Mroonga 8.00 - Fast fulltext search for all languages on MySQL


Mroonga 8.00 has been released!
This is a major version up! But It keeps backward compatibility.
You can upgrade to 8.0.0 without rebuilding database.

Mroonga is a MySQL storage engine that supports fast fulltext search
and geolocation search. It is CJK ready. It uses Groonga as a storage
and fulltext search engine.

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How to install: Install Guide
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How to upgrade: Upgrade Guide
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Here are some topics in this release.

* When create hash index, tiny hash is used for reducing consumption
of resources.
* [percona57] Added gap lock detection support.

## When create hash index, used tiny hash for reducing used resource

Hash index is less resouce to used from this release.
Note:that rebuilding indexes are required to enable this feature for
existence indexes

## [percona57] Added gap lock detection support

A gap lock was being attempted while the transaction isolation level was
either REPEATABLE READ or SERIALIZABLE, the following SQL error was
returned to the client and no actual gap lock was taken on the affected

ERROR 1105 (HY000): Using Gap Lock without full unique key in
multi-table or multi-statement transactions is not allowed. You need to
either rewrite queries to use all unique key columns in WHERE equal
conditions, or rewrite to single-table, single-statement transaction.

From this release, as the above situation, gap lock will be taken on the
affected rows.