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Re: Fedora 31 Self-Contained Change proposal: AArch64 Xfce Deskt

By Peter Robinson at 07/25/2019 - 04:51

That is correct, there's no intention of branding this as Workstation.
This is purely bringing the XFCE spin as a pre-built image as we do
currently on ARMvv7 or like the live image on x86.

When we promoted ARMv7 there was a requirement of 100% identical or
equivalent artifacts as x86_64, when aarch64 was moved to primary koji
the requirements had changed due to the and the Editions
etc so when we added support for images we only enabled the ones at
the time that made sense so we weren't supporting/generating excessive
images with the intention that it was easy enough to add when either
the Spin maintainers were happy to support their spin on aarch64 or
the Arm team had enough bandwidth and there was enough demand for a
particular image.