Announcement: qt-kde repo has been removed

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you all know that the qt-kde git repository has been
removed due to having not been updated in forever. In exchange, it has been
migrated to be a mirror of the base Nokia Qt repository available from (available as 'qt' i.e. git://

As a reminder for those who don't know, Nokia's Qt repository is only being
actively maintained in the 4.8 branch (i.e., don't bother using master). My
understanding is that the "Qt" repository itself is getting split up into an
even more modular configuration as part of the work leading up to Qt 5, so the
4.8 work is pretty much the last hurrah for that repo.

If you're using kdesrc-build then unfortunately the module used to build Qt
itself must still be named qt-copy. You should replace references to qt-kde
with just plain qt or (less recommended) use Nokia's gitorious repo.


module qt-copy
repository git://
# or kde:qt if you've got the prefix setup...

configure-flags ...
end module

- Michael Pyne