Re : Incomplete log for node group

- The "*** 278 BYTES LOST ***" refers to an internal circular log buffer
overflow - so some of the diagnostic messages are lost.
  - Nodegroup 1 contains two nodes A + B
  - Node A fails and is ejected from the cluster at time t1
  - Transactions continue processing, with Node B in Nodegroup 1
  - Later the whole cluster fails at time t2
  - The whole cluster is started, with Node A and *without* Node B
  - Nodegroup 1 (A) only has redo logs up to time t1 - it is missing
logs between t1 and t2

Another less common scenario could be when the underlying filesystems
are recovered from a snapshot of an older stable state.
If this is not possible then the fallback is to restore from a Backup,
and apply binary logs.

Hope this helps!