KDE Frameworks 5.15.0 released

10th October 2015. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.15.0.

KDE Frameworks are 60 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the·
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


Fix limit/offset handling in SearchStore::exec
Recreate the baloo index
balooctl config: add options to set/view onlyBasicIndexing
Port balooctl check to work with new architecture (bug 353011)
FileContentIndexer: fix emitting filePath twice
UnindexedFileIterator: mtime is quint32 not quint64
Transaction: fix another Dbi typo
Transaction: Fix documentMTime() and documentCTime() using wrong Dbis.
Transaction::checkPostingDbInTermsDb: Optimize code
Fix dbus warnings
Balooctl: Add checkDb command
balooctl config: Add "exclude filter"
KF5Baloo: Make sure D-Bus interfaces are generated before they are used. (bug 353308)
Avoid using QByteArray::fromRawData
Remove baloo-monitor from baloo
TagListJob: Emit error when failed to open database
Do not ignore subterms if not found
Cleaner code for failing Baloo::File::load() on DB open fail.
Make balooctl use IndexerConfig instead of manipulating baloofilerc directly
Improve i18n for balooshow
Make balooshow fail gracefully if database cannot be opened.
Fail Baloo::File::load() if the Database is not open. (bug 353049)
IndexerConfig: add refresh() method
inotify: Do not simulate a closedWrite event after move without cookie
ExtractorProcess: Remove the extra \n at the end of the filePath
baloo_file_extractor: call QProcess::close before destroying the QProcess
baloomonitorplugin/balooctl: i18nize indexer state.
BalooCtl: Add a 'config' option
Make baloosearch more presentable
Remove empty EventMonitor files
BalooShow: Show more information when the ids do not match
BalooShow: When called with an id check if the id is correct
Add a FileInfo class
Add error checking in various bits so that Baloo doesn't crash when disabled. (bug 352454)
Fix Baloo not respecting "basic indexing only" config option
Monitor: Fetch remaining time on startup
Use actual method calls in MainAdaptor instead of QMetaObject::invokeMethod
Add org.kde.baloo interface to root object for backward compatibility
Fix date string displayed in address bar due to porting to QDate
Add delay after each file instead of each batch
Remove Qt::Widgets dependency from baloo_file
Remove unused code from baloo_file_extractor
Add baloo monitor or experimental qml plugin
Make "querying for remaining time" thread safe
kioslaves: Add missing override for virtual functions
Extractor: Set the applicationData after constructing the app
Query: Implement support for 'offset'
Balooctl: Add --version and --help (bug 351645)
Remove KAuth support to increase max inotify watches if count too low (bug 351602)


Fix fakebluez crash in obexmanagertest with ASAN
Forward declare all exported classes in types.h
ObexTransfer: Set error when transfer session is removed
Utils: Hold pointers to managers instances
ObexTransfer: Set error when org.bluez.obex crashes

Extra CMake Modules

Update GTK icon cache when installing icons.
Remove workaround to delay execution on Android
ECMEnableSanitizers: The undefined sanitizer is supported by gcc 4.9
Disable X11,XCB etc. detection on OS X
Look for the files in the installed prefix rather the prefix path
Use Qt5 to specify what's Qt5 installation prefix
Add definition ANDROID as needed in qsystemdetection.h.

Framework Integration

Fix random file dialog not showing up problem. (bug 350758)


Using a custom matching function instead of sqlite's glob. (bug 352574)
Fixed problem with adding a new resource to the model


Fix crash in UnicodeGroupProber::HandleData with short strings


Mark kconfig-compiler as non-gui tool


KShell::splitArgs: only ASCII space is a separator, not unicode space U+3000 (bug 345140)
KDirWatch: fix crash when a global static destructor uses KDirWatch::self() (bug 353080)
Fix crash when KDirWatch is used in Q_GLOBAL_STATIC.
KDirWatch: fix thread safety
Clarify how to set KAboutData constructor arguments.


KCrash: pass cwd to kdeinit when auto-restarting the app via kdeinit. (bug 337760)
Add KCrash::initialize() so that apps and the platform plugin can explicitly enable KCrash.
Disable ASAN if enabled


Small improvements in ColumnProxyModel
Make it possible for applications to know path to homeDir
move EventForge from the desktop containment
Provide enabled property for QIconItem.


kded: simplify logic around sycoca; just call ensureCacheValid.

KDELibs 4 Support

Call newInstance from the child on first invocation
Use kdewin defines.
Don't try to find X11 on WIN32
cmake: Fix taglib version check in FindTaglib.cmake.


Qt moc can't handle macros (QT_VERSION_CHECK)


kWarning -> qWarning


implement windows usermetadata

KDE GUI Addons

Not looking for X11/XCB makes sense also for WIN32


Replace std::auto_ptr with std::unique_ptr
khtml-filter: Discard rules containing special adblock features that we do not handle yet.
khtml-filter: Code reorder, no functional changes.
khtml-filter: Ignore regexp with options as we do not support them.
khtml-filter: Fix detection of adblock options delimiter.
khtml-filter: Clean up from trailing white spaces.
khtml-filter: Do not discard lines starting with '&' as it is not a special adblock char.


remove strict iterators for msvc to make ki18n build


KFileWidget: parent argument should default to 0 like in all widgets.
Make sure the size of the byte array we just dumped into the struct is big enough before calculating the targetInfo, otherwise we're accessing memory that doesn't belong to us
Fix Qurl usage when calling QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory()
Refresh Solid's device list before querying in kio_trash
Allow trash: in addition to trash:/ as url for listDir (calls listRoot) (bug 353181)
KProtocolManager: fix deadlock when using EnvVarProxy. (bug 350890)
Don't try to find X11 on WIN32
KBuildSycocaProgressDialog: use Qt's builtin busy indicator. (bug 158672)
KBuildSycocaProgressDialog: run kbuildsycoca5 with QProcess.
KPropertiesDialog: fix for ~/.local being a symlink, compare canonical paths
Add support for network shares in kio_trash (bug 177023)
Connect to the signals of QDialogButtonBox, not QDialog (bug 352770)
Cookies KCM: update DBus names for kded5
Use JSON files directly instead of kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json()


Don't send notification update signal twice
Reparse notification config only when it changed
Don't try to find X11 on WIN32


Change method for loading defaults
Send the appname whose config was updated along with the DBus signal
Add method to revert kconfigwidget to defaults
Don't sync the config n times when saving


Use largest timestamp in subdirectory as resource directory timestamp.
KSycoca: store mtime for every source dir, to detect changes. (bug 353036)
KServiceTypeProfile: remove unnecessary factory creation. (bug 353360)
Simplify and speed up KServiceTest::initTestCase.
make install name of file a cached cmake variable
KSycoca: ensureCacheValid() should create the db if it doesn't exist
KSycoca: make global database work after the recent timestamp check code
KSycoca: change DB filename to include language and sha1 of the dirs it's built from.
KSycoca: make ensureCacheValid() part of the public API.
KSycoca: add a q pointer to remove more singleton usage
KSycoca: remove all self() methods for factories, store them in KSycoca instead.
KBuildSycoca: remove writing of the ksycoca5stamp file.
KBuildSycoca: use qCWarning rather than fprintf(stderr, ...) or qWarning
KSycoca: rebuild ksycoca in process rather than executing kbuildsycoca5
KSycoca: move all of the kbuildsycoca code into the lib, except for main().
KSycoca optimization: only watch the file if the app connects to databaseChanged()
Fix memory leaks in the KBuildSycoca class
KSycoca: replace DBus notification with file watching using KDirWatch.
kbuildsycoca: deprecate option --nosignal.
KBuildSycoca: replace dbus-based locking with a lock file.
Do not crash when encountering invalid plugin info.
Rename headers to _p.h in preparation for move to kservice library.
Move checkGlobalHeader() within KBuildSycoca::recreate().
Remove code for --checkstamps and --nocheckfiles.


validate more regexp
fix regexps in HL files (bug 352662)
sync ocaml HL with state of <a href="" title=""></a> before google code is down, some small bugfixes
add word-break (bug 352258)
validate line before calling folding stuff (bug 339894)
Fix Kate word count issues by listening to DocumentPrivate instead of Document (bug 353258)
Update Kconfig syntax highlighting: add new operators from Linux 4.2
sync w/ KDE/4.14 kate branch
minimap: Fix scrollbar handle not being drawn with scrollmarks off. (bug 352641)
syntax: Add git-user option for kdesrc-buildrc

KWallet Framework

No longer automatically close on last use


Fix warning C4138 (MSVC): '*/' found outside of comment


Perform deep copy of QByteArray get_stringlist_reply
Allow interacting with multiple X servers in the NETWM classes.
[xcb] Consider mods in KKeyServer as initialized on platform != x11
Change KKeyserver (x11) to categorized logging


Make it possible to import/export shortcut schemes symmetrically


Fix introspections, LastSeen should be in AccessPoint and not in ActiveConnection

Plasma Framework

Make tooltip dialog hidden on the cursor entering the inactive ToolTipArea
if the desktop file has Icon=/foo.svgz use that file from package
add a "screenshot" file type in packages
consider devicepixelration in standalone scrollbar
no hover effect on touchscreen+mobile
Use lineedit svg margins in sizeHint calculation
Don't fade animate icon in plasma tooltips
Fix eliding button text
Context menus of applets within a panel no longer overlap the applet
Simplify getting associated apps list in AssociatedApplicationManager


Fix hunspell plugin ID for proper loading
support static compilation on windows, add windows libreoffice hunspell dict path
Do not assume UTF-8 encoded Hunspell dictionaries. (bug 353133)
fix Highlighter::setCurrentLanguage() for the case when previous language was invalid (bug 349151)
support /usr/share/hunspell as dict location
NSSpellChecker-based plugin

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