Schedule for Friday's FESCo Meeting (2017-12-15)

Following is the list of topics that will be discussed in the
FESCo meeting Friday at 16:00UTC in #fedora-meeting on

To convert UTC to your local time, take a look at
<a href="" title=""></a>

or run:
date -d '2017-12-15 16:00 UTC'

Links to all issues below can be found at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

= Followups =

#topic #1767 F28 Self Contained Changes
.fesco 1767
<a href="" title=""></a>

#topic #1799 The ProvenPackager rubric needs more formality
.fesco 1799
<a href="" title=""></a>

= New business =

#topic #1

Fedora/EPEL GitHub Badges

Badges are pretty popular in GitHub though there don't seem to be many that
provide information on distros that have packages for a project.

Review requests: mingw-qt5-qtserialport, mingw-qt5-qtcharts, mingw-twaindsm


Another bunch of mingw packages:

* mingw-qt5-qtserialport:
<a href="" title=""></a>

* mingw-qt5-qtcharts: <a href="" title=""></a>

* mingw-twaindsm: <a href="" title=""></a>

Should be pretty straight forward. Happy to review in exchange.


trouble with check_policy_service

Hello postfix community,

for an unknown reason i've been unable to pin down, my postfix suddenly seems to have stopped processing inbound emails with my policyd-spf-perl check_policy_service.

it's been working fine and then poof, gone. no headers written from it and no maillog entries pertaining to it in several days.

i've made no system changes / updates that would (or should) have affected it.

To start contributing to kde and participate in soK as a student.

I am new to the organization and would like to participate in soK as a
I am quite familiar with c++.
Can you please guide me on how to proceed.

MS Access adds always actual day in time defined postgres column


We are moving BackEnd tables from a large MS Access application to postgresql.

In one table we have a field "Zeit" defined in postgres as

time(0) without time zone DEFAULT ('now'::text)::time(0) without time zone,

The linked table inside Access shows the actual day in front of the time value. Using the 24-hour format for displaying time values in Access looks fine.

getting gengetopt from software collections


I'm looking for gengetopt package which is available on epel-release.
How can I get that on software-collections?


com web/php: downsize Midwest PHP conference logo: images/news/midwest-php-logo.png

Link: <a href=";a=commitdiff;h=86580c9a4be551588ae77de1e51a81c247bfebca" title=";a=commitdiff;h=86580c9a4be551588ae77de1e51a81c247bfebca">;a=commitdiff;h=86580c9a4be551588ae77de...</a>

downsize Midwest PHP conference logo

Changed paths:
M images/news/midwest-php-logo.png

diff --git a/images/news/midwest-php-logo.png b/images/news/midwest-php-logo.png
index 5844713..4a84435 100644
Binary files a/images/news/midwest-php-logo.png and b/images/news/midwest-php-logo.png differ

- Added IPC 2018 SE announcement

You can view the Pull Request on github:
<a href="" title=""></a>


Elections in January 2018 to FESCo, Council, Mindshare - the schedule


I have published schedule for elections in January 2018 on the
Elections [1] wiki page.

com web/php: Added IPC 2018 SE announcement: archive/archive.xml archive/entries/2017-11-22-1.xml

Link: <a href=";a=commitdiff;h=67312a0f7ae2b46eb1fc4d20e298d4343aa0f3cb" title=";a=commitdiff;h=67312a0f7ae2b46eb1fc4d20e298d4343aa0f3cb">;a=commitdiff;h=67312a0f7ae2b46eb1fc4d2...</a>

Added IPC 2018 SE announcement

Changed paths:
M archive/archive.xml
A archive/entries/2017-11-22-1.xml

diff --git a/archive/archive.xml b/archive/archive.xml
index fa04e51..b2f6d4b 100644
--- a/archive/archive.xml
+++ b/archive/archive.xml
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
<xi:include href="entries/2017-11-30-1.xml"/>
<xi:include href="entries/2017-11-24-1.xml"/>
<xi:include href="entries/2017-11-23-1.xml"/>
+ <xi:include href="entries/2017-11-22-1.xml"/>
<xi:include href="en

systemd 236 in rawhide


systemd 236 was released [1] and is building for rawhide.

postmap for db files in sub-directory now fails

Some Debian users aren't thrilled about a behavior change associated with the
20170611 Berkeley DB 2 DB_CONFIG fix. Apparently [1] something like:

| root@playbox01:~# postmap test/in

used to work, but now there is an error:

| postmap: fatal: open database test/in.db: No such file or directory

[1] in the bug report, I suggested this was a reasonable side effect of the
change, but not everyone agreed, so I said I'd ask if that could be made to
work again.

Any feedback on this?

Scott K

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Traffic shaping on CentOS

I'm deploying a CentOS 7 box as a gateway and I'm trying to figure out how
to set up traffic shaping. Historically I've used the Wondershaper script
but apparently it's not deprecated in favor of superior queue management. I
haven't yet found a packaged solution and I'm wondering what others do to
configure this kind of thing.

Apparently the new modules are available in many appliance router products
(eg. OpenWrt and Streamboost).

SSI/website rendering errors

Although my website was functioning properly on Monday, 12/11/17, it
exhibited several errors the following day (12/12/17). No changes were
made to any of the files after 12/6 (the last being an SSI text file on
12/6). Several of the base html files are nearly nine years old (I
modify the SSI include files as needed, and rarely touch the others).

The site is coded in XHTML 1.0 Strict and until 12/12 the code has been
fully compliant (per W3C HTML and CSS validators).

ot: policyd advise

I have an 'old' Postfix 2.1 Centos 6 server, all running well, looking at
setting a more up to date server and Postfix

old server was not installed by me, just now I've realized I have policy
deamon I was not aware of (obviously was running OK...)

smtpd_recipient_restrictions =
check_policy_service inet:,
check_sasl_access hash:/etc/postfix/sasl_access

Q1: in a mu

Question on CentoS 7.4 on nvidia

I installed the elrepo kmod-nvidia and also the nvidia-detect and modules
(see below).

I had X working with the 3.10 from Centos - but video was freezing. SO I
thought I would try the elrepo kernel. I installed that and X does not come

How do I re-make the nvidia module for 4.14.5 kernel? I want to make sure
the kmod kernel did it.

Watching the logs turn round and round

I don't have a question, but I thought I'd share that I've found this extremely useful recently for watching the logs:

tail -f /var/log/maillog | grep -v -E '(cleanup|dnsblog|postscreen|qmgr|anvil))'

It narrows the log down to the data that I'm most interested in (smtp, dovecot, amazes, etc).


Recently I've been working on upgrading to Postfix 3 and a rewrite of web-cyradm, and so have been studying the Postfix docs.

com web/php: 7.2.1RC1: include/

Link: <a href=";a=commitdiff;h=6e127b1c0e528c1ab459b5beb2a2d665af071433" title=";a=commitdiff;h=6e127b1c0e528c1ab459b5beb2a2d665af071433">;a=commitdiff;h=6e127b1c0e528c1ab459b5b...</a>


Changed paths:
M include/

diff --git a/include/ b/include/
index 5044486..df95e0b 100644
--- a/include/
+++ b/include/
@@ -17,8 +17,8 @@

/* PHP 7.2 Release */
-$PHP_7_2_RC = false; // Current RC version (e.g., '7.2.1RC1') or false
-$PHP_7_2_RC_DATE = "09 Nov 2017";
+$PHP_7_2_RC = "7.2.1RC1"; // Current RC version (e.g., '7.2.1RC1') or false
+$PHP_7_2_RC_DATE = "14 Dec 2017";


Ruby 2.4.3, 2.3.6 and 2.2.9 Released with several security fixes

Hi, all

We've just released Ruby 2.4.3, 2.3.6 and 2.2.9.
How to download and details:

* [Ruby 2.4.3 Released](<a href="" title=""></a>)
* [Ruby 2.3.6 Released](<a href="" title=""></a>)
* [Ruby 2.2.9 Released](<a href="" title=""></a>)

These releases include several security fixes.
You can check details:

* [CVE-2017-17405: Command injection vulnerability in Net::FTP](/en/news/2017/12/14/net-ftp-command-injection-cve-2017-17405/)
* [Unsafe Object Deserialization Vulner

Ruby 2.5.0-rc1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Ruby 2.5.0-rc1.

Ruby 2.5.0-rc1 is the first preview release toward Ruby 2.5.0.
It introduces some new features and performance improvements, for example:

## New Features

* Print backtrace and error message in reverse order if STDERR is
unchanged and a tty.
[Feature #8661] [experimental]

* Top-level constant look-up is removed. [Feature #11547]

* rescue/else/ensure are allowed inside do/end blocks.

changed secure path in default sudoers

/usr/local/sbin and /usr/local/bin has been added into secure_path variable
in default sudoers on RAWHIDE sudo.

It was requested in <a href="" title=""></a>.

If you don't want it you still can revert it. You can add there file under
/etc/sudoers.d e.g.

Day 14 - Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 - hoe - Build, package and publish gems with hoe; use build scripts with ready-to-use rake (ruby make) tasks; automate, automate, automate


welcome back to the Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 [1] - 25 Days
of Ruby Gems / Libraries from December 1 to December 25.

Let's continue the series on Day 14 with the hoe library /
gem and command line tools. Build, package and publish gems with hoe;
use build scripts with ready-to-use rake (ruby make) tasks; automate,
automate, automate.

Thanks to Ryan Davis and friends (from Seattle.rb)
for polishing the gem all those years - more than 100+ releases -
leading to today’s version 3.16.

Happy scripting & automating.

CMake 3.10.1 available for download

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.10.1 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks for your support!

Adam Ciarciński (1):
bootstrap: Check support for unordered_map from compiler mode

Alexander Wittig (1):
CPack: Fix macOS PKG component dependency information

Brad King (3):
CUDA: Treat /usr/include as an implicit include directory
server: Revert "Report backtraces in codemodel

I get error message underneath. I googled and tried to make some changes
but no luck.

[Thu Dec 14 13:49:10.312713 2017] [autoindex:error] [pid 16794] [client] AH01276: Cannot serve directory
/var/www/<mydomaim>/html/seeddms/: No matching DirectoryIndex
(index.html,index.php,index.php) found, and server-generated directory
index forbidden by Options directive

I have several services running w/o problems, e.g. piwigo. rainloop,
firefly-iii, emby media server. They are all located in

My setup:
CENTOS 7, httpd-2.4.6-67.el7.centos.6.x86_64.



I currently allow to send 100 recipients per email but I would like to
create an exception so that an IP can send to 1000 recipients, is it



What's News in Ruby 2.5? Upcoming Dec, 25th 2017 - Add Your Ruby 2.5 Articles / Posts


over at the Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 [1] counting down to Dec,
25th I've added a news block collecting articles / posts about Ruby

So far articles / posts include:

- Ruby 2.5.0 Changes
Official changes since the 2.4.0 release

- Standard Gems 2.5.0 - Default Gems, Bundled Gems
by Jan Lelis, Idiosyncratic Ruby

- 10 New Features in Ruby 2.5
by Junichi Ito, a Ruby programmer at

- 10 More New Features in Ruby 2.5
by Tom Lord, Software Developer from London

- Performance Improvements in Ruby 2.5
by Jesus Castello, Ruby Guides

- yield_s

video card for new computer

Hello all,

I am looking at buying a replacement for my 10-year old desktop

computer. In the past I have had machines with integrated Intel

graphics and never had any problems. The new machine I am thinking

of (HP Z440 workstation) seems to offer only a separate video

card, either Nvidia or AMD Firepro as options. I read there is
a choice (at least for some, all?) of the nvidia cards between
proprietary and OSS drivers but I'm not sure about the tradeoffs.
However, I have frequently seen posts with subjects like "after
the last kernel upgrade I have a black screen".

Day 13 - Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 - schemadoc - Auto-generate your SQL database schema documentation for tables, columns, symbols A-Z, etc; use your own (static) themes; connects w/ ActiveRecord (SQLite, PostgreSQL, ...) and much more


welcome back to the Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 [1] - 25 Days
of Ruby Gems / Libraries from December 1 to December 25.

Let's continue the series on Day 13 with the schemadoc library /
gem and command line tool. Auto-generate your SQL database schema
documentation for tables, columns, symbols A-Z, etc; use your own
(static) themes; connects w/ ActiveRecord (SQLite, PostgreSQL, ...)
and much more.

Happy documenting & publishing.

Review requests: enchant2, mingw-enchant2


I've posted reviews for enchant2 and mingw-enchant2:

- enchant2: <a href="" title=""></a>

- mingw-enchant2: <a href="" title=""></a>

These are parallel-installable to the enchant-1.x packages.

Happy to review in exhange.


Some problemas working with network namespaces

Hi all,

I am trying to virtually connect two bridges on different network namespaces inside a CentOS KVM host.

Accessing crashed disk


I have a Centos server that crashed, it would no longer boot. I thought it was the disk with the OS that was the problem so I bought a new one and did a fresh install and now the computer is again up and running. But I'm having problems with accessing the old failed disk. I can see it with gnome-disk-utility and it says that the disk is OK but has 8 bad sectors. I can mount the boot partition from it and I can decrypt the main partition. But then I can see no way to mount the main partition. It is a LVM physical volume.

Centos 6 Samba 4 specific question

I am setting up a Samba 4 installation on CentOS 6.9. I have installed
the samba4, samba4-common, and samba4-libs with all of the dependencies
using YUM which appear to be all of the samba4 packages which are

In the /usr/bin directory I can find smbcontrol and smbstatus but the
smbpasswd command is missing. Checking on a current CentOS 7 all three
of these commands are found.

How to support fluentd with ruby24?

We need to use the ruby24 SCL.

That means ovirt and rdo will have a dependency on ruby24 SCL, which
also means the fluentd systemd service will need to know how to run the
service using the scl, unless ovirt and rdo are ready to run fluentd
containerized, in which case it is as simple as using the centos ruby24
scl base image, which is what openshift is doing:
<a href="" title=""></a>

ruby24 will be needed at build time for some packages as well as at runtime.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Detecting the init system in use

The "official" way to detect if systemd is running appears to be to
check if the directory /run/systemd/system exists (from sd_booted(3)).
Our init-system-helpers package uses this test for example, and the test
correctly handles edge cases where one init system is installed but
another is in use such as when Trusty is upgraded to Xenial but has not
been rebooted yet.

However, the systemd SRU to Trusty in bug 1656280[1] regressed the
result of this test, resulting in bug 1732703[2].

Rather than have an ad-hoc solution I feel is brittle in case we have to
SRU systemd in Trusty again, I'd pref


Quiero suspender la suscripción...por favor no envíen mas mensajes

fcitx-qt5 license changed to 'GPLv2+ and BSD'

fcitx-qt5 1.2.1 license changed from 'GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+' to 'GPLv2+ and


CentOS PaaS SIG meeting (2017-12-12)

It's time for our weekly PaaS SIG sync-up meeting

Time: 1700 UTC - Wedensdays (date -d "1700 UTC")
Where: IRC- Freenode - #centos-devel

- OpenShift Current Status
-- rpms
-- Automated rpm building and Automated testing
-- Multi-arch
-- Documentation
-- Images and Image building
-- minishift - / kompose / kedge
- Open Floor

Minutes from last meeting:
<a href="" title=""></a>

RDO Community meeting minutes : 2017-12-13


Meeting started by chandankumar at 15:01:25 UTC. The full logs are
available at
<a href="" title=""></a>

Meeting summary
* Roll Call (chandankumar, 15:01:41)

* Dry-run/test/firedrill of the queens release ?

Fedora Rawhide-20171213.n.0 compose check report

Missing expected images:

Server boot x86_64
Server dvd i386
Workstation live i386
Server dvd x86_64
Server boot i386
Kde live i386

Failed openQA tests: 53/106 (x86_64), 1/2 (arm)

New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20171212.n.0):

ID: 180272 Test: x86_64 KDE-live-iso install_no_user
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 180279 Test: x86_64 KDE-live-iso base_system_logging
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 180288 Test: x86_64 universal install_package_set_minimal
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 180292 Test: x86_64 unive



On an Ubuntu 17.04 system I try to surf to <a href="" title=""></a>. In chrome I
get the message:

This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.


Firefox has also the same issue.

Fedora 28 Rawhide 20171213.n.0 nightly compose nominated for testing

Announcing the creation of a new nightly release validation test event
for Fedora 28 Rawhide 20171213.n.0. Please help run some tests for this
nightly compose if you have time.

libssh missing from extras/ppc64 repository


I've noticed that libssh inexplicably vanished from the ppc64le C7 extras
repository, c.f., <a href="" title=""></a> .

The weird part is that this package is still available for ppc64le on
<a href="" title=""></a>

The first time I noticed this was on Dec 10, though it might have been deleted

Is there any reason why this happened?

rasn1 0.5.0 released

rasn1 0.5.0 has been released.

* home: <>
* bugs: <>
* doc: <>

RASN1 is a pure ruby ASN.1 library.

Postfix BIMI support?

Recently stumpled upon BIMI;

<a href="" title=""></a>

What is your view on it? I think that BIMI is more a cosmetic thing
rather than something that prevent spoofing.

Is there any plans to implement support for it in postfix?

Schedule for Wednesday's FPC Meeting (2017-12-13 18:00 UTC)

 Following is the list of topics that will be discussed in the FPC
meeting Wednesday at 2017-12-13 18:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting-2 on

 Local time information (via.

DKIM signing for wildcard sub domains

Hi All,

I'm trying to get DKIM signing working on our postfix mail server.

We have a wildcard domain * We are providing a mail service for our clients - who each have their own sub-domain eg. or

I have two servers, both are identical setups running centOS and Postfix 2. One is named and the other is named
Note: When I created the 'default.private' - I did so on mx01 and copied it to mx02 so they are the same.

Fedora Rawhide-20171212.n.0 compose check report

Missing expected images:

Server boot x86_64
Server dvd i386
Workstation live i386
Server dvd x86_64
Server boot i386
Kde live i386

Failed openQA tests: 49/106 (x86_64), 1/2 (arm)

New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20171211.n.0):

ID: 180126 Test: x86_64 universal install_anaconda_text
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

Old failures (same test failed in Rawhide-20171211.n.0):

ID: 180089 Test: x86_64 Everything-boot-iso install_default@uefi
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 180091 Test: x86_64 Workstation-live-iso desktop_notifications_live

Robot attack testing

<a href="" title=""></a>
These tests appear to be aimed at website testing. Any ideas how to test a mail server for the robot attack?

Fedora 25 End Of Life

As of the 12th of December 2017, Fedora 25 has reached its end of life

for updates and support. No further updates, including security updates,
will be available for Fedora 25. Fedora 26 will continue to receive updates
until approximately one month after the release of Fedora 28. The
maintenance schedule of Fedora releases is documented on the Fedora Project
wiki [0].

F27 GNOME crashes

Hi all,

I'm writing to ask for attention on <a href="" title=""></a>

F27 brought a major crashing regression in GNOME. It must not affect everyone, or I think it would have held up release. But for the people it affects, shutting off the monitor, including by screen locker DPMS, crashes GNOME.

Apache2 php not responding

I run a server on Ubuntu 16.04 and recently did some updates, after the
updates the Apache2 server does not run php correctly. the pages simply
time out. I'm running a php Application Egroupware, which is written in php.

Running the php files from the command lie seems to work, of course
nothing is rendered. I've been looking in the logs.

F28 Self Contained Change: Django 2.0

= Proposed Self Contained Change: Django 2.0 =
<a href="" title=""></a>

Change owner(s):
* Matthias Runge <Mrunge AT fedoraproject DOT org>
* Miro Hrončok <Churchyard AT fedoraproject DOT org>
* Petr Viktorin <Pviktori AT fedoraproject DOT org>

This change is about upgrading python-django to version 2.0. The
latest Django release drops support for Python 2, but a few Django
apps packaged in Fedora do not yet support Python 3.

gpodder and ubuntu

Having just moved over to Ubuntu (16.04 LTS) when I managed to work
round a problem with the installer, I'm having trouble getting gpodder
up and running again.

It worked just fine under Debian Stretch, but when I installed it
again (from the repositores), trying to run the program produced the
load of (quoted) output pasted below.

Can somebody please translate this into what I need to do to get
gpodder running again, please, because it's over my head...

Controlling submission recipients


We have postfix-3.1.4 set up on fedora25 to use submission for
outbound mail. How can I control the number of recipients that can be
addressed in any one email?

Below is my submission config from

Road to new openssl

openssl has changed api/abi. Currently Ubuntu ships 1.0.2 LTS series
openssl. Newer api/abi is available as a non-lts 1.1.0 series. Both
1.0.2 and 1.1.0 series will go end of life upstream over the lifetime
of bionic.

TLS 1.3 is currently undergoing standardisation
(<a href="" title=""></a>) But it seems like it is still
being actively iterated on.

The next openssl series is expected to be 1.1.1 and it should be
binary compatible with 1.1.0 series.

Mate desktop configuration question


I am using Mate Desktop from EPEL on a C7.4 system with multiple desktops

Does anyone know how to force alt tab to only switch between applications
on the current desktop?

Currently it seems that it picks some random app from another desktop that
I was on previously (most time the browser).

I only want it to chose from apps on the current desktop. It used to work
they way that I want but when I upgraded to 7.4 it broke.

I seem to remember when I built this machine there was a check box somewhere
to control that behavior but I cannot find it.


LinchPin v1.2.1 (bugfix) has been released

Hi all,

We are happy to announce that LinchPin v1.2.1 has been released.

LUKS question

I have existing systems with un-encrypted disks.
I have tried unsuccessfully to encrypt them using LUKS.
Has anyone out there been able to encrypt an existing system (after the
fact, so to speak)?


Day 12 - Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 - pluto - Auto-build web pages from published web feeds; planet (static) website generator


welcome back to the Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 [1] - 25 Days
of Ruby Gems / Libraries from December 1 to December 25.

Let's continue the series on Day 12 with the pluto
library / gem and command line tool. Auto-build web pages from
published web feeds.
Planet (static) website generator.

The Future of Online News - The Future of Facebook & Co - Web Feeds,
Web Feeds, Web Feeds.

Happy publishing.



Spamassassin vs. SELinux trouble


Spamassassin has been working nicely on my main server running CentOS 7
and Postfix. SELinux is activated (Enforcing).

Since the most recent update (don't know if it's related to it though)
I'm getting the following SELinux error.

SELinux is preventing /usr/bin/perl from 'read, write' accesses on the
file /var/log/spamassassin/.spamassassin/bayes_toks.

***** Plugin catchall (100.

Bash script <=> Ruby sctipt


I regularly grab information from the system using Ruby's backtick and
system call facilities for getting values into variables in the Ruby
script but sometimes it would be good to go the other way - if my shell
script is too big and painful to rewrite in Ruby it would be good to be
able to call a Ruby function to do something and then pass the results
back to the shell script. I have been messing around for a few hours
now and I can't see a nice way of doing it . .




F28 Self Contained Change: librealsense2

= Proposed Self Contained Change: librealsense2 =
<a href="" title=""></a>

Change owner(s):
* Till Hofmann < ... at fedoraproject dot org>

A new version of librealsense has been released, which does not
support older camera versions. Bump librealsense to the new release
and add the old library as librealsense1.

== Detailed Description ==
The upstream librealsense2 release does not support older camera
models such as F200, R200, LR200 and ZR300. Newer models are only
supported by the new version. Thus, we need both libraries in order to
support all camera models.

Question regarding use of amavisd-new


I was wondering if fellow Postfix users would still recommend using amavisd-new when integrating AV (ClamAV), and spam filtering (SpamAssasin) ?

The site I have this in mind for receives a moderate amount of e-mail per day.

This appears to be the most mentioned configuration via web searches, but I was wondering if this still held true for 2017/2018 (amavisd-new’s last release was 2016/04/26) ?


- J

My Membership

Hi to everyone,
If you want tonight we can discuss about my membership.

Andrea Del Sarto

My membership

Hi to everyone,
If you want tonight we can discuss about my membership.

Andrea Del Sarto

How to connect Apache and Tomcat using http2 protocol


I am trying to connect Apache and Tomcat using HTTP2 protocol.

Fedora Rawhide-20171211.n.0 compose check report

Missing expected images:

Server boot x86_64
Server dvd i386
Workstation live i386
Server dvd x86_64
Server boot i386
Kde live i386

Failed openQA tests: 49/106 (x86_64), 1/2 (arm)

New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20171210.n.2):

ID: 179964 Test: x86_64 universal install_repository_http_graphical
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

Old failures (same test failed in Rawhide-20171210.n.2):

ID: 179924 Test: x86_64 Everything-boot-iso install_default@uefi
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 179926 Test: x86_64 Workstation-live-iso desktop_notific

Question about CA’s for the smtp client


I have a question regarding specifying where the list of trusted CA’s are in regards to the smtp client.

In man 5 postconf, I can see there are two configuration parameters regarding this:


The documentation (as I understand it), notes that:

1. smtp_tls_CAfile

— Specifies file that contains CA certs of root CA’s trusted to sign either remote SMTP server certificates or intermediate CA certificates


Cannot run python3 scripts any more

After today's updates, I did an apt autormove which tried to uninstall
the package python3-dbus.mainloop.qt, which failed. Since then, I've
tried to purge this packae, uninsytall it, re-install it and I get the

$ sudo apt purge python3-dbus.mainloop.qt
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information...

Reminder meeting : Modularity WG (once every two weeks)

Dear all,

You are kindly invited to the meeting:
Modularity WG (once every two weeks) on 2017-12-12 from 10:00:00 to 11:00:00 US/Eastern
At <a href="mailto:fedora-meeting- ... at irc dot">fedora-meeting- ... at irc dot</a>

The meeting will be about:
Meeting of the Modularity Working Group.

More information available at: [Modularity Working Group wiki page](<a href="" title=""></a>)

The agenda for the meeting is available at [modularity-wg-agendas pad](<a href="" title=""></a>).

Source: <a href="" title=""></a>

IPv6 for not reachable


the IPv6 adress for is not accessible.

Verbindungsaufbau zu
(|2604:a880:800:10::2ce:1|:80... fehlgeschlagen: Die
Wartezeit für die Verbindung ist abgelaufen.
Verbindungsaufbau zu
(||:80... verbunden.

Re: How to coordinate the clock when dual-booting with Windows

NTP is probably assuming system clock is UTC and correcting based on your time zone settings. This way ntp can assume all clocks are UTC and not have figure out all the relevant time zone corrections.

Does this make sense for your time zone?

Remote users can set their time zone environment variables for their local time zone. Things work out nicely on Unix or Linux based systems.

I don't know If there is a right way to configure Windows so it knows the hardware clock is UTC and the user time zone is different.

"Well used built in classes and modules" for Ruby Certification Exams?

The Silver Certification exam references:

"Well-used built-in classes and modules (e.g., Object, Numerical
classes, String, Array, Hash, Kernel, Enumerable, Comparable)"

The Gold Certification exam references:

" Well-used built-in classes and modules
(e.g., Object, Module, Kernel, Enumerable, Comparable)
Regular expression

Besides the ones specifically listed, which built in classes and modules
are considered "well used"?


-- Setting up for more Ruby in 2018!

Unsubscribe: <

x25519.rb and ed25519.rb: modern elliptic curve cryptography gems for Ruby

I'm excited to announce the first public releases (v0.1.0) of two RubyGems
implementing modern elliptic curve cryptography.

*x25519*: elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman algorithm providing key
exchange/agreement, described in RFC 7748:

<a href="" title=""></a>

*ed25519*: elliptic curve digital signature algorithm, described in RFC

<a href="" title=""></a>

Both of these algorithms are already available in the RbNaCl gem, which I
also authored.

Infrastructure move -- thanks

I might be a bit biased from my perspective as the guy who manages the
folks on the Infrastructure team. But I wanted to take a moment to
say thank you to all the team members and everyone involved for
conducting the recent colo move, a complex and critical process, in an
outstanding manner. There were some difficulties along the way and
the team dealt with them in their usual professional way. Kudos to
all, and well done!

New Docker (and deps) pushed to CentOS Linux 7 Extras

I have just pushed the latest c7-extras from, built from:

If you use docker or atomic, please give everything a try and let me
know of any issues.

Also, centos-release-openshift-origin37-1-1.el7.centos has been pushed
to Ce

Centos 7 vagrant image unnecessary packages


As mention in thread "Broken man pages in vagrant box 1710.01". There
are packages that removal might be consider. First one is centos-logos.
centos-logos are required by plymouth, that add animation during boot.
In my opinion it's not necessary for Vagrant image.

Second one is kernel-firmware. This package don't have any further
dependencies in libvirt image. As said libvirt image is working (in my
case ofc, note that I don't have fully functional test suit for Vagrant
images) without it.

power saving

So this is Kubuntu but still.

Installing "cpufrequtils" caused my power consumption to drop from 95W
to 85W and

Installing the nVidia drivers caused my power consumption to drop from
85W to 75W.

That's about 35 euro a year.

sclo images on namespace deprecated in favour of centos


The Software Collections images on were originally
available under the namespace 'sclo'.

For example : sclo/postgresql-96-centos7 is deprecated in favour of

Please make sure you update any usages of said images to reflect the new
name, as the old image names will be dropped from soon.
I will send out another email, a couple of days before the said images are

licensing change: ragel changed from GPLv2 to MIT with version

With version ragel moved from GPLv2 to MIT.

<a href="" title=""></a>


16.04: Screen-saver stopped working?


On my laptop with 16.04, screen saver won't lock the screen anymore.

According to system-settings, screen-saver should be activated after one
minute and should ask for the password. But there's simply nothing happening.

I even rebooted to make sure all servicess are started as it should be. But
this also did not help.

Any hints how to track this down?

Day 11 - Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 - jekyll_octopod - Publish your own radio talk shows; podcast extension for building (static) websites with Jekyll; incl. podcast web feeds with RSS enclosures and JSON Feed attachments in the OGG, MP3 or M4A audio forma


welcome back to the Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 [1] - 25 Days
of Ruby Gems / Libraries from December 1 to December 25.

Let’s continue the series on Day 11 with the jekyll-octopod
library / gem and command line tool. Publish your own radio talk
shows; podcast extension for building (static) websites with Jekyll;
incl. podcast web feeds with RSS enclosures and JSON Feed attachments
in the OGG, MP3 or M4A audio formats.

Happy talking and publishing.

Broadcom BCM4352 on Centos 7

Hi Folks

I'm trying to get my internal WiFi working and I'm following the instructions

<a href="" title=""></a>

My adaptor is:

[gary@gary ~]$ lspci|grep Broad
08:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Limited BCM4352 802.11ac Wireless Network
Adapter (rev 03)
[gary@gary ~]$

However, I've failed at step 2 as I cannot find any Linux / STA / WL drivers
when I search the support page linked.

Can anyone suggest how I can fix this, or suggest another web page I can


Fedora Rawhide-20171210.n.2 compose check report

Missing expected images:

Server boot x86_64
Server dvd i386
Workstation live i386
Server dvd x86_64
Server boot i386
Kde live i386

Failed openQA tests: 49/106 (x86_64), 1/2 (arm)

New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20171204.n.0):

ID: 179815 Test: x86_64 KDE-live-iso desktop_browser
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

Old failures (same test failed in Rawhide-20171204.n.0):

ID: 179791 Test: x86_64 Everything-boot-iso install_default@uefi
URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
ID: 179793 Test: x86_64 Workstation-live-iso desktop_notifications_live

Fedora 28 Rawhide 20171210.n.2 nightly compose nominated for testing

Announcing the creation of a new nightly release validation test event
for Fedora 28 Rawhide 20171210.n.2. Please help run some tests for this
nightly compose if you have time.

rtc net update

Good Evening:

Now that we are on the topic of the RTC, is it possible to change the
update frequency.  I understand that a crystal controlled clock drifts a
few seconds per month.  I also heard (unofficial) that routers,
computers, tablets, phones, etc. do a net update daily.  Shouldn't a
monthly update be enough, except for those few cases that more often is
necessary?  Wouldn't this reduce the traffic on the net by, say, a lot? 
Wouldn't that be a good thing?  I have never seen a prompt to vary the
update frequency.


Treehugger (That includes all resources)

How to connect to MySQL using ActiveRecord?

Hi rubyists,

How do I connect to a MySQL database using ActiveRecord?

Yours Sincerely,

Surya Poojary

Current state of Rawhide

I'm trying to get an install of Rawhide going, but not having too much
luck. I tried installing from Fedora-Rawhide-20171127.n.0 which appears
to be the "Last known good" from [1]. The install succeeds, but it boots
to a blank screen. The OpenQA tests results seem to indicate the same
problem with more recent composes. Has anyone filed a bug already on

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

licensing change: col changed from GPLv2 to MIT with version

It appears with version colm switch from a GPLv2 to MIT

<a href="" title=""></a>

JT comes to Rawhide

Hello folks,

I'll update json-c to v0.13 for Rawhide. This will bump libjson-c so-
name from 2 to 3 and will remove some deprecated stuff from its API.

I'll bump and rebuild all affected packages in the same run and add
patches for the new API, if needed.

Broken man pages in vagrant box 1710.01


In the latest vagrant box (1710.01), no man page can be found by
default, altough both "man-db" and "man-pages" are installed and "rpm
-V" shows nothing wrong with them.

Doing a "yum reinstall man-pages" fixes the problem, but I don't
understand why, since this "rpm -q --scripts" returns nothing for it.

Best regards,

Carlos Rodrigues

Day 10 - Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 - feedtxt - Read Feed.TXT - feeds in text (unicode); publish & share posts, articles, podcasts, 'n' more


welcome back to the Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 [1] - 25 Days
of Ruby Gems / Libraries from December 1 to December 25.

Let’s continue the series on Day 10 with the feedtxt library / gem
[2] - Read Feed.TXT - feeds in text (unicode). Publish & share posts,
articles, podcasts, 'n' more.

Web Feeds! Web Feeds! Web Feeds!

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