configuration of psqlodbc and libpq

I have a question.

I built and installed PostgreSQL on my system from the source code from
<a href="" title=""></a> .
Moreover I built psqlodbc from the source code from
<a href="" title=""></a> .
So library is specified as a Driver in my unixODBC

But I have a problem. On the one hand all the PostgreSQL-related
libraries are located in /usr/lib directory. On the other hand libpq5 rpm
package is installed on my machine which locates its libraries in
/usr/lib64 directory. So when I try to establish an odbc connection I see
that psqlodbc uses the libraries from the /usr/lib64 directory. Not from
the correct one (/usr/lib in my case).

So I have a question. Is it possible to configure psqlodbc driver in a way
to use libpq from the specific libraries?
What should I do? Should I reconfigure psqlodbc, postgresql or unixODBC.

Thank you in advance ,