KDE Frameworks 5.17.0 released

12th December 2015. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.17.0.

KDE Frameworks are 70 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the·
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


Fix date filter used by timeline://
BalooCtl: Return after commands
Clean up and armour Baloo::Database::open(), handle more crash conditions
Add check in Database::open(OpenDatabase) to fail if db doesn't exist

Breeze Icons

Many icons added or improved
use stylesheets in breeze icons (bug 126166)
BUG: 355902 fix and changed system-lock-screen (bug 355902 fix and changed system-lock-screen)
Add 24px dialog-information for GTK apps (bug 355204)

Extra CMake Modules

Don't warn when SVG(Z) icons are provided with multiple sizes/level of detail
Make sure we load translations on the main thread. (bug 346188)
Overhaul the ECM build system.
Make it possible to enable Clazy on any KDE project
Do not find XCB's XINPUT library by default.
Clean export dir before generating an APK again
Use quickgit for Git repository URL.

Framework Integration

Add plasmoid installation failed to plasma_workspace.notifyrc


Fixed a lock on the first start of the daemon
Moving QAction creation to the main thread. (bug 351485)
Sometimes clang-format makes a bad decision (bug 355495)
Killing potential synchronization issues
Use org.qtproject instead of com.trolltech
Removing the usage of libkactivities from the plugins
KAStats config removed from the API
Added linking and unlinking to ResultModel

KDE Doxygen Tools

Make kgenframeworksapidox more robust.


Fix KCompressionDevice::seek(), called when creating a KTar on top of a KCompressionDevice.


KAboutData: Allow https:// and other URL schemas in homepage. (bug 355508)
Repair MimeType property when using kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json()


Port KDeclarative to use KI18n directly
DragArea delegateImage can now be a string from which an icon is automatically created
Add new CalendarEvents library


Unset SESSION_MANAGER envvar instead of setting it empty

KDELibs 4 Support

Fix some i18n calls.


Mark m4a as readable by taglib


Cookie dialogue: make it work as intended
Fix filename suggestion changing to something random when changing save-as mimetype.
Register DBus name for kioexec (bug 353037)
Update KProtocolManager after configuration change.


Fix KSelectionProxyModel usage in QTableView (bug 352369)
Fix resetting or changing the source model of a KRecursiveFilterProxyModel.


registerServicesByGroupingNames can define default more items
Make KMoreToolsMenuFactory::createMenuFromGroupingNames lazy


Add syntax highlighting for TaskJuggler and PL/I
Make it possible to disable keyword-completion via the config interface.
Resize the tree when the completion model got reset.

KWallet Framework

Correctly handle the case where the user deactivated us


Fix a small artifact of KRatingWidget on hi-dpi.
Refactor and fix the feature introduced in bug 171343 (bug 171343)


Don't call QCoreApplication::setQuitLockEnabled(true) on init.

Plasma Framework

Add basic plasmoid as example for developerguide
Add a couple of plasmoid templates for kapptemplate/kdevelop
[calendar] Delay the model reset until the view is ready (bug 355943)
Don't reposition while hiding. (bug 354352)
[IconItem] Don't crash on null KIconLoader theme (bug 355577)
Dropping image files onto a panel will no longer offer to set them as wallpaper for the panel
Dropping a .plasmoid file onto a panel or the desktop will install and add it
remove the now unused platformstatus kded module (bug 348840)
allow paste on password fields
fix positioning of edit menu, add a button to select
[calendar] Use ui language for getting the month name (bug 353715)
[calendar] Sort the events by their type too
[calendar] Move the plugin library to KDeclarative
[calendar] qmlRegisterUncreatableType needs a bit more arguments
Allow adding config categories dynamically
[calendar] Move the plugins handling to a separate class
Allow plugins to supply event data to Calendar applet (bug 349676)
check for slot existence before connecting or disconnecting (bug 354751)
[plasmaquick] Don't link OpenGL explicitly
[plasmaquick] Drop XCB::COMPOSITE and DAMAGE dependency

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