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Re: Spurious access denied errors

By Yehuda Katz at 02/09/2018 - 09:58

At first glance, something in your browser is probably requesting the page
/test. Since it doesn't correspond to any of your alias statements, it hits
the DocumentRoot which you have denied access to.

Is there a corresponding entry in your access log?

- Y

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Dear list,

I've installed and configured mediawiki as follows (on top of default
Ubuntu 16.04 Apache/2.4.18 installation):

DocumentRoot /var/www/html
*Everything works*, i.e. client successfully receive all pages with
appropriate HTTP statuses in both client and Apache access log. However,
for each request like /wiki/test I see the following extra message in

[Fri Feb 09 09:35:25.368731 2018] [authz_core:error] [pid 695] [client
If I remove <Directory /var/www> clause, these messages disappear. They
trigger fail2ban and are generally confusing. What may be causing them and
how to make them stop?