media/user are
still owned by root with NO ACCESS.

Problems with VPN Connection

Good afternoon
Best regard

I'm having trouble with a CentOS server release 5.10, so that my users
connect via VPN Intranet type, I could not find a solution, if I can
collaborate appreciate them, attached logs when it worked and now.

Log running:

Mon Oct 10 13:50:02 2016 Re-using SSL/TLS context
Mon Oct 10 13:50:02 2016 LZO compression initialized
Mon Oct 10 13:50:02 2016 Control Channel MTU parms [
L:1543 D:163 EF:66 EB:3 ET:3 EL:0 ]
Mon Oct 10 13:50:02 2016 Data Channel MTU parms [ L:1543
D:1453 EF:43 EB:133 ET:3

Emerge with Qt 5.8?

So anyone was successful on compiling Qt 5.8 with emerge?

(Semi OT) RBL shakedown

If you use the uceprotect RBL, note that they are involved in a
shakedown to solicit money to be removed from their list. Much like
spamrl, I'd suggest not using them since they have an obvious false
positive problem.

<a href="" title=""></a>
Their own system shows my domain is not the same as the spammers domain.

Plenty of good RBLs out there. No uses feeding the criminals
(uceprotect) or the incompetent (spamrl).

Fedora Rawhide-20161024.n.0 compose check report

No missing expected images.

Failed openQA tests: 82/101 (x86_64), 3/17 (i386), 1/2 (arm)

New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20161022.n.0):

ID: 43539 Test: i386 universal install_simple_encrypted
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 43558 Test: x86_64 universal support_server
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 43559 Test: x86_64 Server-dvd-iso support_server
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 43565 Test: x86_64 Server-boot-iso install_default@uefi
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 43566 Test: x86_64 Serve

A lot of these errors, then Splat!

opensuse 42.1
gnome 3.16.2

I occasionally get a burst of the error below in </var/log/messages>.
At some point is the near future, when opening a program, Gnome freezes
The OS itself continues to function normally; there is no GUI making
the OS's functioning useless. A reboot is required. (well, I could go to
another computer, remotely log in, kill the Gnome process, return to my
workstation, log in again.

Low-End Laptop Likes L... ... Kubuntu ?!?!


For various reasons I've kept Ubuntu blinders on and I haven't run KDE much
in several years. I was surprised at how well Kubuntu 16.10 "Yakkety-Yak"
runs on a low-end laptop I own.

Is Kubuntu considered a great choice for low-end laptops nowadays?

What bugaboos should I be watching for in KDE on a low-spec laptop?


I have an Acer Aspire One D260 netbook purchased at Wal-Mart a few years

SElinux suggestions needed: migrating backup service

Hi folks,

normally I have not so much to do with SElinux but I expected to get in touch sooner or later :-)

I migrated a backup-system from El5 to EL6 and the rsync backup process is complaining about selinux attr's now.

Slow configure scripts

I recall some reports that configure scripts are really slow in recent
Fedora versions due to pervasive use of BIND_NOW.

Has anyone investigated this further? Is there a bug report somewhere?


OT: "X-PHP-Script" header

Over the weekend I had three spam messages get through to my in-box. Two
contained an "X-PHP-Script" header

one was

and the other

I suppose I could block them using header_checks, but first, does
anybody know what they (are supposed to) do? I have not encountered
them before.

Allen C

Strange behavior on virtual_alias

Hi, my problem is this:

i have in my postfix (ver.

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