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Re: Rules to be approved as part of KDE Frameworks

By Aaron J. Seigo at 06/07/2011 - 04:42

On Tuesday, June 7, 2011 08:11:59 Tom Albers wrote:
we're between a rock and a hard place.

if we just say "You will all use this workflow starting NOW!" people will
complain that they have not been involved in the process and are being told
how to work. fair enough.

if we say "Here's our recommendation and Frameworks and Workspaces will be
using it, we recommend all other projects in KDE git also move to this
workflow." then others will note that it still isn't consistent because we
aren't mandating it.


the workflow that will be proposed (i need to find Cornelius and get him to
press the send key on that email! :) should be palatable for projects of all
sizes. the workflow we will be using for Frameworks is not very complex, but
it is more complex than needed for smaller projects (e.g. single apps with 1-2
developers) and so there is a small set (3 iirc) of workflow suggestions
modeled on the one we will use for Frameworks but with some intermediary steps
in the workflow taken out.

once this proposal makes its way to k-c-d, i will be helping to get broad
adoption of it throughout KDE and then we can have the best of both worlds: no
project being forced to work a certain way without having been involved in the
discussion, but still have consistency.

it's a longer road, but one that i think is more fair and respectful of
others. it would indeed be far easier, in terms of effort required, to just
mandate something. probably wouldn't have great results though. :)