ODBC cliens is hanging if network connection is broken

Hello PostgreSQL Community!

I downloaded and installed the latest version of PostgreSQL from
<a href="" title=""></a> on my SLES 12 system.
Here is my configuration of unixODBC:

Description=PostgreSQL ODBC driver

Description = PostgreSQL connection to rtpdb
Driver = PostgreSQL
Database = rtpdb
Servername = sles12-1
Username =
Password =
Port = 5432
Protocol = 7.4+
ReadOnly = No
RowVersioning = No
ShowSystemTables = No
ConnSettings =

As a Driver in odbcinst.ini I specified the path to which was
downloaded from <a href="" title=""></a> and
built as follows:
make install

Could you please provide a comment concerning the following situation?

I created a simple ODBC program which calls "SELECT pg_is_in_recovery()"
on the remote PostgreSQL server using ODBC API. It works good with this
ODBC configuration. But as soon as I turn off network interface after
SQLConnect call and before SQLExecDirect, it leads to SQLExecDirect

I tried to use statement_timeout and idle_in_transaction_session_timeout
postgresql configuration parameters but they were not suitable for network
issue case. These parameters define server-side behaviour but a client
considers that the connection is ok and it is hanging.

As far as I know SQL_ATTR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT ODBC attribute could handle
this situation. Another ODBC driver for another database in case of
similar situation returns HYT01 ODBC error (Connection timeout expired) .
But I guess SQL_ATTR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT is not supported by psqlodbc. Am
I right?

PostgreSQL JDBC driver provides socketTimeout property which helps a
client to be informed about network problems and to avoid an infinite
In my tests it returned 08006 sqlstate (connection_failure ).

So I have a question. Is there any psqlodbc or native PostgreSQL mechanism
or configuration parameter which helps a client to be informed about
network problem?
Is there any mechanism which helps to avoid this infinite hanging for SQL
query in this case?

Thank You in advance,
Andrei Yahorau