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omission in ODBC documentation ... ?


I have a PostgreSQL server connected to 2 redundant network segments.

Therefore I needed to specify 2 IP addresses in ODBC configuration of a
client which is also connected to these 2 networks.

I found this:
<a href="" title=""></a>

saying that jdbc supports this feature, syntax is:

However, I found no such information for ODBC driver.

I tried anyway to configure multiple addresses .. and it works.



I noticed in the most recent release of psqlodbc_11_01, the version of OpenSSL that is packaged is 1.0.2R.

Are there any plans for updating this to OpenSSL 1.1.1, as 1.0.2 will be reaching end of life by this year?

Additionally, if we were to simply remove the LIBEAY32.dll and SSLEAY32.dll files from the installation, would there be any problems at runtime?
Our system is currently not using/require SSL encryption.


MDA, Derek Tam
<a href="mailto: ... at mdacorporation dot com"> ... at mdacorporation dot com</a>

This electronic correspondence, including any attachments, is intended solely for the use of the i

the psqlodbc_11_01_0000 installed on the windows srever 2008 R2

I have an error when the psqlodbc_11_01_0000 is installed on the windows srever 2008 R2.

RE: psqlodbc - table name is truncated to 127 characters even SQL_MAX_TABLE_NAME_LEN is set to 255


We wrote our application that acts as a pseudo PostgreSQL server and we use PsqlODBC as client. Our table names are very long so we set it to 255. Our server actively sends this to client after password using parameter status message, it also returns 255 when client call "show max_identifier_length".

Based my test, SQLGetInfo does return 255 when parameter is SQL_MAX_TABLE_NAME_LEN, SQL_MAX_IDENTIFIER_LEN, etc. However, the table name is still truncated to 127 characters in SQLTables call.

Regarding conversion of SQL_TSI_DAY operator for Datetimeadd function in ODBC driver


Platform / Version info:
Postgres 11.4
psqlODBC_x64 v 11.01.0000

I'm a developer working with PowerQuery / ODBC and I'm running into the following issue.

I'm developing a custom connector which is utilizing this driver. I've attached the logs as requested when making a bug report.

ODBC Driver 9->11, troubles with dates/NULL...

After long time, i've decided to upgrade ODBC driver from version 09.03.0100
to version 11.01.0000. A big jump, indeed.

I'm using an old application written in Centura, that with 09.03.0100
works as expected.

But with '11.01.0000' no.

Problem with DBLINK from Oracle to Postgresql

Good day,

We have problem with dblink from oracle to postgres
Oracle database 12.2 ptalform HP-UX Itanium
Oracle error
Error : ORA-28500: connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message:
could not get socket error status: Invalid argument
{08001,NativeErr = 101}
ORA-02063: preceding 3 lines from PG1
I attached trace file from oracle

We use unixodbc 2.3.7 and psqlodbc.09.06.0500 (we tried to install almost all drivers with major version 9).
Also we have postgresql 9.4.8 installed on hpux for libpq.

Rockwell FactoryTalk Says 'SQL_TIMESTAMP data type is not supported'


* your ODBC driver version

psqlODBC is v11.01.000.

SQL_DRIVER_ODBC_VER reports "3.51"

[6608-0.002] info.c[PGAPI_GetInfo]71: entering...fInfoType=77

[6608-0.002] info.c[PGAPI_GetInfo]1032: p='03.51', len=0, value=0, cbMax=12

* your PostgreSQL database version

v10.9 x86

Running on Windows 10 32-bit

* any error messages you saw on the screen

The client application (Rockwell FactoryTalk), has a button which can automatically create the tables in an existing database.
It created a table successfully that DID NOT have a TIMESTAMP column.

Driver Bug?


Not sure if this is a bug or known issue. When pulling back results from
GreenPlum into Business objects, some fields that are populated in GP are
coming back as null in BO. This seems to occur with the datatype Varying
Character. Is there a workaround?


ODBC Compatibility Question II


please excuse my rather simple question, but since I have not found an
answer after a long search, I'll contact you.

My question is, if I can always use the latest ODBC driver with older
database server versions. For example, ODBC version 11 with DB Cluster 9.6?


Dirk Lindner

Universitaet der Kuenste Berlin

Referat für Planung, Organisation und Datenverarbeitung

Einsteinufer 43-53, 10587 Berlin

( Tel.

Re: psqlodbc: No memory available to store statement

Hello Hiroshi,

I found a possible approach to overcome this issue.
It is necessary to explicitly specify the path to library within
LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable before running the configure command.

In this case conftest program finds the desired libpq and in this case the
generated config.h file contains proper defines:
/* The size of `long', as computed by sizeof. */
#define SIZEOF_LONG 8

/* The size of `long int', as computed by sizeof. */

/* The size of `void *', as computed by sizeof.

Fwd: ODBC: SQLGetDescField returns incorrect length for SQL_DESC_COUNT field of APD

Forwarding to correct list ...

------- Forwarded Message

field of APD

Field SQL_DESC_COUNT should fit into a variable of type SQLSMALLINT. But
when retrieving this field of APD SQLGetDescField returns SQLINTEGER

psqlodbc: No memory available to store statement

Hello PostgreSQL Community!

I widely use psqlodb driver with unixODBC manager on my SLES12 linux
Not very long ago I updated psqlodbc driver from 10.03.0000 to the
latest one 11.01.0000 .
I use unixODBC-2.3.6-7.9.1.x86_64 package installed from YAST setup and
configurational tool and configure, build, and install psqlodbc from the
source code in the same way as for psqlodbc 10.03.0000:

autoreconf -i
./configure --prefix=path_to_install --with-libpq=path_to_pg_config
make install

In my program I use quite common ODBC functions to

configuration of psqlodbc and libpq

I have a question.

I built and installed PostgreSQL on my system from the source code from
<a href="" title=""></a> .
Moreover I built psqlodbc from the source code from
<a href="" title=""></a> .
So library is specified as a Driver in my unixODBC

But I have a problem. On the one hand all the PostgreSQL-related
libraries are located in /usr/lib directory. On the other hand libpq5 rpm
package is installed on my machine which locates its libraries in
/usr/lib64 directory.


Hi, ALL,
Is latest ODBC driver for PostreSQL can be run on Windows XP SP3?

If not - what version is compatible? Is it available to download?

Thank you.

PostGres ODBC -- Multiple ordinal parameters ?

PostGres ODBC team,

I'd like to start by thank you for the work that you've done on this

For what it's worth, I'd been tasked by my work with migrating a reporting
server with extensive SSRS projects with PostGres queries using the ODBC

I'm not sure if this is expected behavior or a bug, but I had noticed that
there's an issue in pulling prepared queries with multiple ordinal

The old server we are using has the 9.03.03 drivers installed, and allows
multiple ordinal parameters to be passed to a PostGres ODBC prepared
statement ($1, $2, $3...) I confirmed this wi

psqlODBC 11.01.0000 Released

Hi, all.

We are pleased to annouce the release of psqlODBC 11.01.0000.
please see the notes at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

psqlODBC may be downloaded from in source, Windows Installer,
merge module, and basic zip file formats.

New Windows installer installs both 32-bit and 64-bit driver at once
on 64-bit OS.

New to PostgreSql - requires assistance

Good day

I am a VB6 programmer with plenty of MS Access Databasis and applications
and would like to start using PostGreSql instead.

I installed PostGreSql, pgAdmin4 and drivers - not sure if everything
required is now installed.

I successfullly created a database and table in PostgreSql, and now want to
start implimenting it in VB6.

My big problem now is the connection to the database from VB6.


Looking at the code for SQLGetInfo, where it returns data indicating the driver capabilities with respect to the ODBC SQL syntax, it looks like the implementation is lacking.

Specifically, calls to SQL_NUMERIC_FUNCTIONS, SQL_TIMEDATE_FUNCTIONS and SQL_SYSTEM_FUNCTIONS all return 0, even though the convert_escape function in convert.c indicates support for almost all ODBC scalar functions.

Bound parameters in escaped functions


I have found a bug in the translation of '?' parameters in escaped ODBC functions.

Where there is an escaped ODBC function within another, for example:

CASE WHEN {fn LENGTH({fn LTRIM(Name || ?))=?

Root certificate not found

Hi, I'm trying to connect Excel to a PostgreSQL table and I ran across the
psqlobdc file. When I attempt to setup the DSN it gives me this error "root
certificate file .../postgresql/root.crt" does not exist.

I'm using a .ca.cert file but your driver is looking for a root.crt file.

How can I setup this up?

Status of binary transmission vs. plaintext (resultFormat)?

Hi there,
using Wirekshark I noticed that UUIDs are transferred in plaintext
between the ODBC driver and the postgreSQL database. For me this is a
big deal since it uses twice as much data as the binary form (36 char
vs. 16 bytes).

I downloaded and analysed the ODBC sources and found that all calls to
PQexecParams and PQexecPrepare use '0' for the 'resultFormat'. IOW, the
ODBC driver explicitly requests all results in plaintext form as opposed
to the binary form.

Postgres 9.1 -> 9.4, ODBC timeout on complex query...

Recently we had a big move from postgres 9.1 to 9.4 on a database.

This database get, nightime, accessed via ODBC driver (version, rougly for one simple and long query (a full select on a
view with 1.6 million row).

After upgrading postgres, the system that do the query stop working.
Looking at server logs we see only:

2019-04-30 11:22:28 CEST [6490-4] hegos@sissi10 ISTRUZIONE: SELECT, dw_accettazioni.operatore_id, dw_accettazioni.data_competenza, dw_accettazioni.ora, dw_accettazioni.cod_fiscale, dw_accettazioni.id_prestazioni, dw_accettazioni.durata, dw_acc

SSIS list tables not showing all tables

I Installed the ODBC driver version 11 both 32 and 64 bit in my computer
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, When I tried to connect to Postgres DB from SSIS
Visual Studio 2015 version 14.0.25420.01 Update 3 using the postgres ODBC
64 bit I get an error that the architecture is mismatching. So I create a
connection using the 32 bit postgres driver and I was capable to connect to
Postgres DB but my issue that I can't see all tables what I can see just
those in public schema.
Any idea or help
Thank you

Mustapha JIBBOU
514 294 3732

help using your odbc driver

I've been experiencing failures when attempted to connect DataStage to your db (postgres) using odbc driver.
Therefore I'm wondering if you can provide some guidance or point me to a location where I can get some help


Charles Brown | NZ and InfoSphere DBA
530 Great Circle Road | Nashville, TN 37228
Phone: 1.615.564.3415 x56453415 | charles. ... at cigna dot com<mailto:charles. ... at healthspring dot com>
Mobile: 615.491.3307

64 Bit versus 32 Bit

Good afternoon,
I’m not sure if you can help me, but maybe at least shed some light on things. I have a MS-Access database used by 6-7 different users. It mostly uses an MS-Access backend, but there are some connections to a PostgreSQL server as well. It was built with MS-Access 2010 32-bit because we still had a few 32-bit WinXP machines floating around. I used the PostgreSQL Unicode driver, version, and configured the connection with Window’s ODBC Data Source Administrator (32-bit).

Postgres ODBC Driver

Good day Team,

I have been trying to install the ODBC driver for Postgres so that i can be
able to connect my excel sheet/csv files to my postgres database but the
installation takes forever to start.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Rename 64bit ODBC driver

Hi all,

would it be possible to rename the 64bit ODBC driver from PostgreSQL ANSI(x64) and PostgreSQL Unicode(x64) to PostgreSQL ANSI and PostgreSQL Unicode (same as the 32bit ODBC drivers)?
If drivers for both 32bit and 64bit were named the same, one could use the same connection string in both environments.


setLastTid() and currtid()


For the tableam work I'd like to remove heapam.h from
nodeModifyTable.c. The only remaining impediment to that is a call to
setLastTid(), which is defined in tid.c but declared in heapam.h.

That doesn't seem like a particularly accurate location, it doesn't
really have that much to do with heap. It seems more like a general
executor facility or something.

How to get error details from Visual Foxpro using latest driver

Latest PostgreSql official psqlODBC driver (version 11.00.0000 , 32 bit)
does not return error details in Microsoft Visual Foxpro.

After error FoxPro commands

disp memory like laerror

returns same error message in laerror third element:

LAERROR Local A showerror
( 1, 1) N 1526 ( 1526,00000000)
( 1, 2) C "Connectivity error: ERROR: insert or update o
n table "rid" violates foreign key constraint
Error while executing t

Issue with some Postgresql ODBC drivers in SAS


I connect to a Postgresql 9.4 database using Proc Sql in SAS via a Postgresql ODBC driver. When I'm using driver version 9.01.02, variables created using the SAS substring function on Varchar fields are properly set to the length specified. When I use either driver version 9.03.02 or 9.05.01, substringed fields are set to $1024. The length of Varchar fields that are not substringed are not changed.

I haven't been able to find any references to this problem online including on

I want to know if the ODBC is installed on my computer

How I can know, is the ODBC driver installed in my PC or not ?

With kind regards,
Skovorodnikov Aleksey
Analyst ESM solutions
The Department document management systems
Phone (mobile) : +7 (904) 235 93 80

Escaped characters in LIKE

PostgreSQL fully supports escaping of %, _ and \ in LIKE clauses, and supports the standard syntax for indicating the use of an escaping character: <a href="" title=""></a>.

The ODBC driver correctly supports the standard ODBC 'escape' syntax for declaring the escaping character: (convert.c, line 5580).

So is there some reason I'm missing why the SQLGetInfo implementation, when asked SQL_LIKE_ESCAPE_CLAUSE, says that the driver doesn't support escaping of LIKE? (info.c, line 309).

Potential Windows ODBC 10.03.0000 Security Vulnerability

Hello all,

In August of 2018, CVE-2018-10915 was found with a CVSS v3 base score of 8.5 against the PostgreSQL libpq library. This affects all PostgreSQL 10 versions of libpq up to version 10.4 and the issue is fixed as of version 10.5. As far as I can tell, the Windows MSI provided by the PostgreSQL ODBC community for ODBC 10.03.0000 is shipping with libpq version 10.4, which would mean it is shipping with these security vulnerabilities.

Are there any plans to upgrade the Windows MSI libpq libraries to PostgreSQL 10.5 or 10.6 so that we can avoid this security issue?

problem with _ character


I am using ANSI odbc driver (11.0) on a W10  with a utf8 DB trying to :

SELECT * FROM table WHERE (name = ?);

with a name including a '_' character : '1170332_381-P364'

In the postgresql server logs, I see that it has been replaced with
'1170332[_]381-P364' and my query fails.

How should I do ?



Reported lengths of char fields - psqlODBC

Linux Mint 18.3 x64 (base on Ubuntu 16.04 package base)
Postgresql v 9.5.14
unixODBC v2.3.1-4.1
psqlODBC v1:09.03.0300-1

I created a simple table containing one column of type character (n).
When I ask for the width of the column via (ODBC)SQLColAttribute function,
it answers (n*6) , so if defined as character(1) the call reports length 6,
character(2) reports 12, character(4) reports 24, etc.

I see the same kind of results when using a varchar(n) field (character
varying (2), etc ) as well .

Is this expected, or am I doing something wrong?


PG12 patch

Hello, I use the PostgreSQL-devel server with which the psqlodbc-git
version does not work because the field 'relhasoids' was dropped in
PG12. After applying the patch that I send you, my huge c++ ODBC
application now works again with PostgreSQL-devel server. Vladimir
Koković DP senior(69), Belgrade, Serbia

Erreur when testing connection


I have a problem on W7 (inside  a qemu/kvm vm) with last ANSI odbc
driver ( when trying  to connect to
postgresql 11 (from buster debian package).

The db has been created but is empty.

I use the test button of psqlodbc_x86 with  odbcad32 (32bits version).

Sometimes the test successes, but most of the time, I get :

(...) could not send startup packet Connection reset by peer.

Thnks for any help


Log here :

[2360-0.000]   mylog.c[logs_on_off]274: mylog_on=1 qlog_on=0
[2360-0.000]    start_logging:Global.debug&commlog=1&0

Re: Help in Exporting PostgreSQL DB to SQL Server


I am trying to Export PostgreSQL into SQL Server

But For some reason I do have an issue and I couldn't find a right way also Online help is not helping me much

Can you please let me know how can this be made easier ?

Also reason for me to export PostgreSQL to SQL server:

All our data are right now stored in PostgreSQL and we are migrating to Mysql server (PHP).

So we have to give a CSV file of our current data dump to the new provider to import in Mysql

When I export from PostgreSQL any special char in the database is exported as some special char and this is causing us problem


Character with byte sequence has no equivalent in encoding.

Hello Dear Postgresql- Team,

first of all thank you for that great odbc driver!

I discovered an error while using an old version ( (ANSI) (x64)
Version and wanted to ask for some more information on that one.

I get following error when Selecting some data from an PostgreSQL UTF 8
{"ERROR [22P05] ERROR: character with byte sequence 0xef 0xbc 0x8c in
encoding \"UTF8\" has no equivalent in encoding \"WIN1252\";\nError while
executing the query"}

When I change the driver to UNICODE I don't get the error at all.

Is psqlodbc_11_00_0000-x64 supported against PostgreSQL 10.06


I was unable to find the support matrix for odbc to database. So I woull like to know if psqlodbc_11_00_0000-x64 is supported against PostgreSQL 10.06.

Thank you

[ASG Technologies]<>

Kaleb Akalework, Sr Software Engineer

kaleb. ... at asg dot com<mailto:kaleb. ... at asg dot com> | 914-921-7357<> |

Facebook<> | LinkedIn<> | Twitter<> | YouTube<>

connecting to postgres database


I am writing an application in vb2010 Visual basic express and am having issue with the data base connection for Postgres. I have installed the driver but haven't been able to get the connection to work. Please advise.

Imports System.Data.Odbc

Dim MyCon As New Odbc.OdbcConnection
MyCon.ConnectionString = "Driver={PostgreSQL ANSI};database=fgsms_performance;server=;port=5432;"

ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified

William Hoffmann

Performance Issue with bulk Insert of Rows to Temp Table


I am trying to insert multiple rows to temp tables on postgreSQL database
using psqlodbc lib (version 10.4). I am using bind variables to insert the
rows to the table.

NOTIFY/LISTEN with ODBC interface

Is there a way to write a code found at
<a href="" title=""></a>
Example 2 with the ODBC interface?

Thank you.

SQLTables does not retrieve everything

I am trying to write an application where I need to know the list of
"ALL" tables and views.

However, it looks like the code:

ret = SQLTables( m_hstmt, NULL, 0, NULL, 0, NULL, 0, NULL, 0 );
if( ret != SQL_SUCCESS && ret != SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO )
GetErrorMessage( errorMsg, 1 );
result = 1;

only retrieves the tables from the current database/catalog and "public" schema.

There is no tables/view on the INFORMATION_SCHEMA and all the system tables.

Do I have to drop it and use the actual que

Repository odbc driver AIX 7.1


I'm trying to find out a repository of odbc driver package for AIX 7.1, but
I only found postgresql server packages, is there any repository ?
If there isn't any repository, could I use cross-compile odbc driver from
linux x64 to aix 7.1 power ? could you share me any documentation that
explain the compilation process ( I supposed that it's in a different way
of <a href="" title=""></a> explains ) ?


Segmentation fault in case Debian9+odbc+pgsql10.6

Hi guys,

FYI - I noted that i have not problems with Deb9+pgsql9 and with

Segmentation fault in case Debian9+odbc+pgsql10.6

Hi guys,

FYI - I noted that i have not problems with Deb9+pgsql9 and with

bugfix: bit/varbit type support

hi, all

patch attached,please review.

support the type BIT/BIT VARYING
1. calculate column length correctly.
2. reverse type name correctly

it cause SQLColAttribute can not get

ODBC driver on OSX

I downloaded the source code and then did:

sudo make install

on the sources

Then I opened iODBC DM 64-bit but couldn't find any references to the driver.

What did I do wrong?

This is on OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra.

Thank you.

psqlODBC 11.00.0000 Released

Hi, all.

We are pleased to annouce the release of psqlODBC 11.00.0000.
please see the notes at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

psqlODBC may be downloaded from in source, Windows Installer,
merge module, and basic zip file formats.

New Windows installer installs both 32-bit and 64-bit driver at once
on 64-bit OS.

FAQ update


Can someone please replace my name on the FAQ (
<a href="" title=""></a>) with whatever is appropriate now


enhanced SQLSpecialColumns

hi, all

patch attched,please review.

If a table has not WITH OIDS option.
Try to find primary-key(prefered)/unique index.
If it has not either of them, returns "ctid" as text type.

ODBC SQLSpecialColumns bugfix

hi, all

odbc patch attached.

if a table does not exist,
SQLSpecialColumns returns oid/xmin incorrectly.

Does the psqlodbc driver support asynchronous queries?

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to run asynchronous queries with unixODBC + in
linux (RHEL5), but I can not do it.

The next code:

// Get the Async state
SQLGetConnectAttr(hstmt, SQL_ATTR_ASYNC_ENABLE, &attrState, 0, NULL);
std::cout << "Async is set to: " << attrState << std::endl;
// Enable Async Operation - if ASYNC is not allowed, SQLSetStmtAttr
// will return an error
retcode = SQLSetStmtAttr (hstmt, SQL_ATTR_ASYNC_ENABLE,

Out of memory while reading tuples


Postgres 10.4 64bit on Windows
psqlODBC 10.03.0000
- Use Declare/Fetch is off
- Cache size is 10'000'000

Issuing a simple select statement with Microsoft Access gives me the following
ODBC error:

"Out of memory while reading tuples.; memory allocation error??? (#4)"

The statement returns 822701 rows (via JDBC), average row size is 100 bytes.

On <a href="" title=""></a> it says:
"Cache Size: When using cursors, this is the row size of the tuple cache. If not
using cursors, this is how many tuples to allocate memory for at any given time.

Problem compiling in mac os with unix odbc

Hi pgsql odbc folks,

I'm having problems compiling this code.

I installed unixodbc like this:

I'm running this to compile it

But I'm facing some errors, all similar to this one:


Could you help me out?
Do you know what I'm doing wr

SQLExecDirectW returns SQL_SUCCESS even if sql finishes with error


I have a problem in psqlODBC.

SQLExecDirectW() returns SQL_SUCCESS even if sql finishes with error when client_min_messages = fatal.
It works correctly when client_min_messages = error.

I think the cause is following.


while (self->pqconn && (pgres = PQgetResult(self->pqconn)) != NULL) // (1)
int status = PQresultStatus(pgres); // (2)

if (discardTheRest)
switch (status)
handle_pgres_error(self, pgres, "send_query", res, TRUE); // (3)

When cli

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