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Lock-up during boot when Logitech unifying receiver is connected (UEFI problem?)


I've got a bit of an issue after I switched to a new laptop for my
CentOS 6.9 installation: I'm using a Logitech cordless keyboard and
mouse that communicate with the system via a so-called "unifying
receiver". If this unit (a small USB thingummy) is connected when I try
to boot the system, it locks up completely. This happens before the GRUB
screen is displayed. The set-up otherwise works just fine, i.e. I notice
no ill effects of connecting the receiver once the system is up-and-running.

I did not not have this problem on my old laptop, which ran a more or
less identical Linux configuration (I cloned the partition.) Something
that's new, though, is that I now have GPT partitions and boot using
UEFI, where the old PC used  traditional BIOS. I also had a hard time
installing in the first place because I got similar issues when trying
to boot the installer as well as "stand-alone" tools like "parted" and
"clonezilla" from USB sticks, and these seemed to be restricted to GPT
and UEFI, too. (I didn't realise at the time that the unifying receiver
was the problem, so I ended up installing via "legacy" boot.)

Has anyone else seen this? Any suggestions? I can live with the problem,
I guess, but having to unplug and reconnect the unit every time I boot
is a bit annoying.

I've tried connecting the unit to several different USB ports, with the
same result. I've also searched for firmware updates, but didn't find


- Toralf