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configure the file chooser

Hi, few question that I could not find an answer for via Google or
Stack Overflow, nor via the provided Gnome documentation.

Gsettings development

I went to this website
<a href="" title=""></a> to research
development with gsettings.  I am trying to change a a value in
gsettings (in this case "/org/gnome/desktop/sound/theme-name").  I am
pretty sure all I will need are the functions g_settings_get_value() and
g_settings_set_value().  I do not need to create any new keys, just
modify existing ones.  Please point me to any resources or give me any
short examples on how to do this. gobject/gparam.h deprecated warning after MinGW update to gcc 6.3


I don't know where this should be asked or directed, but within the past
week or so, MinGW update its gcc from 5.x to 6.3. As a result, when building
gtk apps on windows using the old binaries from:

<a href="" title=""></a>

gobject/gparam.h now generates warnings about using '1 << 31` not being a
integer value (and it isn't as it exceeds INT_MAX by 1).

critic for forwarding the gnome desktop.

Hi to all the gnome team.

I want simply notify that the nautilus option from the contextual menu
bug (It forget some files archiving) into Ubuntu 17.04 and the interface
is ugly not in design but you only get the choice between 3 different

Please Revert back to the gnome version from Ubuntu 16.04 for this.

Second the Header Bar button from the windows has only one single

switching between the 2 available.

That's wasting because compare to the 16.04 the headers bars was very
better manage.

If I criticize it's for a better gnome desktop, I use gnome

Critics for enhancing gnome.

Hi to all the gnome-dev and to all the member of this mailing list,

I want to emit some critics about gnome, for enhancing this wonderful

desktop, which will be the default desktop For Ubuntu next, Unity is out !

"All was OK in Gnome 3.18"

Then comes the problems as I update with the ppa gnome3-staging

1. The functionality for compressing a folder only propose 3 compressing

Before you get a combo box where you can choose from plenty of algorithms.


Too long text in qlabel crashes my gdm


I've noticed that the following script

from PyQt4.QtGui import QDialog, QVBoxLayout, QApplication, QLabel

import sys

class DateDialog(QDialog):
def __init__(self, parent = None):
super(DateDialog, self).__init__(parent)

layout = QVBoxLayout(self)
self.mlabel = QLabel(self)

def main():
app = QApplication(sys.argv)
w = DateDialog()

if __name__ == '__main__':

sticky notes applet from gnome-applets-3.18.2 on Ubuntu 16.04

Hi everybody,
I am coming to this list because I could not find any responses
elswhere; people on launchpad seem very slow on reacting, I have some
years old questions that didn't get any answer.
There is a problem that looks like a bug in the sticky notes applet from
gnome-applets-3.18.2-1 in Ubuntu 16.04: the notes are not being saved at
all, everything is lost after logout and login again.

I am ready to hack the sources if I need to.

I remember that in Ubuntu 14.04, the sticky notes applet preferences
allowed to select the file name where to save the notes; but there is no
such option in

Simple program to catch keyboard, mouse events.

Hi all.

I'm trying to write simple program to read events from usb keyboard and
usb mouse in such manner:

// I counted number of bytes per event by with command
// sudo cat /dev/input/mouse0 | od -c
gboolean cb_mouse(GIOChannel *source, GIOCondition condition, gpointer
gsize bytes_read;

g_io_channel_read_chars(source, ev, MOUSE_EVENT_SIZE, &bytes_read,
cout << "event1\n";

// Counted in the same manner as for mouse0
gboolean cb2(GIOChannel *source, GIOCondition conditio

pangocairo tutorial translated into Python

Hi all,

I translated the tutorial from page

<a href="" title=""></a>

into Python2. If anyone is interested, I've uploaded the translation
to my page:

<a href="http://" title="http://">http://</a>

As there are very few Python pangocairo examples available, there
might be interest in adding this to the gnome pages too.


vte: set_colors_rgba does not set alpha

bug 728675

This is half the work required for transparency support in

diff --git a/src/vte.c b/src/vte.c
index 8617b73..2e57a94 100644
--- a/src/vte.c
+++ b/src/vte.c
@@ -2928,6 +2928,7 @@ vte_terminal_set_colors_rgba(VteTerminal
pal, palette_size);
+ _vte_terminal_set_background_alpha(terminal, background->alpha);

g_free (pal);

memory leak in glib 2.32.4 ?

Hi All,

I am using glib with GValue, GPtrArray to communicate with dbus. I
have a big memory leak in my code. I am running an embedded target
with glib 2.32.4. I am currently trying to code some little binary to
detect the leak. I am not the author of the code so it is quite hard
for me to debug it.

So I have currently for example a little main which does not leak at
all on a desktop linux version (Fedora 17) which use the same glib
version( perhaps not exactly the same verson but major, minor and
macro number version seems to be the same.

small incompatible change in gtk-doc 1.20 wrt |[]| markdown


we discovered that change c4d09c7c95c45a1226e83f5ddd7d0f4ce2b1a1a9 which
has been release as part of gtk-doc 1.20 causes a regression for a use
that worked so far. The |[ ... ]| syntax is a shortcut for
<informalexample><programlisting> ...
</programlisting></informalexample>. Now this is automatically wrapped
as CDATA which is convenient as one does not need to use entities for
e.g. &. Unfortunately that breaks cases where one uses xi:inlcude to
embed the actual example. We fixed all the cases that we found in
modules part of the jhbuild gnome module set.

GNOME site loading slow

Note that this is the mailing list for GNOME development; it's not
better to report problems with GNOME infrastructure.

When trying to load you'll get an error message saying that
the site can't be displayed.

Detect when the user logs out, and save state?

I'm working on a small program that sits in the background and runs
several counters and timers:
<a href="" title=""></a>

When the user logs out, I want my application to save its current
state to a file, and then restore from that file when the user logs
back in.

GNOME Foundation: the former members!

Gergo Érdi has worked for gnomoku, radio-active, gnome-*, gnome-libs,
gnome-core, bonobo and panel-*. He lives in Singapore and his name
should have a double acute under o in the first name (be careful, some
of the blog posts have spam comments)!

Jaka Močnik has worked for gnome-libs, ghex and ggv (he has
contributed to ghex, ggv and godo). He lives in Slovenia.

The asterisk “*” is a known wildcard.

GNOME terminal resizing when focus lost

There's a pretty serious usability issue with GNOME terminal 3.6.1
that bites when sloppy focus is enabled.

When there are two of more tabs open and the window is resized, the
window size reverts when focus is lost.

The workaround I've been using is to select a different terminal tab,
then reset the previous one.

Searching yields nothing; if you guys haven't come
across it, what data is useful for me to log it?


The bunch of examples

I will keep this short! Not. I tried but failed! So please pick what
you are interested in. And don't take it personal. I can only apologize
for my own unfair and unpolite behaviour.

// nautilus - create empty file
Every file-browser does manage files, this includes the creation of
"empty files", not only "empty directories". This function was removed
with "3.6". Nautilus doens't fullfill the basic requirement of a
file-browser. This is wrong!
Instead users are forced to use the XDG-Directory "Templates" to create
a template for an empty file.

The problem of GNOME3 is not the GNOME Shell


Please don't take the following explanation as attack on you or your
work. What I want is helping you and GNOME!

The problem of GNOME3 is not the GNOME Shell, it is the constant removal
of features. To make this even more worse, the developers don't
communicate their plans and didn't react on well meant critic. Instead
the developers believe that the bloggers, the press or the users just
hate new things like the GNOME Shell[1].

GNOME 3.0 introduced a complete new user-interface and also some things
did't get ported from GNOME2.

Questions about GClosure

Hello everybody,

I've a few questions about how closures should be used. I'm writing a GLib wrapper for OpenCL, and I feel the need to use callbacks. I'll try to explain what I don't understand about closures.

g_cclosure_new takes a pointer to user data as argument. This is passed to the callback in its last argument. But then, when I call g_closure_invoke() I need to pass a GValue array containing the arguments to the callback, and I guess user_data is included here. I see this as a redundant action, so my guess is I've got something wrong. I hope you can clarify this a little bit for me.

Name for sanad is merged with the last name value.

Smart quotation marks become question marks with the mail provider,
for example last name’s value becomes last name?s value. You don’t
want your messages automatically rejected; although you’re not working
with GNOME. Read the Foundation Members page in GNOME and check if
sanad is merged with the last name value. You’re not developing for

Gnome-system-monitor - rounded graphs: a proof of concept


Recently, I have been hacking on the gnome-system-monitor code, to
implement some aesthetic changes, for things that have long bothered
me about GSM. the big change that i have been working on - adding
rounded corners to the graphs (rather than having rectangles that
don't even use the same background as the notebook bg color in many
cases (ie: you end up with notebook/graph colors not matching on many
themes + it just looks (imho) a bit ugly / unrefined).

How to prevent gnome-settings-daemon from touching keyboard configuration at all?


As you may know Gnome 3.6 got redesigned keyboard layout
I'm not going to blame its developers, but actually it's not usable at
all for those who speak at least
two languages and uses two layouts. Maybe english-only-speaking devs
did not notice that, but
it's major regression - one can't switch layout via key/key combo he used to.

But there's another issue - I can't configure it via xorg.conf or
startup script with setxkbmap - because
gnome-settings-daemon overrides keyboard layout settings.

glib gio usage of the library outside of GNOME


I'm curently working with the gio library. Especially with the
GVolumeMonitor. My problem ist, that the GVolumeMonitor doesn't seem to
work outside of GNOME (e.g. on a terminal only).

I created a test code:
GVolumeMonitor *vmon = g_volume_monitor_get();
GList *drives = g_volume_monitor_get_connected_drives(vmon);
printf("DRIVES: %p\n", drives);

Inside of GNOME I receive a valid entry for drives, outside nil.

Is there any special thing, e.g.

progressbar style classes

Hello everyone, is there a Style Class (or any other way for that
matters) I can assign to a GtkProgressBar so it becomes more thin than
the default height something around the 10px height??

Best regards


popup menu

hi everyone,

I'm looking to add a popup-menu to the frippery Bottom Panel extension.
I want to have right-click open up a popup-menu (similar to how it would
with menu panel items that are along the top of the screen).

However, I'm having trouble figuring out how to add a popup menu to
anything other than a PanelMenu object.

Does anyone know of a good way to do this? Or if it's possible?


control center display and tablets / rotating tablets


I am playing with a new Lenovo tablet, x220t, and I've come up against
what I think is a current gnome-control-center limitation, which I
would like to solve. Namely, when I rotate my main display, i.e.

regarding metacity/mutter theming

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a metacity/mutter theme and I want to use transparency
(If available) where can I find some documentation about it??

Best regards,


Bug 669292 - gam_server deadlocks


since gamin does not seem to be mantained, I'm asking whether someone
could have a look at bug [1] - there is a patch provided. The issue
described is rather annoying: occasionally all applications using
libgamin hang at start due to a deadlock in gam_server.


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

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