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Re: Review Request 115695: Rework KNotification to work without

By Martin Klapetek at 02/12/2014 - 11:54

(Updated Feb. 12, 2014, 4:54 p.m.)

Review request for kde-workspace, KDE Frameworks, Plasma, and Sune Vuorela.

Couple updates
* slots in NotifyByPopup renamed all to on*
* reenabled resolveUndeclaredEntity --> dep on KCodecs

Repository: knotifications

This patch merges KNotify daemon into KNotificationManager to have less daemons running and less dbus traffic. The patch is not yet finished (and for now it's full of QDebugs, that will all be removed and FIXMEs to indicate what needs doing), but as the Alpha2 is quite soon, I'd like to start the general review asap so some more changes can be done if needed.

Now it's KNotificationManager that handles the KNotifyPlugin-s and hands them the notification directly. KNotifyConfig was repurposed a bit, now it serves mostly just as the .notifyrc wrapper, all the rest is reused from the KNotification object. There are some changes in the KNotification API - id() and appName() are now exposed to public and "slotReceivedId(int)" is now also public so that KNotificationManager can directly give it an id. I'd like to rename this and make it a non-slot. It's not the DBus/Galago server ID anymore, that is handled in NotifyByPopup which is responsible for communicating with the galago server (all the methods there were renamed to actually have *galago* in the name so it's clear), therefore the mapping of DBus/Galago Server ids is managed only there as it is actually only needed here. KNotitification::id() is assigned by the KNotificationManager and it's a simple increasing counter.

The UI/Plasmoid changes will come next - basically the plan is to put only the "Persistent" notifications in the notifications history.

Diffs (updated)
src/knotification.h 00554ba
CMakeLists.txt 63ebf71
src/CMakeLists.txt a81b913
src/knotification.cpp 5d7405b
src/knotificationmanager.cpp a4d0dfa
src/knotificationmanager_p.h 81d962d
src/knotifyconfig.h PRE-CREATION
src/knotifyconfig.cpp PRE-CREATION
src/knotifyplugin.h PRE-CREATION
src/knotifyplugin.cpp PRE-CREATION
src/notifybypopup.h PRE-CREATION
src/notifybypopup.cpp PRE-CREATION
src/notifybypopupgrowl.h PRE-CREATION
src/notifybypopupgrowl.cpp PRE-CREATION

Diff: <a href="" title=""></a>

Works perfectly with both plasma notifications and kpassivepopup.


Martin Klapetek