Out of memory while reading tuples


Postgres 10.4 64bit on Windows
psqlODBC 10.03.0000
- Use Declare/Fetch is off
- Cache size is 10'000'000

Issuing a simple select statement with Microsoft Access gives me the following
ODBC error:

"Out of memory while reading tuples.; memory allocation error??? (#4)"

The statement returns 822701 rows (via JDBC), average row size is 100 bytes.

On <a href="" title=""></a> it says:
"Cache Size: When using cursors, this is the row size of the tuple cache. If not
using cursors, this is how many tuples to allocate memory for at any given time.
The default is 100 rows for either case."

Setting the field to the aforementioned 10'000'000 does not help. Is this value
ignored? Is there a maximum value for Cache size? How is the tuple size calculated?

Setting Use Declare/Fetch is not an option. Access can have severe problems with
this setting; an experience I don't want to repeat.

My plan B would be to select the data in several pieces, which would be much
more complicated in this particular case.

What else can I do?

Thanks and best regards
Markus Angst