How to type special characters (!,@,#,$,%, etc etc) in KDE "Send Keyboard Input" shortcuts?


I was told to 'ask the devs' on this -- not clear to me which/where. Hoping I can get a quick answer, and get back to user lists. I've searched the wen, forums, mailing lists, etc. If the answer's there, I've not found it.

I'm running plasma5+kf5* etc from git-latest, using Opensuse pkgs. E.g.,


In KDE's SystemSetttings' -> Keyboard Shortcuts, I want to create a "Send Keyboard Input" custom shortcut that'll type text into an active window.

I can easily create actions to type lower- and upper-case letters.

I've been UNable to type any special characters; For example, an exclamation-point.

I've tried "Shift+1", "Alt+Shift+1", "AltGr+Shift+1" -- none of those work.

what Action string do I use? What's the syntax? Better yet, are there any DOCS?

Thanks for _any_ help.