Looking at the code for SQLGetInfo, where it returns data indicating the driver capabilities with respect to the ODBC SQL syntax, it looks like the implementation is lacking.

Specifically, calls to SQL_NUMERIC_FUNCTIONS, SQL_TIMEDATE_FUNCTIONS and SQL_SYSTEM_FUNCTIONS all return 0, even though the convert_escape function in convert.c indicates support for almost all ODBC scalar functions. Also, SQL_STRING_FUNCTIONS only returns a subset of the full string scalar capabilities, and SQL_LIKE_ESCAPE_CLAUSE is just flat-out wrong when it says that escaped LIKE clauses are not supported.

Am I missing something here? Is there some reason why these capabilities are not reported, or is just a not-finished-yet corner from long ago?

I have 'fixed' info.c myself, and validated that the correct values are returned and work as expected. I am happy to supply the modified file if you want to update the codebase.

Grant Shirreffs


Re: SQLGetInfo

By Inoue, Hiroshi at 05/16/2019 - 19:37

Hi Grant,

Thanks for the report.
I would take care of it.

Hiroshi Inoue

On 2019/05/15 13:03, Grant Shirreffs wrote: