critic for forwarding the gnome desktop.

Hi to all the gnome team.

I want simply notify that the nautilus option from the contextual menu
bug (It forget some files archiving) into Ubuntu 17.04 and the interface
is ugly not in design but you only get the choice between 3 different

Please Revert back to the gnome version from Ubuntu 16.04 for this.

Second the Header Bar button from the windows has only one single

switching between the 2 available.

That's wasting because compare to the 16.04 the headers bars was very
better manage.

If I criticize it's for a better gnome desktop, I use gnome since my
GNU/Linux beginning.

Thanks to take my critics into account.

Best regards, mrcyberfighter.

P.S: For GNU/Linux mainly, it was a system designed from hackers for
hackers (in the right sens of the word ! Not criminals.).

So don't suck the ass of the lambda user too much to become a Winux...