Dependency Freeze for 4.11 in 4 days

Dependency freeze for 4.11 releases is in 4 days (May 29th), please be
sure you update all the needed dependencies before that date.

Notorious dependencies we might want to discuss:
* kde-runtime depends on kdelibs 4.10.0 (4.9.95)
* kde-baseapps depends on kdelibs 4.10.2
* kde-workspace depends on kdelibs 4.9.4



Re: Dependency Freeze for 4.11 in 4 days

By Vishesh Handa at 05/29/2013 - 18:23

Hey Albert

Soprano usually has an exception to this rule, just like Akonadi. Can/Does
this exception extend to the Shared Desktop Ontologies as well?

Re: Dependency Freeze for 4.11 in 4 days

By Albert Astals Cid at 05/29/2013 - 18:36

El Dijous, 30 de maig de 2013, a les 03:53:00, Vishesh Handa va escriure:
Sincerely, i'd like to have less exceptions not more, in my opinion we
shouldn't give soprano nor akonadi that exception either, it just goes to
increase the false impresion that those are "kdelibs-only software".

Besides as a regular user having our latest releases depend on bleeding edge
soprano, akonadi and SDO is a pain, I don't want to be forced to build a new
soprano to build kdelibs or nepomuk.

That coupling we have in that area worries me a bit, are APIs and/or behaviour
changing that much in those libraries that we absolutely need to use a library
released the same day to make sure it works?

We have an Okular that builds against poppler 0.12 and up, that's 6 major
versions, obviously you don't get all the new features if you use an old
poppler, but stuff still works.

Of course this is a rant, your question can only be answer with a "sure, why
not", since you obviously realized that you totally need something that's not
there on old SDO and you don't have a release yet.


Re: Dependency Freeze for 4.11 in 4 days

By Vishesh Handa at 05/30/2013 - 05:09

Well, for SDO, the same day is not required, but I need to fix some more
bugs and then release a new version.

We have an Okular that builds against poppler 0.12 and up, that's 6 major
If it makes you feel any better, I will most probably be dropping Soprano
for frameworks5. So, that'll be only less dependency.

I might even be able to drop the whole redland dependency in Nepomuk soon.


Re: Dependency Freeze for 4.11 in 4 days

By Ian Wadham at 05/30/2013 - 03:34

On 30/05/2013, at 8:36 AM, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
I agree entirely, Albert. For many years now, as an app developer, I have
struggled through build after build of SDO, Soprano and a long list of
dependencies that come after *them*, just to get the latest kdelibs with
which to build my apps.

Rant away, I applaud. From my POV you are merely criticising poor design.

Nowadays I am on Apple. Life is much quieter and I can save a lot of time
on builds. OTOH, the Macports developers, who put Qt and kdelibs together
for me and othere users of Open Source, complain loud and often about the
problems KDE poses. Words like "heap of s---" have been known to be used.
This does no credit to KDE's image.

It is ridiculous that a tiny standalone KDE app requires all this heavy iron
before it will run, not because it is using any of it, but because building
kdelibs drags it all in: Rasqal, Raptor, Rasputin, you name it … :-)

It makes KDE software onerous to install on Apple (and maybe Windows too),
so Open Source users on Apple tend to avoid KDE software if they can.

All the best, Ian W.