EPEL analyse/observation, some question, PR proposals/questions and more ..

As preface some oneliner result:

[tkloczko@domek SPECS.fedora]$ for i in el4 el5 el6 el7 rhel centos epel;
do echo -n "$i "; grep '%{?'$i * | wc -l; done
el4 10
el5 243
el6 265
el7 281
rhel 5428
centos 239
epel 45

1) Shortly I'm going to create PR with mass change request to remove all
EL4 and EL5 conditional builds as EL{5,6} are no longer supported.

2) Looks like in recent months number of new/updated EPEL EL6/EL7 packages
dropped down to between few to about 20 a month with sometimes tents
thousands a month Fedora updates on master weight/cost of all EPEL %ifings
is few magnitudes higher

Examples of savepoints and transactions

I have a system that uses begin and commit transactions. It works like a dream! ;)
Now I want to test it by creating test data. This how ever cannot be rolled back. I think the solution for rolling back test data is to use savepoints and rollback. I think it is hard to find examples of this scenario. Are there some good guides or tutorials out there somewhere? Any suggestions are welcome.

Best regards
Lars Nielsen

Self-signed TLS certificates

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been discussed before, but currently I use
self-signed certificates on my Postfix servers for TLS negotiation, I'm
doing this mainly to keep the costs down.  As far as I'm aware I don't
have any problems sending / receiving email to / from the major
providers, but could that change in the future?  Could the likes of
Google start insisting on a chain of trust for mail delivery?

I see wildcard SSL certificates are coming down in price, I use SSL on
one or two websites and am starting to consider one of these to cover
everything I do.  Am I right in assuming a stan

best centos server setup for graphics intensive kvm vms?

Hallo list

I've been running fedora for donks as my production laptop os, but now
I want to set up one of those old laptops to run as a home server
running a number of home type vm appliances.

Build fails on s390x - complains about missing /usr/lib64/lib*.so* file


I submitted a package for review[0] about an hour ago and when I ran a
scratch build in koji[1] there was a failure with this message in

error: File not found:

I had built previous versions of the same package successfully in the
past, with the last successful build either in late December or early

com web/wiki: Fix another incompatible method signature: dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php

Link: <a href=";a=commitdiff;h=b57ed02dc53405fdffea72be28e213de2e771b8e" title=";a=commitdiff;h=b57ed02dc53405fdffea72be28e213de2e771b8e">;a=commitdiff;h=b57ed02dc53405fdffea72...</a>

Fix another incompatible method signature

Changed paths:
M dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php

diff --git a/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php b/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php
index 39b1f84..7b338e2 100755
--- a/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php
+++ b/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php
@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ class syntax_plugin_doodle extends DokuWiki_Syntax_Plugin
* add new vote if user just submitted one and
* create output xHTML from templ

com web/wiki: Fix incompatible method signatures: dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php dokuwiki/lib/plugins/phpcvs/auth.php

Link: <a href=";a=commitdiff;h=5f359399895def1d979e6337d8f9482218783829" title=";a=commitdiff;h=5f359399895def1d979e6337d8f9482218783829">;a=commitdiff;h=5f359399895def1d979e63...</a>

Fix incompatible method signatures

Changed paths:
M dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php
M dokuwiki/lib/plugins/phpcvs/auth.php

diff --git a/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php b/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php
index c8ecec7..39b1f84 100755
--- a/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php
+++ b/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/doodle/syntax.php
@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ class syntax_plugin_doodle extends DokuWiki_Syntax_Plugin
* Handle the match, parse parameters & choices

Request for feedback on SMTPD restrictions


I have a basic SMTP server set up with what I believe to be good smtpd_*_ restrictions, but I was wondering if anyone could provide any insight on how to improve them or if I have been redundant in the restrictions.

How to upgrade CentOS 6.9 KVM host to 7.4.1708 and not re-install guests

I have a Windows 7 KVM guest running on a Centos 6.9 KVM host. I would
like to upgrade the host system to CentOS 7.4.1708 without having to
re-install from scratch the KVM guest. What procedure should I use to
move the guest off the host system, upgrade the CentOS version and then
move the KVM Guest back to the host? For example, Is there a recommended
way to move the KVM Guest to a USB stick and then move it back to the
upgraded host? Thank you for your help.

Apache 2.4 order mpm issue

Apache 2.4
CentOS 7
Apache has numerous times today hung on me.

Mounting satnav USB

If I plug in my TomTom VIA, syslog says:

Wyland is a disaster

Hi, guys,
I'm sorry, but wyland is a disaster for me. I do work on lots
of different software platforms, and things are just not working well.
They kind-of-work, which is the really worst condition one can have.
My new video board won't work with wyland, my pixycam software won't
work with wyland, some other graphics have changed colors, or don't
fully resolve with wyland, and finding compatible third party products
which was tough enough on linux to begin with is now virtually
impossible. The web compatible products work, like MPLABX from
microchip, but occasionally crash.

Non-responsive maintainer: Lameire Alexis

Does anyone know how to contact Lameire Alexis? I have tried via bug <a href="" title=""></a> and alexises on Freenode IRC without success.

com web/windows: Switch the order so then 64-bit builds are shown first: docroot/listing.php

Link: <a href=";a=commitdiff;h=6ada3eddd48d38804754982e4c418e129ccdfba0" title=";a=commitdiff;h=6ada3eddd48d38804754982e4c418e129ccdfba0">;a=commitdiff;h=6ada3eddd48d3880475...</a>

Switch the order so then 64-bit builds are shown first

Changed paths:
M docroot/listing.php

diff --git a/docroot/listing.php b/docroot/listing.php
index d6aef41..3e1967d 100644
--- a/docroot/listing.php
+++ b/docroot/listing.php
@@ -36,28 +36,28 @@ $versions = generate_listing($dir_to_parse, $snaps);
$major_order = array('7.2', '7.1', '7.0', '5.6');
$minor_order = array(
'5.6' => array(
- 'nts-VC11-x86',
- 'ts-VC11-x86',
- 'ts-VC11-x64'

qca build failed

Hi !

I'm trying to build KDE from source using kdesrc-build script.
However, each time i have tried these last days, it failed on the QCA module.

I posted the error on a Github Gist:
<a href="" title=""></a>

The error is

error: invalid use of incomplete type 'DSA_SIG {aka struct DSA_SIG_st}'

Any ideas ?

Also this is reproductible on Ubuntu and Fedora.

canonical based on login name

hi list

I run a webservice (and a mail service). All websites run under the same
UID of <a href="mailto: ... at webserver dot"> ... at webserver dot</a>. I know, not ideal, but i cannot
change that bit. Problem is that if one site gets hacked, user apache
starts sending spam with no way to figure out which website is
misbehaving. Thus we are going to enforce websites to use SASL-auth.

Now the remaining problem is that ,even with SMTP-auth, the MAIL FROM
username sometimes is still apache.

difference in alias lines?


What is the difference between the two below alias lines?

Alias /.well-known/acme-challenge/ /usr/local/www/.well-known/
Alias /.well-known/acme-challenge "/usr/local/www/.well-known/"


Things which are on collision course between Fedora and RHEL/EPEL on master branch

Just for the record list of things which are now on crash course with
EPEL/RHEL Fedora which are widely used in Fedora specs:
On EPEL/RHEL in spec must be present in spec:
- BuildRoot
- %clean
- %defattr() in %files

NO ONE adds now any %ifings around those parts of the specs (just please do
not propose start doing this

What to use for browser flash support?

Running lubuntu 17.18 (artful)

Using chromium, I run into some videos (On msnbc's full episodes of
their various news/talk shows. clicking the `full episodes' link at:!#full-episodes

For example, brings up the error message:
| To watch video, download or enable adobe flash player plug-in in
| your security preferences.

Whereas the other main link `playlist':
<a href="" title=""></a>

Just shows the videos with no problem.

EPEL support in "master" branch (aka speeding up Fedora development)

Hash: SHA256


I know that many of you like to have just one branch which builds everywhere
(starting from el6), but this really slows down development of Fedora for many

LLVM 6.0.0-rc1 in rawhide


I've just pushed LLVM 6.0.0-rc1 builds to rawhide. If your package depends
on LLVM no action is required at this time, because dnf should automatically
pull in the compatibility package llvm5.0 as a dependency.

Unresponsive maintainer

Hi All,

As per <a href="" title=""></a>, I am posting here to see if anyone know how to contact Christoph Wickert (cwickert).

The bug report is at <a href="" title=""></a>


make yum repo when we build things in koji

Hash: SHA256

I often build an rpm in koji to make sure it builds but in order to
consume that rpm using our tools most of the time it needs to be in
a yum repo somewhere. I could create a repo locally and serve it locally
or even push it to somehwere to fedorapeople. The problem is, I'm lazy.
I'll often just take the srpm from koji and import it into copr and then
consume that repo once the build has finished over there (thanks copr)

The problem with this is that it's kind of a waste of resources.

Proposal to CANCEL: 2018-01-22 Fedora QA Meeting

Hi folks! I'm proposing we cancel the QA meeting on Monday. It's been a
couple of weeks, but I don't have anything super urgent for discussion,
and at the time of the meeting I'm likely to be trying to take a shower
after 16 hours of traveling from the West Coast to Czechia, so possibly
not in shape to run a meeting!

If anyone would like to have a meeting, and is willing to run it in my
place, please just go ahead and send an announcement mail (and, of
course, show up to run the meeting on Monday). Thanks!

Proposal to CANCEL: 2018-01-22 blocker review meeting

Hi folks! I'm proposing we cancel the blocker review meeting for
Monday. There are only two proposed blockers, which doesn't seem worth
running a meeting for. HOWEVER, I do suggest that folks take a look at
the proposed blockers and vote in-bug, so we can move forward on them.

Using project version in soname: is it OK?

Hi Fedora!

TL;DR: What do experienced C/C++ packagers think about this PR,
considering potential future appearance in Fedora?

<a href="" title=""></a>

Background: I'm packaging `slop` in my COPR, as "experimental" builds.
Some day I'd like to propose it to Fedora, but it's not ready, and I
don't feel ready to make it ready.

Question regarding SASL auth only over TLS in SMTP server


I have a question about enabling SASL authentication in the Postfix SMTP server *ONLY* over TLS.

In the documentation [1] under the “Encrypted SMTP session (TLS)” heading, it lists recommended configurations for SASL auth that restrict the SASL mechanisms to noanonymous and noplaintext:

A more sophisticated policy . . .

Problem with authorized user and SVN access


I have an observation on the mod_authz_svn Module in combination with an authorized user.

I have a configuration with an Apache 2.4, mod_lua and Subversion modules 1.9.xx. This is my repo conf:
<Location /svn/repo>
DAV svn
SVNPath "/.../repo"
LuaHookCheckUserID "/etc/apache2/lua/hook.lua" authcheck_hook
AuthzSVNAccessFile "/.../repo.access"
Require valid-user

As you can see, the authorization is done by the Lua-script. As I understand it, this can be used a full replacement to, for example Basic Authentication.

An rpm specfile quesstion

I've built an rpm package to distribute an executable and datafiles, but I
need to link to the executable, with the symlink with a different name,
into /usr/sbin/

If I make the symlink in the %post, it doesn't show if you do rpm -ql, and
/usr/sbin/link gives "not owned by any package".

Relay via command-line MTA instead of 'relayhost' SMTP server?

I'm trying to figure out how to set up an SMTP server that accepts
incoming mail and relays it by invoking a command-line MTA
(e.g. /usr/bin/sendmail or equivalent) instead of connecting to a
'smarthost' SMTP server.

Can Postfix do that?

CentOS Dojo, Brussels. February 2nd (2 weeks from NOW)

if you're coming.

Two weeks from today we'll be holding the annual CentOS Dojo at FOSDEM,
held at the Marriott Grand Place, starting at 8:30 am with coffee, and
talks starting at 9:30, February 2nd.

If you'll be at FOSDEM, please come a day early for this awesome
community event, with talks, lunch, community, and then join us
afterwards at Delerium for the FOSDEM Beer Event.

While the event is free, we do need you to register, so that we know how
much we'll need to bring out for lunch.

We know that there are a lot of events before FOSDEM this year, but this
one is, of course, the be

Summary/Minutes from today's FESCo Meeting (2018-01-19)

#fedora-meeting: FESCO (2018-01-19)

Meeting started by maxamillion at 16:00:33 UTC.

Integrate Apache-2.4.25 with tomcat-8.5.23


My apache is running on at location "/home/hemant/apache"
and tomcat-8.5.x is running on at location

To integrate apache with tomcat I used mod_proxy and mod_proxy_ajp.
My httpd.conf looks like this :
<Location /ajp>
ProxyPass "ajp://"
ProxyPassReverse "ajp://"

My server.xml is configured like :
<Connector port="8009" protocol="AJP/1.3" proxyName=""
proxyPort="5643" />

When I am accessing "" then index.html of tomcat
appears, but If I click on any tab

Screen Res problem in 16.04

Ok, I'm checking out the try it and see portion of a
16.04 install DVD. When I get to the screen resolution
portion of os the System Settings, the choice of
available resolutions is completely unsatisfactory.
There are _only_ two, 720X400, and 1920X1080. I have
to use a _LARGE_ magnifying glass just to see these
numbers, and clicking on either doesn't change the
resolution, at all.

How do I get this to work, and with the entire
spectrum of resolutions to pick, and choose from,
so I can get something decent to work with?


Debian Stretch reboot problem

Does anyone know a robust workaround for the bug in Debian Stretch whereby on reboot Postfix services do not fully start, and mail is not accepted? It’s recorded as bug#877992 but there seems to have been no solution through a number of upgrades.

It’s especially a nuisance right now with reboots needed to apply Meltdown fixes! Otherwise, the server would probably run for a long time without needing reboot.

Best regards, Martin

MySQL Connector fails on non existing function with NullPointerException

I'm seeing a failure in the MySQL JDBC Connector with some tests of ours.

Postfix using all CPU after nightly mail submission


We use a Postfix installation on Debian 9 in our network to serve as a
send-only SMTP server for a very large application in our school district.
This application does not have its own built-in SMTP server and requires a
relay to send notification e-mails to students, teachers, and parents
topping out at around 10,000 e-mails per day.

Re: Re: Re: Re: example

W dniu 2018-01-19 12:34:56 użytkownik Marvin Gülker <m- ... at phoenixmail dot de> napisał:

I waiting for answer.

Unsubscribe: <>

Fedora Elections January 2018 - Voting period is in progress


let me remind you we have Voting period of the currently running
Fedora Elections in progress.

Please vote for your candidates to Council [1], Mindshare [2] and FESCo [3].
The Voting period ends on January 24th, 2018 at 23:59:00 UTC.

You might also check a Community Blog for interviews with the current
candidates [4].

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Today's Topics:


problems benchmarking php-fpm/proxy_fcgi with h2load

Hello list,

i do some http/2 benchmarks on my machine and have problems to finish at
least one test.

System is Ubuntu16.04, libnghttp2-14 1.7.1, Apache 2.4.29, mpm_event

I start h2load with standard-params:

h2load  -n100000 -c100 -m10 <a href="" title=""></a>

first steps are really quick and i can see a progress to 50-70%. but
after that requests by h2load to server decrease dramatically.
it seems that h2load ist stopping requests to server, but i dont see any
reason for that on serverside.

Understand Webdav and Apache

It's being a week I'm trying to get webdav working on a Vhost without any success....

Re: Re: Re: example


My english is to little to explain this

Unsubscribe: <>

Can't get my query to return wanted data

I am running mysql 5.7.20 in ubuntu linux 17.10

I have 2 tables, member and status with contents like

ident, given, surname
1 fred jones
2 john howard
3 henry wales
4 jenny brown

ident year
1 2017
2 2017
3 2017
4 2017
1 2018
3 2018

I want my query to return the name and ident from the member table for all
members that has not got an entry in status with year=2018

I have been working on the following query to achieve this, but it only
returns data when there is no `year` entries for a selected year.

Server maintenance on 2018-01-24


Mail services on will be unavailable for server
maintenance between 09:00-11:00 on 2018-01-24 (UTC).

Thanks for you understanding.

Unsubscribe: <>

Server maintenance on 2018-01-24


Mail services on will be unavailable for server
maintenance between 09:00-11:00 on 2018-01-24 (UTC).

Thanks for you understanding.

Unsubscribe: <>

disk cache block on a vps?


I've got an apache 2.4 system running on a vps. Is the below block
needed? Currently it is set in all virtual hosts, if it is needed can
it be set globally? If options are not needed let me know.

How to ignore certificate errors when using OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_PEER?

Hi all,
I'm straggling a bit and could really use a small push in the right

First what I'm trying to do. I want to verify client certificate using
OpenSSL. In order to make OpenSSL request client certificate during
negotiating, I'm setting


However my problem is, that that actually tries to verify the
certificate (sure, that's expected). However at the moment I don't want
it verified, just requested.

RFC: Dropping %{?_isa} hack

Hash: SHA256


Does anybody know why we are still using %{?_isa} thing?

DNF/libsolv forcefully install 64bit package for any 32bit package in
transaction. So it is not possible to get 32bit package without 64bit

So then what's the reason of using %{?_isa}? Just some old cruft from yum era?
Can we drop it? Thoughts?

libcdio soname bump in rawhide

libcdio upstream released the 2.0 version a few weeks ago and I will
updated rawhide to the latest libcdio version. It comes with a new
soname and I will also rebuild all dependencies.


Setup SquirreMail with Virtual Host

Dear, i have a problem in config vhost squirremail.
I'm following the steps in the tutorial [
br/postfix-squirrelmail-outlook/] .

Re: Re: How create a object inside a C

W dniu 2018-01-18 20:33:35 użytkownik Marvin Gülker <m- ... at phoenixmail dot de> napisał:

Can You write example?

I can find any working example

Unsubscribe: <>

Schedule for Friday's FESCo Meeting (2018-01-19)

Following is the list of topics that will be discussed in the
FESCo meeting Friday at 16:00UTC in #fedora-meeting on

To convert UTC to your local time, take a look at
<a href="" title=""></a>

or run:
date -d '2018-01-19 16:00 UTC'

Links to all issues below can be found at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

= New business =

= New business =

#topic #1767 F28 Self Contained Changes
.fesco 1767
<a href="" title=""></a>

#topic #1803 F28 System Wide Change: Reduce Initial Setup Redundancy
.fesco 1803
<a href="" title=""></a>

Re: Re: example

I must create a new instance
I create a obiect

t =

and function

def return_array
return [Dziwne obiect]

I need this function

This code using C++ but all code is in C.

How I can create new obiect Dziwne with my own: struct moje

Meybe I must search 'Dziwne' id in vm , I dont know.

Unsubscribe: <>

Mail Queue Stall Problem

I occasionally encounter a strange problem with the mail queue seemingly
not retrying failed messages. The messages show in mailq as having timed
out and are a few days old. In the mean time other messages are going
through just fine. As soon as I run postqueue -f those messages go
through as well. I guess I can set up a cron to issue the postqueue -f
command but there is obviously something wrong. Can someone tell me how
I might trouble shoot this problem? Thanks.


I create example
how create a function
extern "C" VALUE t_ar()
 return  here_Dziwne_object;
Anybody can help me to write rb_dziwne_new(); similar rb_ary_new or rb_str_new() function?

Please stop re-adding gtk-update-icon-cache scriptlets (for Fedora)

Hash: SHA256


I'm working on removing all this cruft from all our packages (and creating
conditionals for all packages which have epel branch).

Unfortunately some maintainers adding them back with conditionals like:
%if 0%{?fedora} < 28 || 0%{?rhel} < 8

1. Those scriptlets are not needed since ~ F24 era

Looking for a Backend Ruby Developer - Fremont Ca (6 to 12 month contract)

* please ignore the last one as subject was incorrect. this is *not a Lead
level role

Hi Folks,

We are looking for a backend Ruby on Rails Developer for a critical project
based out of Fremont Ca. Must be able to start within a week or two max.
This is for a project my company is doing for a SF-based client, you might
be required to travel to SFO occasionally for meetings.

Duration: 6-12 months
Open to hiring full-time and contract.

How create a object inside a C

I create a simple C extension with data (allocate function, free function etc.)
How I can create a function for return new object type object in C extension.
simple I create class Foo
I need function to return Foo object from C.
Fabian Wawrzyniec

Writing Documentation for Fedora - Docs FAD

We are looking for interested people who are willing to write docs in person for one week. You don't have to be an existing docs team member to participate. It helps if you're familiar with AsciiDoc, but if you're not, it's easy to learn.

You'll hang out with other people interested in making Fedora documentation the best in the world. Fun will be had, but mostly it will be the sort of fun which involves sitting in a small room intensely focused on writing and editing.

CMake 3.10.2 available for download

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.10.2 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks for your support!

Brad King (2):
KWIML: Backport RISC-V update to CMake 3.10
CMake 3.10.2

Egor Pugin (1):
FindPostgreSQL: Add support for PG10

Joel T.

Re: [users@httpd] Setup SquirreMail with Virtual Host

Sorry I was too fast.

I use the also Login Manager ("Vlogin") plugin for SquirrelMail

<a href="" title=""></a>

there you see that you need also Compatibility plugin version
2.0.14+, <a href="" title=""></a>

When I recall (about 10 years ago I set it up) I did not needed to
setup vlogin.

It should work together with the line in the main squirrel
config.php : $domain =

On Thursday 18/01/2018 at 17:01, Rodrigo Cunha wrote:

Changes to Merge-o-matic: Merges from trees with patches unapplied


Currently, MoM generates merges with patches applied, meaning that the
resulting merge is often useless because upstream files where changed by
patches, but the patches not pushed in quilt (and other stuff). I
usually worked around this by extracting the Debian version, and copying
debian/ over from the tree MoM generated.

An hour ago, cjwatson rolled out my change to make MoM create merges
using trees where patches are not applied.

Re: [users@httpd] Setup SquirreMail with Virtual Host

I have in Apache my regular vhosts, nothing specific Squirrel in the
Apache config.

I have in config.php

$domain =

And that does the trick here.



Setup SquirreMail with Virtual Host

Dear, i have a problem in config vhost squirremail.
I'm following the steps in the tutorial [] .

Orphaned perl-IPTables-ChainMgr and perl-IPTables-Parse

I have orphaned perl-IPTables-ChainMgr and perl-IPTables-Parse .

Minor problem with yum-cron

Hello everyone -

I have a minor problem with yum-cron. It has been doing this for a long time,
and finally today I got annoyed enough to want to fix it.

The problem: When yum-cron sends an email notification, the message is sent
without a date field. Therefore it shows up in my inbox as "date: Unknown"
and sorts to the opposite end of the list.

The system is CentOS 7.4.1708 with all patches.

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Today's Topics:


openjpeg-1.x removal


I've had a look at what still requires openjpeg-1.x, and there are just
a handful of packages which can be ported with relatively small effort
to openjpeg2.

kdesu - console output and password keeping

Hey all,

We've recently integrated kdesu into hotspot [1] to be able to record profile
data as root. This is required to get access to some "advanced" performance
counters and trace points, most notably the sched:sched_switch tracepoint
required for off-CPU profiling.

Now, my colleague originally used kdesudo which doesn't seem to be alive (?)
upstream. I've seen there's some bzr repo that the kubuntu people seem to use.
But in KDE proper, only kdesu is available.

Running login/logout scripts in Plasma


I've configured "systemsettings5" to run a login and logout script. I was running perfectly until quite recently and now neither of them run.
I logged a bug against "systemsettings5" which i think is incorrect - can anyone point me to the correct module to log this bug against?



Proposal to remove NetworkManager from Core group

Hello all,

Since systemd-networkd is a mature network system daemon nowadays,
NetworkManager can be avoided in many cases where people do not need
desktop features.

I propose to remove NetworkManager from the “Core” group and mark it as
optional or eventually move it into a dedicated group. Perhaps “Common
NetworkManager Submodules”?

What do you think?

LizardFS NFS Ganesha integration with no shared library available

(This is meant for the Fedora devel mailing list, but I've cc'd the
nfs-ganesha mailing list in the hopes that they might see something I'm

The latest release of the LizardFS distributed filesystem includes a
FSAL for NFS Ganesha, allowing you to mount a LizardFS filesystem using
NFS (or pNFS, if you prefer).

Unfortunately, NFS Ganesha doesn't provide a library to build the
LizardFS FSAL against, so LizardFS upstream downloads the complete NFS
Ganesha source and builds against that.

As far as I can see, all the other FSAL's are maintained and built in
NFS Ganesha.

What is the best

com web/php: 7.2.2RC1: include/

Link: <a href=";a=commitdiff;h=cffacb46f33b5eea2662f384d1e9d812317219e3" title=";a=commitdiff;h=cffacb46f33b5eea2662f384d1e9d812317219e3">;a=commitdiff;h=cffacb46f33b5eea2662f38...</a>


Changed paths:
M include/

diff --git a/include/ b/include/
index f037e61..7411517 100644
--- a/include/
+++ b/include/
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@

/* PHP 7.2 Release */
-$PHP_7_2_RC = "7.1.14RC1"; // Current RC version (e.g., '7.2.1RC1') or false
+$PHP_7_2_RC = "7.2.2RC1"; // Current RC version (e.g., '7.2.1RC1') or false
$PHP_7_2_RC_DATE = "18 Jan 2018";

$PHP_7_2_VERSION = "7.2.1";
@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@ $P

A new tier1 for icontheme.rcc handling

Hi everyone.

Only some few of you will be aware of KIconThemes ability to load binary
icon themes automagically.

<a href="" title=""></a>

The code looks for a icontheme.rcc and sets it as default theme.

On Windows and Mac we rely on that code as it is more feasible to
install that one
file with an single application installer.

com web/php: 7.1.14RC1 info: include/

Link: <a href=";a=commitdiff;h=93ec3ca194a572a4875b8c85012c0037ab8dea35" title=";a=commitdiff;h=93ec3ca194a572a4875b8c85012c0037ab8dea35">;a=commitdiff;h=93ec3ca194a572a4875b8c8...</a>

7.1.14RC1 info

Changed paths:
M include/

diff --git a/include/ b/include/
index 91cc4b3..f037e61 100644
--- a/include/
+++ b/include/
@@ -17,8 +17,8 @@

/* PHP 7.2 Release */
-$PHP_7_2_RC = false; // Current RC version (e.g., '7.2.1RC1') or false
-$PHP_7_2_RC_DATE = "14 Dec 2017";
+$PHP_7_2_RC = "7.1.14RC1"; // Current RC version (e.g., '7.2.1RC1') or false
+$PHP_7_2_RC_DATE = "18 Jan 2018";


Berkeley DB and new install

I know that the Berkeley DB still works in postfix if compiled with that option, but is it the best choice for a new install of postfix?

I have only a couple of tables that use it, but since I am moving entirely to a new machine and new compiles, I don't want to drag along an "old" format if I don't need to.

What other options are there for a virtual table in the form of

<a href="mailto: ... at localdomain dot tld"> ... at localdomain dot tld</a> <a href="mailto: ... at fred dot"> ... at fred dot</a>

or the similar alias table

user: otheruser

(alias is used entirely on my system to redirect mail to the root account from names like admin, daemon, etc)

I mean, I could m

Fedora Rawhide-20180117.n.1 compose check report

No missing expected images.

Failed openQA tests: 28/129 (x86_64), 11/24 (i386), 1/2 (arm)

New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20180116.n.0):

ID: 186693 Test: x86_64 Workstation-live-iso desktop_browser
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 186694 Test: x86_64 Workstation-live-iso desktop_notifications_postinstall
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 186784 Test: x86_64 universal upgrade_2_desktop_encrypted_64bit
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

Old failures (same test failed in Rawhide-20180116.n.0):

ID: 186654 Test: x86_64

Worker MPM with debug mode

Hi All ,

I added the following patch of code in my worker.c
static void clean_child_exit(int code)

if (one_process) {
prefork_note_child_killed(/* slot */ 0, 0, 0);
+ atexit(apr_terminate);

When I am starting apache with Worker mpm in debug mode and killing the
process with kill -term PID, it is not killing the process.

Redirect only a specific index.php page to new location

When someone types to go to <a href="http://sftpinterface/deptblogs/" title="http://sftpinterface/deptblogs/">http://sftpinterface/deptblogs/</a> or a link I
need it to redirect to <a href="http://intranet/template_departments.cfm" title="http://intranet/template_departments.cfm">http://intranet/template_departments.cfm</a>. Which I
was able to accomplish in the index.php header content with

/* Redirect browser */
header("Location: http://intranet/template_departments.cfm");

/* Make sure that code below does not get executed when we redirect. */

But the problem is all pages underneath <a href="http://sftpinterface/deptblogs" title="http://sftpinterface/deptblogs">http://sftpinterface/deptblogs</a>
redirect to <a href="http://intranet/template_departments.cfm" title="http://intranet/template_departments.cfm">http://intranet/template_departments.cfm</a>.

Top Ruby Programming News This Week

Hello People,

Checkout <a href="" title=""></a>

Fedora 28 Rawhide 20180117.n.1 nightly compose nominated for testing

Announcing the creation of a new nightly release validation test event
for Fedora 28 Rawhide 20180117.n.1. Please help run some tests for this
nightly compose if you have time.

Fedora Rawhide-20180116.n.0 compose check report

Missing expected images:

Atomic qcow2 x86_64
Atomic raw-xz x86_64

Failed openQA tests: 27/129 (x86_64), 11/24 (i386), 1/2 (arm)

New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20180115.n.0):

ID: 186259 Test: x86_64 Workstation-boot-iso memory_check@uefi
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 186286 Test: x86_64 universal install_blivet_no_swap
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 186287 Test: x86_64 universal install_blivet_software_raid
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 186293 Test: x86_64 universal install_blivet_btrfs
URL: <a href="https://o" title="https://o">https://o</a>

Fedora Objective: Fedora Modularization — The Release

I wanted to share with you that the Fedora Council has approved[0] the
latest installment of the Modularity Objective during today's meeting. The
new Objective is "Fedora Modularization — The Release[1]" and the first
"implementation vehicle" is captured in the F28 Addon Modularity Change[2].

As you may have heard, we tried to release the F27 Server Edition as a
"Modular Distribution" but we ran in to some pretty severe problems. As a
result, we have rethought the approach to be even less invasive and allow
for a simpler, phased approach to adoption.

multi-thread app

Hello fellow rubyists,  i want your proposals on something.

I'm developing an application that will spawn and maintain various
threads. I'm truly aware on what things to pay attention to when working
with threads.

The issue that i want to emphasize is this: i want the main thread of
the app, to be able to listen for commands and print relevant status of
the internal state of the app.

What is the best way to go with this?

/lib/firmware/microcode.dat update on CentOS 6

Dear All,

An update just brought on my CenOS 6 boxes updated microcode.dat files:


Does anybody know off hand what (how critical) is that, as, if it is
related to most famous these days trouble with CPU hardware, I will need
to reboot relevant boxes to have new microcode loaded.

Intent to retire: yaml-cpp03

The only package I am aware of using it was OpenColorIO but the new 1.1.0
release now uses 5.x.

Fedora 27:
# for lib in "" ""; do
repoquery --source --whatrequires "$lib"; done
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:00 ago on Wed 17 Jan 2018 02:57:49 PM
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:01 ago on Wed 17 Jan 2018 02:57:49 PM

# for lib in "" ""; do

Correctly configuring OCSP Stapling cache

Hi Apache users,

I've configured OCSP stapling and use certificates that use the
OCSP-must-staple X.509 extension. I *must* use stapling. My CA
LetsEncrypt has fairly long OCSP ticket lifetimes (7 days), but their
OCSP responder can be flaky at times.

This means that I've now had outages a couple of times where a "retry
later" response was cached by Apache, forwarded to clients, effectively
grinding everything to a halt.

MySQL Cluster 7.3.20 has been released

Dear MySQL Users,

MySQL Cluster is the distributed, shared-nothing variant of MySQL.
This storage engine provides:

  - In-Memory storage - Real-time performance (with optional
    checkpointing to disk)
  - Transparent Auto-Sharding - Read & write scalability
  - Active-Active/Multi-Master geographic replication

  - 99.999% High Availability with no single point of failure
    and on-line maintenance
  - NoSQL and SQL APIs (including C++, Java, http, Memcached
    and JavaScript/Node.js)

MySQL Cluster 7.3.20, has been released and can be downloaded from

<a href="" title=""></a>

MySQL Cluster 7.5.9 has been released

Dear MySQL Users,

MySQL Cluster is the distributed, shared-nothing variant of MySQL.
This storage engine provides:

  - In-Memory storage - Real-time performance (with optional
    checkpointing to disk)
  - Transparent Auto-Sharding - Read & write scalability
  - Active-Active/Multi-Master geographic replication

  - 99.999% High Availability with no single point of failure
    and on-line maintenance
  - NoSQL and SQL APIs (including C++, Java, http, Memcached
    and JavaScript/Node.js)

MySQL Cluster 7.5.9, has been released and can be downloaded from

  <a href="" title=""></a>

Self Introduction: Matyas (Mat) Selmeci

Hi all,

My name is Matyas Selmeci and I work for the Open Science Grid, a
collaboration of ~100 universities and research labs around the US that
share batch computing resources with each other. We've been developing
an RPM-based software stack for our users, some of which are based on
EPEL packages, and would like to contribute our changes and any packages
that we think are of general use into EPEL.

ldap-status and <IfModule mod_ldap>

Hello all,

I have the following snippet:

<IfModule mod_ldap>
<Location /ldap-status>
SetHandler ldap-status

This does not work, /ldap-status is not found. If I change to e.g.

<IfModule mod_authnz_ldap>

it does.

RDO meeting - 2018-01-17

#rdo: RDO meeting - 2018-01-17

Meeting started by chandankumar at 15:00:57 UTC.

Yuki & Moto Press Bookshelf Update - 10+ Free (Online) Books About Ruby 'n' Friends


I've updated the Yuki & Moto Press Bookshelf. So far
books in the series about Ruby 'n' Friends include:

- Gem Developer's Guide by Nick Quaranto, Eric Hodel, et al

- How I Start - Let's Build a Gem Together!

CentOS PaaS SIG meeting (2018-01-17)

It's time for our weekly PaaS SIG sync-up meeting

Time: 1700 UTC - Wedensdays (date -d "1700 UTC")
Where: IRC- Freenode - #centos-devel

- OpenShift Current Status
-- rpms
-- Automated rpm building and Automated testing
-- Multi-arch
-- Documentation
-- Images and Image building
-- minishift / kompose / kedge
- Open Floor

Minutes from last meeting:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Infrastructure management change for Fedora

Some of you who follow Fedora development as well as CentOS may have
seen an email go out this morning[1] about me taking over as the
reporting manager for the Fedora Infrastructure team, and I wanted to
post here as well to be open about the change. As of February 1, I'll be
managing the Fedora Infra teams in addition to the CentOS engineering
team inside RH.

Packaging and dependencies


Let's say I want to package a program depending on libraries which are
not (yet) part of Fedora. Is the following procedure correct ?

1) Submit a review for the original package, and a review for each

Fedora Infrastructure manager change

Hello Fedora developers,
I know some of you may not be familiar with me[1] unless you’re also
working with CentOS or EPEL, but I’d like to take this opportunity to
introduce myself a bit more formally on the list.

As of 1 February, I’ll be the reporting manager for the Fedora
Infrastructure Administration team, and the Fedora Infrastructure
Applications team[2], as well as the CentOS engineering team internal to
Red Hat. For the most part, this is a Red Hat internal organizational
change that doesn’t really impact anything in the community.

setting CPU frequency

My CPU will run up to 4.4Ghz but I want to limit it to a maximum of
4.0Ghz to avoid overheating problems.

When I try:
sudo cpufreq-set -u 4.0Ghz
or indeed any cpufreq-set command, I get:-

Error setting new values. Common errors:
- Do you have proper administration rights?

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