AppStream metadata for everyone!

Hi there!
Now that we got translations for AppStream upstream metadata working
(see [1] for an example),
the next step is to write metadata for KDE projects.
I already started with that, partially auto-generating AppStream data
from our project metadata service (which unfortunately need manual
I initially thought to send every new metadata through Reviewboard, in
order to make it visible for the maintainers, who might want to change
the project's description.
However, for 160+ files just for KDE applications, without counting
the frameworks now (which need more love), this simply does not scale
at all.

Therefore, I would like to ask for feedback on the following proposal:
* We announce the availability of the new metadata somewhere, so that
the individual maintainers know that the data is coming, and that they
may want to take a look at it when it landed in their Git master
* I simply go ahead and commit the files to the respective repos.
Since it's just data, it shouldn't break anything.
* Others adjust the initially commited files as they wish. There is a
quick reference at [2], for those who want to add more data or change
* I'll help with any questions regarding that, of course ;-)

Would something like that be okay?

[1]: <a href="" title=""></a>
[2]: <a href="" title=""></a>