Elisa is in kdereview


Elisa is now in kdereview and aiming for extragear/multimedia.

It is a music player from a design from Andrew Lake.
It is using Qt multimedia for playback and a few KDE frameworks. Its UI is
using Qml.

Its aim is to be simple to use and hopefully in the future powerfull when

It should be usable without needing online services but will use them in the

A few integration bits are missing with respect to Baloo before I can do a
release. Currently music can only be read if in its database that can be filled
by Baloo or a custom file indexer if Baloo is not there.

A broken and experimental support for UPnP DLNA exists and depends on an
external library not yet in KDE.

If the review succeed, I would like to have CI support for Elisa.

Thanks in advance for any review as this my first "real" project with Qml and

Best regards