Compilation fails with XLC in AIX


I am compiling PostgreSQL ODBC driver 10.01.0000 in AIX using XLC compiler.
Compilation fails with the following error.

ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .getExeName
ld: 0711-345 Use the -bloadmap or -bnoquiet option to obtain more
Makefile:573: recipe for target '' failed
gmake[1]: *** [] Error 8
gmake[1]: Leaving directory
Makefile:479: recipe for target 'all' failed
gmake: *** [all] Error 2

getExeName is no more there after this commit "Move the implemetation of
GetExeName() from psqlodbc.c(psqlsetup.c) to mylog.c"

The commit missed out cleaning it from this path (in file psqlodbc.c)

+175 #else /* not
__GNUC__ */
+177 /* Shared library initialization on non-gcc systems. */
+178 BOOL
+179 _init(void)
+180 {
+181 getExeName();
+182 initialize_global_cs();
+183 return TRUE;
+184 }

Because of this , the compilation fails for non-gcc systems ( in this case
AIX with XLC ). I am attaching a patch here that will fix the issue.

(See attached file: Fix-build-for-non-gcc-systems.patch)

Ayappan P