Emergency downtime notice

Hi all,

We've just received notice that both disks in the server hosting
Phabricator, along with our Git and Subversion repositories have
failed their SMART self-assessment tests.

I have now requested replacement of one of those disks, and once the
array has been rebuilt will request the second be replaced.

To preserve our data in the meantime I have shutdown the container
hosting Phabricator/Git/Subversion, so they will be unavailable for
the next few hours.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

CMake 3.13.0-rc1 is ready for testing

I am proud to announce the first CMake 3.13 release candidate.
<a href="" title=""></a>

Documentation is available at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Release notes appear below and are also published at
<a href="" title=""></a>

Some of the more significant changes in CMake 3.13 are:

* The Visual Studio Generators for VS 2010 and above learned to
support the "INTERPROCEDURAL_OPTIMIZATION" target property and
supporting "CheckIPOSupported" module.

* The "Green Hills MULTI" generator has been updated to include
support for platform, architecture

kate and yaml


I have a problem using my favorite editor when editing ansible Yaml
files. When I hit Indent or shift indent it breaks the indentation
structure in the file.

Is it possible to add Ansible compatible indentation to kate? Or just
disable the "smart" part, so when I hit tab it does not try to be clever
and just adds 2 spaces and removes 2 for shift-tab

New: Garbage rerender after wake of open windows

<a href="" title=""></a>

Bug ID: 399458
Summary: Garbage rerender after wake of open windows
Product: kde-windows
Version: unspecified
Platform: Other
OS: Linux
Severity: normal
Priority: NOR
Component: general
Assignee: <a href="mailto:kde- ... at kde dot org">kde- ... at kde dot org</a>
Reporter: <a href="mailto:devguy. ... at gmail dot com">devguy. ... at gmail dot com</a>
Target Milestone: ---

Created attachment 115451
--> <a href=";action=edit" title=";action=edit">;action=edit</a>
view of vertical bars


After I wake

RKWard is in kdereview

Hi! has been our home for a almost four years, now (after over a
decade on sourceforge), but somehow I've kept procrastinating on the
final step: Today I'd like to ask you to start reviewing RKWard for
inclusion into exragear (coming from playground).

RKWard is an easy to use and easily extensible IDE/GUI for R (a
powerful language and environment for statistical computing, if you
did not know it, yet).

projects/kdereview/rkward: Move RKWard to KDE Review per their request.

Git commit 045ad2dee96281a9b2b97df31f3635f5e897fa05 by Ben Cooksley.
Committed on 05/10/2018 at 23:01.
Pushed by bcooksley into branch 'master'.

Move RKWard to KDE Review per their request.

Ref T9804

CCMAIL: <a href="mailto:kde-core- ... at kde dot org">kde-core- ... at kde dot org</a>

R +0 -0 projects/kdereview/rkward/i18n.json [from: projects/playground/edu/rkward/i18n.json - 100% similarity]
R +1 -1 projects/kdereview/rkward/metadata.yaml [from: projects/playground/edu/rkward/metadata.yaml - 091% similarity]

<a href="" title=""></a>

diff --git a/projects/playgroun

Google Code-in

Hello folks, we are still very low on mentors (only 11 have signed up so
far) and tasks: about 45 at last glance.

Please get with your teams and find some more mentors, and get creative
with some tasks. Assign writing some unit tests! Get some bug reports
tested! Help kids get your application installed in Windows, Mac or Linux!

Look at <a href="" title=""></a> for guidelines and ideas.

If you have not yet subscribed to KDE-Soc-Mentor ML please do that, and
then ask for an invite to the webapp, and put in your tasks!

KDE Applications on Android sprint

We're entertaining the idea of organising a sprint about Android
applications towards the end of November in València [1].

If you think you'd be interested in joining, please let me know and
add yourself to the kde-android mailing list [2].


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

CMake 3.12.3 available for download

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.12.3 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks for your support!

Brad King (8):
CTest: Fix --test-load regression
FindMPI: Restore MPI_<LANG>_COMPILE_FLAGS as a command-line string
FindDoxygen: Ensure policy settings allow use of IN_LIST
libarchive: Backport fix for build with LibreSSL 2.7
libuv: do not require PATH_MAX to be defined

New User: Help Requested in Setting up Development Environment

I recently took up a bug related to the "user-manager" program. After
following the steps in the getting started guide, I was able to
successfully compile and install the program. Running it was a different
story, I hit a segmentation-fault error when trying to run the program
through the konsole. After setting up QtCreator and trying to guess at the
executable path, it tells me that the program quit unexpectedly. I'm trying
to find a way around this so that I can resolve the bug. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

auto QString(Builder) considered VERY HARMFUL


Today I fixed the third or so crash in KDE software due to the following

const auto str = someString + anotherString;

What happens is that the type of str ends up being QStringBuilder
instead of QString. The QStringBuilder is destroyed after the semicolon,
and all access to "str" produces undefined behavior.
While I'm not a particularly big fan of using auto to hide variable
types anyway, this kind of usage is just wrong and must be avoided.
Please take care.


Plasma not starting after new build

<html><head></head><body><div style="font-family: Verdana;font-size: 12.0px;"><div>Hi there,</div>


<div>after successfully building and installing a new system with Qt 5.11.1, KF 5.49.0 and Plasma 5.13.0 I wanted to start plasma via startkde but I had no success at all. After trying over and over to reinstall ...

Proposal, Adopt .editorconfig in every project

Hello fellows.

In kde software we strive to be inclusive, that means that we don't enforce
a coding style in every new project, nor do we adapt to newer styles on old

plasma search in application launcher?


using recent KDE neon (18.04), I see two different "search" approaches
on the desktop:

There's the "plasma search" (triggered by alt+tab on my device) that
searches across a wide range of sources, including packages and running

And there's the "search" in the stock "application launcher" (start
symbol in the task bar) which apparently just searches applications

Is there any way to make the "search" in the "application launcher"
behave like the "plasma search"?

Thanks in advance,

Start menu and "running" application instances?


coming from GNOME and playing with KDE neon, I feel mostly home here
right now except for one thing I didn't manage to set up myself: Is
there a way to, in the applications start menu when searching for
Firefox or Konsole, not start a new instance / window of the application
but rather bring a running instance (if there is one) to front?

Thanks in advance and all the best,

Google Code-in

Hi everyone,

GCi is around the corner and it is high time that we formulate a good
amount of tasks with assigned mentors to look after them. We only have 15
mentors right now and it would be great if few others in the community
could chip in as well.

Almost around 13 hours to go until the org application period ends and we
would love to see more tasks and more mentors actively participating.

I see a good start on tasks at <a href="" title=""></a>.

KStars now available on MS Store

Hello everyone,

KStars is now available on the Microsoft Store:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks to everyone who made this release possible include the KDE Windows
team especially Hannah Van Reth who made this possible.

Let your friends and family members who use a Windows PC know about this
release! Submitting reviews and feedback for the app is greatly appreciated!

Fixing license header


I have put a slightly incorrect license header at top of files. It is supposed
to be LGPL v3 or later but contains a few errors and is not matching the one
currently found on FSF site.

I am not sure if it is necessary to ask explicit permissions from all
contributors or if I can fix it directly. What is your advice ?

Best regards

network connectivity with proxy


in Knights and in LabPlot I realized recently, while being in a corporate
network behind a proxy, that the connection to public internet servers is not
possible. E.g. in Khights the connection to the FICS-server is done like

QTcpSocket* socket = new QTcpSocket(this);
socket->connectToHost(address, port);

How to properly handle the proxy settings? Reading system settings (from the
environment?) and calling QTcpSocket::setProxy() or
QNetworkProxy::setApplicationProxy() somewhere in main.cpp doesn't sound to
me like the "standard way to do this".

CI System Reorganisation

Hi all,

As a followup to my earlier mail sent about 3 weeks ago, i've now
transitioned all builds on the CI system over to the folder layout
previously described.

Builds can now be found in folders following the following structure
on Jenkins:
<Product> / <Project / Repository>

For those with access to run DSL Scripts: Please do not run them.
While I have completed the necessary adaptions to them, I have yet to
test them and would like to have a full backup of the current state of
Jenkins before I proceed with doing so (due to the colossal number of
files and data involved, this takes quite

KDE Frameworks 5.50.0 released

08th September 2018. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.50.0.

KDE Frameworks are 79 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms.

Google Code-in

Hello folks, GCi is much earlier this year, so we need to gather tasks NOW.
The org application period is now open, and I see a good start on tasks on
<a href="" title=""></a>. However, they are all from GCompris!

Please look over their tasks and copy some for your own project!

Yes, this contest is quite a bit of work, however this year it will not run
through the Christmas holidays which should make life easier.

CMake 3.12.2 available for download

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.12.2 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks for your support!

Brad King (5):
Android: Add support for NDK r18
CheckIPOSupported: Simplify result reporting logic
CheckIPOSupported: Tolerate backslashes in output of failed checks
VS: Restore CMakeLists.txt references in each target
CMake 3.12.2

Craig Scott (2):

QxOrm 1.4.5 and QxEntityEditor 1.2.3 released : support MongoDB database and code source now on GitHub


*QxOrm library 1.4.5* and *QxEntityEditor application 1.2.3* just released
: <a href="" title=""></a>

*QxOrm library 1.4.5 changes log :*
* - Support MongoDB database : QxOrm library becomes a C++/Qt Object
Document Mapper ODM library !- For more details about MongoDB integration,
see QxOrm manual (<a href="" title=""></a>
<>) and new sample
project available in ./test/qxBlogMongoDB/ directory- QxOrm library is now
available on GitHub (official repository) : <a href="" title=""></a>

Which KIO job is suitable for batching?


By batching i mean send a bunch of data to the IO slave.
I hoped KIO::BatchRenameJob would be a start for me as the name does imply
batching, but doesn't seem to be doing just that. It's merely that you call
it with a list of url's which then sequentially get processed inside

disable akonadi


my favoured GUI is KDE. But since KMail et. al. is such a PITA I don't
use applikation which needs akonadi anymore.

How can I disable akonadi so that there is no restart at each new login?


KDE service for mounting storage resources

Hello! For some projects I'd need some kind of "service" being able to
mount resources like SMB shares, FTP, SFTP etc... I read about KIO a bit,
but I'd need something that can be passed also to non-KIO applications.
I read the code of smb4k and it seems to do exactly what I need: using
KAuth and mounting to some specific path. But this seems a bit tied to the
specific application and only supporting SMB.

akonadi / kmail / gmail

Recent versions of kmail / akonadi plays so badly with gmail that it is
extremely irritating and the practical solution for me is restarting akonadi
many times a day using akonadictl restart

This is really annoying not least because spams my desktop three times with
the following unwelcome message,

"We're sorry, No such method 'agentName' in Interface
'org.freeedesktop.Akonadi.AgentManager' at objewct path..."

and only after this message is dismissed three times I get any progress.

Unless someone knows a magic cure for this problem, and it has been
extensively reported in the akonadi

Search window location in new Konsole


since recently, konsole has moved the window to input search patterns from a bar at the bottom to a small window at the upper right. I find this very unpleasant from a usability point of view. Usually you are focused on the very bottom left of the terminal window, where the cursor is. Now, if you use the search, you have to shift your focus all the way up and right to the search bar.

Is there a way to move the search window somewhere else or retain the old behavior?


input devices mouse setting no longer being used.

I have plasma 5.13.2 on Fedora 28.

One of the recent updates broke honoring the mouse settings.
I use left-handed and reversed scroll settings.

Now when I log in I get right-handed and non-reversed scrolling.

If I use the control panel to

1. change from left to right
2. apply
3. change from right to left

Then I have left-handed and the reversed scrolling.

Is this a known problem?

Which display manager do you use?

Good afternoon from Singapore,

Which display manager do you use?


Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming's Academic Qualifications as at 30 Oct 2017

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

<>[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

<>[3] <a href="" title=""></a>


black screen and cursor, and nothing more


i'm making an attempt to switch from trinity desktop environment to
whatever version of plasma is installed when one installs kubuntu-desktop
in ubuntu 16.04. window manager is kwin.

when i select plasma at the login screen, all seems to go well but for the
appearance not of plasma but of a black screen with a mouse cursor. no
clicking of either button produces anything, and the only escape is
ant-f1, login, and rebooting from there.

i'd guess it's a tiny configuration issue, but i have no idea what it is.

Global menu in GTK applications does not work

Hi guys. I'm having a rather curious problem with KDE Neon that does not
happen to me in ArchLinux, for example. Applications like Firefox,
Thunderbird or LibreOffice show me the global menu, however, others like
GIMP or Inkscape do not. But, if I run GIMP or Inkscape in the terminal,
if they show the global menu ..

If I put the file .profile, .bash or .zshrc the command: export
GTK_MODULES = "appmenu-gtk-module" the variable is exported without
problems, but for more than restart, the same thing keeps happening to me.

Any idea what is happening?



Binary-Factory and download links


if we e.g. want to link to the lastest produced binary packages
from the binary factory for Kate (nightly and release), what is the right
way to do that?

Is there some place were the last sucessfull builds are kept
some days for public consumption? I assume one should not link the latest successful
build pages like

<a href="" title=""></a>

to the user, or?


New: Make gpgmepp available on MSVC build too

<a href="" title=""></a>

Bug ID: 397494
Summary: Make gpgmepp available on MSVC build too
Product: Craft
Version: unspecified
Platform: unspecified
OS: MS Windows
Severity: normal
Priority: NOR
Component: Blueprints
Assignee: <a href="mailto: ... at kde dot org"> ... at kde dot org</a>
Reporter: <a href="mailto:lukasz. ... at gmail dot com">lukasz. ... at gmail dot com</a>
CC: <a href="mailto:kde- ... at kde dot org">kde- ... at kde dot org</a>
Target Milestone: ---

Why is libgpgmepp.dll.a not available under MSVC?

Installing script under "libs/_

Waste of screen space

Hello list,

Since the most recent upgrade of kde-frameworks on this Gentoo box, I get
huge icons in the Details lists of Dolphin and Konqueror-as-file-manager.
Example attached.

Is there any way to restore the icons to single-line height?

Feasibility of KDE application


I'm contemplating building an export tool for Plasma 5 configurations based
on config files on an existing system - from what I can gather mainly
located in ~/.config, ~/share and the likes.

Upcoming reorganisation of the CI system

Hi all,

Currently CI jobs are all created within a flat namespace, meaning
that it is quite difficult to view the overall status of an individual
project. Additionally, it creates the issue that the main default view
can take a significant amount of time to load.

To resolve this we intend to shift everything within Folders in

KDE 5 Plasma

Hello All,

I am unable to access https websites with KDE 5 Plasma. I know it's a
KDE issue because konqueror/firefox won't let me access these websites
as well. Is this a bug?


Port Kppp to Qt5


I want to know if port Kppp to Qt5 is useful or the functionality are integrated in plasma-nm.


Submitting a patch to KInfoCenter


I have submitted a small patch for KInfoCenter. I have put it in
Phabricator as explained in the documentation. The entry is this :

<a href="" title=""></a>

I'd like to know if my entry in Phabricator is correctly filled, esp. the
"reviewers" because I have no idea of who should review my code. I've
checked what looks like the github repo ( <a href="" title=""></a> )
and found some names matching with Phabricato's suggestions but I'm not sure...

I'd also like to know if I still have some other administrative things to
do or if it's just a matter of waiting...

KDE Frameworks 5.49.0 released

11th August 2018. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.49.0.

KDE Frameworks are 78 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms.

CMake 3.12.1 available for download

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.12.1 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks for your support!

Brad King (8):
CSharp: Set CMAKE_CSharp_COMPILER_LOADED variable when language is enabled
UseSWIG: Use CSharp language only if it is enabled
Help: Add explicit <PackageName>_ROOT variable documentation
Tests: Add case showing CMP0048 warning on injected project command

Kdiff3 in kdereview

Kdiff3 has moved to review in preparation for possible release testing. I
am currently working towards having auto testing but the code needs major
refactoring to make this possible. Specifically it is not well modularized.
The purpose of this review is to get feedback on issues that need to be
addressed before moving out of playground.

Contribute to KDE - Digikam


I am Jameer studying third year Computer Science and Engineering. I am very
much attracted to KDE especially digikam. I am an open source enthusiast
and would like to contribute. Please let me know how to start making
contributions, how to set up the environment and other details required for

CI results for kxmlgui

Why is there no output from kxmlgui_unittest in
<a href="" title=""></a>

Submitting a distribution to wiki page

Hello and sorry if this might be considered off-topic in this list,

I've been looking at the page <a href="" title=""></a> for a
link to ask about adding a kde-based distribution to the current list.

The openmamba distribution I work on is a KDE based distro since a long time
and while working on updating Plasma packages to 5.13.4 I've been thinking it
could be worth to be added to that list.

KDE and Conan

Hello world,

As mentioned in <a href="" title=""></a> I have some
experience with Conan and CMake and I'd like to give back to the KDE

For this I've reserved some time at Akademy as a BoF on *Monday 13 August,
Room 121 from 10:30 till 12:30* for a Conan workshop/discussion. The room
is currently free for the rest of the day, so we could extend if necessary.

If anyone is interested, please join.

<a href="" title=""></a>


new brain on team

Hello KDE team
I have get your email from Ben Cooksley. I just started and I want to get
involved in some projects. Could you find someting for me? I would like to
improve my skills with qt and c++. I'm not a proffesional programmer, but
also not a beginner.
Thanks for your time.

vnc client keyboard mapping


I don't manage to have my local client keyboard mapping when I connect
to vnc server (x11vnc) in a kde plasma system.

Are there some settings needed in order to make it recognized ?

Is it supported in KDE plasma (that works fine in other systems.)



Trouble with Desktop-Icons


I have peeving trouble with my Desktop-Icons. Every now and then the order after a login
is lost and the Icons are unsortet on the Desktop.

I use openSUSE Leap 42.3 Plasma and the Oxygen Theme. This is not acceptable
and scares every new user who uses KDE on Linux.

To reconstruct the icons I copy a saved version from .config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc
and login again. But this does not fix the problem until the next login.

What can be done to fix this and whar other files are involved to store the order of this icons?

This is all very annyoing!

Kind regards


Please help in Etherpad: KDE Applications 18.08 new features

Dear KDE developers,

the KDE Application 18.08 release is nearing, and we need your help to
summarize its new features for the official announcement text.

Please fill <a href="" title=""></a> as
soon as possible to give our translators and promotion team some days to
finalize the announcement text.

<a href="" title=""></a> for related discussion.


KGlobalAccel is only Plasma centric?

Hello everyone,

in case someone can answer, there is a user that reported Latte Dock global
shortcuts arent working at alternative environments e.g. Gnome, Budgie

the bug report is at: <a href="" title=""></a>

Latte supports global shortcuts through KGlobalAccel,
do you know if that framework is only Plasma centric?


Not building the latest KDE on Debian Stable


Trying to build KDE on Debian Stable. I'm stuck on these difficulties :

* I had to build Qt5 myself ('cos Debian's is outdated). Which Qt5 version should I use ? I used :

git clone git://
cd qt5
git checkout 5.9
perl init-repository
./configure --prefix=/mnt/data2/kde/qt5git -opensource -release -nomake tests -nomake examples -confirm-license -no-gtk -dbus -no-separate-debug-info -xcb -system-xcb -qpa xcb -release -force-debug-info -reduce-relocations -optimized-qmake -no-gstreamer
make install

Is it correct ?

New: Cannot load any of the sample puzzles

<a href="" title=""></a>

Bug ID: 396804
Summary: Cannot load any of the sample puzzles
Product: kde-windows
Version: unspecified
Platform: MS Windows
OS: MS Windows
Severity: major
Priority: NOR
Component: other
Assignee: <a href="mailto:kde- ... at kde dot org">kde- ... at kde dot org</a>
Reporter: <a href="mailto: ... at gmail dot com"> ... at gmail dot com</a>
Target Milestone: ---

I have KDE Palapeli sample puzzles nor create a new one. I had this same
problem many years ago on XP and reported it.

Build error for boost-regex on Mac

Hi Hannah and KDE windows,

I’m getting this build error when I try to install boost-regex using the standard blueprints in craft on Mac,

fatal error: 'cstddef' file not found"
/Users/rlancaste/AstroRoot/kstars-craft/bin/bjam: b'# include <cstddef>'
/Users/rlancaste/AstroRoot/kstars-craft/bin/bjam: b' ^~~~~~~~~'
/Users/rlancaste/AstroRoot/kstars-craft/bin/bjam: b'1 error generated.'

I’m fairly sure that this file is already on my system, so I think it is a linking or blueprint error with craft.

Any ideas,



CMake 3.12.0 available for download

I am happy to announce that CMake 3.12.0 is now available for download at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Documentation is available at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Release notes appear below and are also published at
<a href="" title=""></a>

Some of the more significant changes in CMake 3.12 are:

* The "target_link_libraries()" command now supports Object

PSA: KDE CI: How-To for stable branch switches being picked up

Hi KDE project maintainers,

tl;dr <a href="" title=""></a>
now tells how to make sure KDE CI picks up your new "stable" branch

Some days ago I found that a few products on KDE CI in the "Extragear" section
had not seen builds of their stable branches for some months (I remember at
least Krita & Kexi), despite being under good development.

Reason was that for those products a needed step had not been done after the
"stable" branches were switched to new ones:
manually triggering an initial build with the new branch
(needed with current CI

how to debug kscreen?

When filing bugs related to kscreen, we are told to add information
according to this guide:
<a href="" title=""></a>

It starts with this instruction:

Create a script with the following content:

export QT_MESSAGE_PATTERN="[%{time hh::mm:s.zzz}] %{function}: %{message}"

It also includes editing ~/.config/QtProject/qtlogging.ini

So far, those steps are clear to me.

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