KDE Frameworks 5.16.0 released

13th November 2015. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.16.0.

KDE Frameworks are 70 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the·
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


Monitor lib: Use Kformat::spelloutDuration to localize time string
Use KDE_INSTALL_DBUSINTERFACEDIR to install dbus interfaces
UnindexedFileIndexer: Handle files that have been moved when baloo_file was not running
Remove Transaction::renameFilePath and add DocumentOperation for it.
Make consturctors with a single parameter explicit
UnindexedFileIndexer: only index required parts of file
Transaction: add method to return timeInfo struct
Added exclude mimetypes to balooctl's config
Databases: Use QByteArray::fromRawData when passing data to a codec
Balooctl: Move 'status' command to its own class
Balooctl: Show help menu if the command is not recognized
Balooshow: Allow us to lookup files by their inode + devId
Balooctl monitor: stop if baloo dies
MonitorCommand: Use both the started and finished signals
Balooctl monitor: Move to a proper command class
Add dbus notification for when we start/finish indexing a file
FileIndexScheduler: Forcibly kill threads on exit
WriteTransaction commit: Avoid fetching the positionList unless required
WriteTransaction: Extra asserts in replaceDocument


isBluetoothOperational now also depends on unblocked rfkill
Fix determining global state of rfkill switch
QML API: Mark properties without notify signal as constants

Extra CMake Modules

Warn instead of error if ecm_install_icons finds no icons. (bug 354610)
make it possible to build KDE Frameworks 5 with a plain qt 5.5.x installed from the normal installer on mac os
Do not unset cache variables in KDEInstallDirs. (bug 342717)

Framework Integration

Set default value for WheelScrollLines
Fix WheelScrollLines settings with Qt >= 5.5 (bug 291144)
Switch to Noto font for Plasma 5.5


Fixing the build against Qt 5.3
Moved the boost.optional include to the place that uses it
Replacing the boost.optional usage in continuations with a slimmer optional_view structure
Added support for a custom ordering of linked results
Allow QML to invoke activities KCM
Adding the support for activity deletion to activities KCM
New activity configuration UI
New configuration UI that supports adding description and wallpaper
Settings UI is now properly modularized


Fix KArchive for behavior change in Qt 5.6
Fix memleaks, lower memory usage


Handle proxying qInfo messages
Wait for async call starting helper to finish before checking the reply (bug 345234)
Fix variable name, otherwise there's no way the include can work


Fix usage of ecm_create_qm_loader.
Fix include variable
Use KDE_INSTALL_FULL_ variant, so there is no ambiguity
Allow KConfig to use resources as fallback config files


Make KConfigWidgets self contained, bundle the one global file in a resource
Make doctools optional


KAboutData: apidoc "is is" -> "is" addCredit(): ocsUserName -> ocsUsername
KJob::kill(Quiet) should also exit the event loop
Add support for desktop file name to KAboutData
Use correct escaping character
Reduce some allocations
Make KAboutData::translators/setTranslators simple
Fix setTranslator example code
desktopparser: skip the Encoding= key
desktopfileparser: Address review comments
Allow setting service types in kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json()
desktopparser: Fix parsing of double and bool values
Add KPluginMetaData::fromDesktopFile()
desktopparser: Allow passing relative paths to service type files
desktopparser: Use more categorized logging
QCommandLineParser uses -v for --version so just use --verbose
Remove lots of duplicated code for desktop{tojson,fileparser}.cpp
Parse ServiceType files when reading .desktop files
Make SharedMimeInfo an optional requirement
Remove call to QString::squeeze()
desktopparser: avoid unnecessary utf8 decoding
desktopparser: Don't add another entry if entry ends in a separator
KPluginMetaData: Warn when a list entry is not a JSON list
Add mimeTypes() to KPluginMetaData


Improve search for drkonqui and keep it silent per default if not found


ConfigPropertyMap can now be queried for immutable config options using the isImmutable(key) method
Unbox QJSValue in config property map
EventGenerator: Add support for sending wheel events
fix lost QuickViewSharedEngine initialSize on initializing.
fix ciritical regression for QuickViewSharedEngine by commit 3792923639b1c480fd622f7d4d31f6f888c925b9
make pre-specified view size precede initial object size in QuickViewSharedEngine


Make doctools optional

KDELibs 4 Support

Don't try to store a QDateTime in mmap'ed memory
Sync and adopt uriencode.cmake from kdoctools.


Add KCollapsibleGroupBox


update pt_BR entities


Do not XOR Shift for KP_Enter (bug 128982)
Grab all keys for a symbol (bug 351198)
Do not fetch keysyms twice for every keypress


Fix printing from KHTMLPart by correctly setting printSetting parent


kiconthemes now support themes embedded in qt resources inside the :/icons prefix like Qt does itself for QIcon::fromTheme
Add missing required dependencies


Recognize image/vnd.adobe.photoshop instead of image/x-psd
Partially revert d7f457a to prevent crash on application exit


Make doctools optional


Save proxy url with correct scheme
Ship the "new file templates" in the kiofilewidgets library using a .qrc (bug 353642)
Properly handle middle click in navigatormenu
Make kio_http_cache_cleaner deployable in application installer/bundles
KOpenWithDialog: Fix creating desktop file with empty mimetype
Read protocol info from plugin metadata
Allow local kioslave deployment
Add a .protocol to JSON converted
Fix double-emit of result and missing warning when listing hits an inaccessible folder (bug 333436)
Preserve relative link targets when copying symlinks. (bug 352927)
Using suitable icons for default folders in the user home (bug 352498)
Add an interface which allow plugin to show custom overlay icons
Make KNotifications dep in KIO (kpac) optional
Make doctools + wallet optional
Avoid kio crashs if no dbus server is running
Add KUriFilterSearchProviderActions, to show a list of actions for searching some text using web shortcuts
Move the entries for the "Create New" menu from kde-baseapps/lib/konq to kio (bug 349654)
Move konqpopupmenuplugin.desktop from kde-baseapps to kio (bug 350769)


Use "_timezone" global variable for MSVC instead of "timezone". Fixes build with MSVC 2015.


Fix 'KDE Partition Manager' desktop file and homepage URL


Now that kparts no longer needs knotifications, only things that really want notifications require on this framework
Add description + purpose for speech + phonon
Make phonon dependency optional, purely internal change, like it is done for speech.


Use deleteLater in Part::slotWidgetDestroyed().
Remove KNotifications dep from KParts
Use function to query ui_standards.rc location instead of hardcoding it, allows resource fallback to work


RunnerManager: Simplify plugin loading code


KBuildSycoca: always save, even if no change in .desktop file was noticed. (bug 353203)
Make doctools optional
kbuildsycoca: parse all the mimeapps.list files mentionned in the new spec.
Use largest timestamp in subdirectory as resource directory timestamp.
Keep MIME types separate when converting KPluginInfo to KPluginMetaData


highlighting: gnuplot: add .plt extension
fix validation hint, thanks to "Thomas Jarosch" <thomas. ... at intra2net dot com>, add hint about the compile time validation, too
Don't crash when command is not available.
Fix bug #307107
Haskell highlighting variables starting with _
simplify git2 init, given we require recent enough version (bug 353947)
bundle default configs in resource
syntax highlighting (d-g): use default styles instead of hard-coded colors
better scripts search, first user local stuff, then the stuff in our resources, then all other stuff, that way the user can overwrite our shipped scripts with local ones
package all js stuff in resources, too, only 3 config files missing and ktexteditor could be just used as a library without any bundled files
next try: put all bundled xml syntax files into a resource
add input mode switch shortcut (bug 347769)
bundle xml files in resource
syntax highlighting (a-c): migrate to new default styles, remove hard-coded colors
syntax highlighting: remove hard-coded colors and use default styles instead
syntax highlighting: use new default styles (removes hard-coded colors)
Better "Import" default style
Introduce "Save As with Encoding" to save a file with different encoding, using the nice grouped encoding menu we have and replacing all save dialogs with the correct ones of the operating system without loosing this important feature.
bundle ui file into lib, using my extension to xmlgui
Printing again honors the selected font & color schema (bug 344976)
Use breeze colors for saved and modified lines
Improved icon border default colors of scheme "Normal"
autobrace: only insert brace when next letter is empty or not alphanumeric
autobrace: if removing start parenthesis with backspace, remove end as well
autobrace: only establish connection once
Autobrace: eat closing parentheses under some conditions
Fix shortcutoverride not being forwarded to the mainwindow
Bug 342659 - Default "bracket highlighting" color is hard to see (Normal schema fixed) (bug 342659)
Add proper default colors for "Current Line Number" color
bracket matching & auto-brackets: share code
bracket matching: guard against negative maxLines
bracket matching: just because the new range matches the old doesn't mean no update is required
Add the width of half a space to allow painting the cursor at EOL
fix some HiDPI issues in the icon border
fix bug #310712: remove trailing spaces also on line with cursor (bug 310712)
only display "mark set" message when vi input mode is active
remove & from button text (bug 345937)
fix update of current line number color (bug 340363)
implement brackets insert on writing a bracket over a selection (bug 350317)
auto brackets (bug 350317)
fix alert HL (bug 344442)
no column scrolling with dyn word wrap on
remember if highlighting was set by user over sessions to not loose it on save after restore (bug 332605)
fix folding for tex (bug 328348)
fixed bug #327842: End of C-style comment is misdetected (bug 327842)
save/restore dyn word wrap on session save/restore (bug 284250)


Add a new submenu to KTextEdit to switch between spell-checking languages
Fix loading Sonnet default settings

KWallet Framework

Use KDE_INSTALL_DBUSINTERFACEDIR to install dbus interfaces
Fixed KWallet configuration file warnings on login (bug 351805)
Prefix the kwallet-pam output properly


Add collapsible container widget, KCollapsibleGroupBox
KNewPasswordWidget: missing color initialization
Introduce KNewPasswordWidget


kmainwindow: Pre-fill translator information when available. (bug 345320)
Allow to bind the contextmenu key (lower right) to shortcuts (bug 165542)
Add function to query standards xml file location
Allow kxmlgui framework to be used without any installed files
Add missing required dependencies

Plasma Framework

Fix TabBar items being cramped together on initial creation, which can be observed in eg. Kickoff after Plasma start
Fix dropping files onto the desktop/panel not offering a selection of actions to take
Take QApplication::wheelScrollLines into account from ScrollView
Use BypassWindowManagerHint only on platform X11
delete old panel background
more readable spinner at small sizes
colored view-history
calendar: Make the entire header area clickable
calendar: Don't use current day number in goToMonth
calendar: Fix updating decade overview
Theme breeze icons when loaded trough IconItem
Fix Button minimumWidth property (bug 353584)
Introduce appletCreated signal
Plasma Breeze Icon: Touchpad add svg id elements
Plasma Breeze Icon: change Touchpad to 22x22px size
Breeze Icon: add widget icon to notes
A script to replace hardcoded colors with stylesheets
Apply SkipTaskbar on ExposeEvent
Don't set SkipTaskbar on every event

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