hedging out bets: Frameworks and Qt5

hi all..

there have been a number of people who have expressed concern about us
starting work post-4.7 on Frameworks (the next BIC version of
kdelibs+runtime+etc) and Qt5 not being ready yet, openGov not proven, etc.

despite our best intentions, as we can't see the future, these concerns are
valid and need addressing. we discussed this at Platform 11, in fact, and the
decision to start development of Frameworks on Qt4 is no accident.

in case of an indefinite Qt5 delay, "plan b" is to continue making releases of
the 4.x versions workspaces and apps. getting Frameworks things done first
without pulling the entire codebase into that particular development cycle
allows us to continue to develop and release our various applications without

that is how we hedge our bets.

given the development goals of Qt5 and how poorly "wait for the next version
of Qt" to arrive worked out for us last time (in no small part because it was
an all-or-nothing adventure of libs+desktop+apps), getting library work
started now is, we feel, wise.

note that we have a lot of library work to do before Qt5 comes out that does
not depend on Qt5 at all (in particular, the modularization). Qt5 (or the dev
branch for it) will not be a dependency for Frameworks until it's a valid
target, as determined by us. so if Qt5 were to get really screwed up, we still
have our work in Frameworks based on Qt4 that is all valuable, valid and
releasable and app development will not have been held up.

i hope that helps answer some of the questions that are floating out there :)