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Recommendation for insert variable in given logging statement under certain circumstances.

Our team researches on consistent update of Postfix during evolution. And we have figured out several spots that may be missed. 

By mining historical patches, we suggest that one variable that indicates parser name should be inserted into the logging statement which is under the control dependence where return value of db_common_check_domain()is 0.

One example of missed spot:
1 static const char *dict_mysql_lookup(DICT *dict, const char
2 {
34 if ((domain_rc = db_common_check_domain(dict_mysql->ctx, name)) == 0) {
35 if (msg_verbose)
36 msg_info("%s: Skipping lookup of '%s'", myname, name);
37 return (0);

One example of historical patch:
1 * If they specified a domain list for this map, then only search
2 * addresses in domains on the list. This can significantly reduce the
3 * load on the LDAP server.
4 */
5 if (db_common_check_domain(dict_ldap->ctx, name) == 0) {
6 if (msg_verbose)
7 - msg_info("%s: Skipping lookup of '%s'", myname, name);
8 + msg_info("%s: %s: Skipping lookup of key '%s': domain
9 + myname, dict_ldap->parser->name, name);
10 return (0);
11 }

More recommendations and supporting patches are saved in attachments. It is so kind of you to reply me about the correctness of our suggestions. And thank you for your reading.