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Re: The Future of our Frameworks

By Aaron J. Seigo at 06/06/2011 - 19:56

On Tuesday, June 7, 2011 00:51:12 todd rme wrote:
we're looking for feedback on the topics that are presented in these emails
(there are a few others that have already been sent, and some that will be
sent soon..)

it would be nice to keep ideas and suggestions to things that you are willing
to help make happen or which impact your use of the Frameworks directly. keep
in mind that we are trying to keep the scope of this effort manageable and
oriented towards improving the state of what exists more than adding lots of
new things.

questions are always welcome, of course :)

also note that this effort does not touch on application development efforts.
so suggestions about specific applications (e.g. Dolphin) are not in scope. in
fact there will be a (yet undetermined) number of 4.x application releases
that will continue on with the existing kdelibs and kde-runtime beneath them.
porting of applications and/or making larger changes to them in the name of it
being a "new major release" is something for a future date.