KDE Frameworks 5.13.0 released

12th August 2015. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.13.0.

KDE Frameworks are 60 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the·
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.

New frameworks

KFileMetadata: file metadata and extraction library
Baloo: file indexing and searching framework

Changes affecting all frameworks

The Qt version requirement has been bumped from 5.2 to 5.3
Debug output has been ported to categorized output, for less noise by default
Docbook documentation has been reviewed and updated

Framework Integration

Fix crash in directories-only file dialog
Don't rely on options()->initialDirectory() for Qt < 5.4

KDE Doxygen Tools

Add man pages for kapidox scripts and update maintainer info in


KBookmarkManager: use KDirWatch instead of QFileSystemWatcher to detect user-places.xbel being created.


HiDPI fixes for KLineEdit/KComboBox
KLineEdit: Don't let the user delete text when the lineedit is readonly


Don't recommend to use deprecated API
Don't generate deprecated code


Add Kdelibs4Migration::kdeHome() for cases not covered by resources
Fix tr() warning
Fix KCoreAddons build on Clang+ARM


KDBusService: document how to raise the active window, in Activate()


Fix deprecated KRun::run call
Same behavior of MouseArea to map coords of filtered child events
Detect initial face icon being created
Don't refresh the entire window when we render the plotter (bug 348385)
add the userPaths context property
Don't choke on empty QIconItem

KDELibs 4 Support

kconfig_compiler_kf5 moved to libexec, use kreadconfig5 instead for the findExe test
Document the (suboptimal) replacements for KApplication::disableSessionManagement


change sentence about reporting bugs, ack'ed by dfaure
adapt german user.entities to en/user.entities
Update general.entities: change markup for frameworks + plasma from application to productname
Update en/user.entities
Update book and man page templates
Use CMAKE_MODULE_PATH in cmake_install.cmake
BUG: 350799 (bug 350799)
Update general.entities
Search for required perl modules.
Namespace a helper macro in the installed macros file.
Adapted key name tranlations to standard tranlations provided by Termcat


Install Breeze theme
Kemoticons: make Breeze emotions standard instead of Glass
Breeze emoticon pack made by Uri Herrera


Let KHtml be useable w/o searching for private deps


Remove temporary string allocations.
Remove Theme tree debug entry


Private headers for platform plugins get installed.


Kill unneeded QUrl wrappers


New proxy: KExtraColumnsProxyModel, allows to add columns to an existing model.


Fix the starting Y position for fallback popups
Reduce dependencies and move to Tier 2
catch unknown notification entries (nullptr deref) (bug 348414)
Remove pretty much useless warning message

Package Framework

make the subtitles, subtitles ;)
kpackagetool: Fix output of non-latin text to stdout


Add AllPhoneNumbersProperty
PersonsSortFilterProxyModel now available for usage in QML


krosscore: Install CamelCase header "KrossConfig"
Fix Python2 tests to run with PyQt5


Fix kbuildsycoca --global
KToolInvocation::invokeMailer: fix attachment when we have multi attachement


guard default log level for Qt < 5.4.0, fix log cat name
add hl for Xonotic (bug 342265)
add Groovy HL (bug 329320)
update J highlighting (bug 346386)
Make compile with MSVC2015
less iconloader use, fix more pixelated icons
enable/disable find all button on pattern changes
Improved search & replace bar
remove useless ruler from powermode
more slim search bar
vi: Fix misreading of markType01 flag
Use correct qualification to call base method.
Remove checks, QMetaObject::invokeMethod guards itself against that already.
fix HiDPI issues with color pickers
Cleanup coe: QMetaObject::invokeMethod is nullptr safe.
more comments
change the way the interfaces are null safe
only output warnings and above per default
remove todos from the past
Use QVarLengthArray to save the temporary QVector iteration.
Move the hack to indent group labels to construction time.
Fixup some serious issues with the KateCompletionModel in tree mode.
Fix broken model design, which relied on Qt 4 behavior.
obey umask rules when saving new file (bug 343158)
add meson HL
As Varnish 4.x introduces various syntax changes compared to Varnish 3.x, I wrote additional, separate syntax highlighting files for Varnish 4 (varnish4.xml, varnishtest4.xml).
fix HiDPI issues
vimode: don't crash if the <c-e> command gets executed in the end of a document. (bug 350299)
Support QML multi-line strings.
fix syntax of oors.xml
add CartoCSS hl by Lukas Sommer (bug 340756)
fix floating point HL, use the inbuilt Float like in C (bug 348843)
split directions did got reversed (bug 348845)
Bug 348317 - [PATCH] Katepart syntax highlighting should recognize \u0123 style escapes for JavaScript (bug 348317)
add *.cljs (bug 349844)
Update the GLSL highlighting file.
fixed default colors to be more distinguishable


Delete old highlighter

KWallet Framework

Fix Windows build
Print a warning with error code when opening the wallet by PAM fails
Return the backend error code rather than -1 when opening a wallet failed
Make the backend's "unknown cipher" a negative return code
Watch for PAM_KWALLET5_LOGIN for KWallet5
Fix crash when MigrationAgent::isEmptyOldWallet() check fails
KWallet can now be unlocked by PAM using kwallet-pam module


New API taking QIcon parameters to set the icons in the tab bar
KCharSelect: Fix unicode category and use boundingRect for width calculation
KCharSelect: fix cell width to fit contents
KMultiTabBar margins now are ok on HiDPI screens
KRuler: deprecate unimplemented KRuler::setFrameStyle(), clean up comments
KEditListWidget: remove margin, so it aligns better with other widgets


Harden NETWM data reading (bug 350173)
guard for older Qt versions like in kio-http
Private headers for platform plugins are installed.
Platform specific parts loaded as plugins.


Fix method behavior KShortcutsEditorPrivate::importConfiguration

Plasma Framework

Using a pinch gesture one can now switch between the different zoom levels of the calenda
comment about code duplication in icondialog
Slider groove color was hardcoded, modified to use color scheme
Use QBENCHMARK instead of a hard requirement on the machine's performance
Calendar navigation has been significantly improved, providing a year and decade overview
PlasmaCore.Dialog now has an 'opacity' property
Make some space for the radio button
Don't show the circular background if there's a menu
Add X-Plasma-NotificationAreaCategory definition
Set notifications and osd to show on all desktops
Print useful warning when we can not get valid KPluginInfo
Fix potential endless recursion in PlatformStatus::findLookAndFeelPackage()
Rename software-updates.svgz to software.svgz


Add in CMake bits to enable building of Voikko plugin.
Implement Sonnet::Client factory for Voikko spell chekers.
Implement Voikko based spell checker (Sonnet::SpellerPlugin)

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