about pgsql odbc insertion efficiency is very low

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   I'm sorry email to you may you are in busy. When using PostgreSQL ODBC, I can't improve the speed of inserting into the database.  could you give me some guidance in using postgresql odbc driver.
  The details are as follows.When I use remote PostgreSQL ODBC to insert 10 million pieces of data from the client to the server, the speed is 130 minutes. I How can I improve my speed.
  This is a screenshot of my ODBC configuration.I used PostgreSQL ODBC version 11.01 X86 .
  Could you give me some suggestions to improve the insertion performance optimization. I will be very grateful   
                                                                                                                Looking forward to hearing from you



Re: about pgsql odbc insertion efficiency is very low

By Clemens Ladisch at 11/28/2019 - 03:37

HIT . man wrote:
Are you using a prepared statement?
How large are your transactions?

The fastest way to bulk load data is with COPY, which is not supported in ODBC.
To avoid network round trips, you could submit multi-row INSERT commands.