KDE Frameworks 5.57.0 released

13th April 2019. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.57.0.

KDE Frameworks are 79 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


Accept any HTTP status between 100 and 199 as benign


[DocumentIdDB] Silence non-error debug message, warn on errors
[baloosearch] Allow specifying a time when using e.g. mtime
[indexcleaner] Avoid removing included folders below excluded ones
[MTimeDB] Fix lookup for the LessEqual range
[MTimeDB] Fix lookup when time range should return empty set
Correct asserts/error handling in MTimeDB
Protect against invalid parents in the IdTreeDB
Remove document from MTimeDB/DocumentTimeDB even when timestamp is 0
Be more precise with mimetype detection (bug 403902)
[timeline] Canonicalize Url
[timeline] Fix missing/misplaced SlaveBase::finished() calls
[balooshow] Several extensions basic file information output
[timeline] Fix warning, add missing UDS entry for "."
[balooctl] Reduce nesting level for addOption arguments, cleanup
React to config updates inside indexer (bug 373430)
Fix regression when opening DB in read-write mode (bug 405317)
[balooctl] Cleanup trailing whitespace
[engine] Unbreak code, revert renaming of Transaction::abort()
Harmonize handling of underscore in query parser
Baloo engine: treat every non-success code as a failure (bug 403720)


Move Media interface into Adapter
Manager: Don't require Media1 interface for initialization (bug 405478)
Device: Check object path in interfaces removed slot (bug 403289)

Breeze Icons

Add "notifications" and "notifications-disabled" icons (bug 406121)
make start-here-kde also available start-here-kde-plasma
Sublime Merge Icon
Give applications-games and input-gaming more contrast with Breeze Dark
Make 24px go-up actually 24px
Add preferences-desktop-theme-applications and preferences-desktop-theme-windowdecorations icons
Add symlinks from "preferences-desktop-theme" to "preferences-desktop-theme-applications"
Remove preferences-desktop-theme in preparation to making it a symlink
Add collapse/expand-all, window-shade/unshade (bug 404344)
Improve consistency of window-* and add more
Make go-bottom/first/last/top look more like media-skip*
Change go-up/down-search symlinks target to go-up/down
Improve pixel grid alignment of go-up/down/next/previous/jump
Change media-skip* and media-seek* style
Enforce new muted icon style in all action icons

Extra CMake Modules

Re-enable the setting of QT_PLUGIN_PATH
ecm_add_wayland_client_protocol: Improve error messages
ECMGeneratePkgConfigFile: make all vars dependent on ${prefix}
Add UDev find module
ECMGeneratePkgConfigFile: add variables used by pkg_check_modules
Restore FindFontconfig backward compatibility for plasma-desktop
Add Fontconfig find modudle

Framework Integration

use more appropriate plasma-specific icon for plasma category
use plasma icon as icon for plasma notification category

KDE Doxygen Tools

Update URLs to use https


Fix crash in KArchive::findOrCreate with broken files
Fix uninitialized memory read in KZip
Add Q_OBJECT to KFilterDev


[KCModuleLoader] Pass args to created KQuickAddons::ConfigModule
Pass focus to child searchbar when KPluginSelector is focused (bug 399516)
Improve the KCM error message
Add runtime guard that pages are KCMs in KCMultiDialog (bug 405440)


Don't set a null completer on a non-editable combobox


Add Notify capability to revertToDefault
point readme to the wiki page
kconfig_compiler: new kcfgc args HeaderExtension & SourceExtension
[kconf_update] move from custom logging tech to qCDebug
Remove reference from const KConfigIniBackend::BufferFragment &
KCONFIG_ADD_KCFG_FILES macro: ensure a change of File= in kcfg is picked up


Fix "* foo *" we don't want to bold this string
Fix Bug 401996 - clicking contact web url => uncomplete url is selected (bug 401996)
Print strerror when inotify fails (typical reason: "too many open files")


Convert two old-style connects to new-style


[GridViewKCM] Fix implicit width calculation
move the gridview in a separate file
Avoid fractionals in GridDelegate sizes and alignments

KDELibs 4 Support

Remove find modules provided by ECM


Update Ukrainian translation
Catalan updates
it entities: update URLs to use https
Update URLs to use https
Use Indonesian translation
Update design to look more similar to
Add necessary files to use native Indonesian language for all Indonesian docs


Implement support for writing rating information for taglib writer
Implement more tags for taglib writer
Rewrite taglib writer to use property interface
Test ffmpeg extractor using mime type helper (bug 399650)
Propose Stefan Bruns as KFileMetaData maintainer
Declare PropertyInfo as QMetaType
Safeguard against invalid files
[TagLibExtractor] Use the correct mimetype in case of inheritance
Add a helper to determine actual supported parent mime type
[taglibextractor] Test extraction of properties with multiple values
Generate header for new MimeUtils
Use Qt function for string list formatting
Fix number localization for properties
Verify mimetypes for all existing sample files, add some more
Add helper function to determine mime type based on content and extension (bug 403902)
Add support for extracting data from ogg and ts files (bug 399650)
[ffmpegextractor] Add Matroska Video test case (bug 403902)
Rewrite the taglib extractor to use the generic PropertyMap interface (bug 403902)
[ExtractorCollection] Load extractor plugins lazily
Fix extraction of aspect ratio property
Increase precision of frame rate property

KHolidays #

Sort the polish holidays categories


Report human-readable error if Qt5Widgets is required but is not found


Fix padding icon that doesn't exactly match the requested size (bug 396990)


ora:kra: qstrcmp -> memcmp
Fix RGBHandler::canRead
xcf: Don't crash with files with unsupported layer modes


Replace currentDateTimeUtc().toTime_t() with currentSecsSinceEpoch()
Replace QDateTime::to_Time_t/from_Time_t with to/fromSecsSinceEpoch
Improve executable dialog buttons' icons (bug 406090)
[KDirOperator] Show Detailed Tree View by default
KFileItem: call stat() on demand, add SkipMimeTypeDetermination option
KIOExec: fix error when the remote URL has no filename
KFileWidget In saving single file mode an enter/return press on the KDirOperator triggers slotOk (bug 385189)
[KDynamicJobTracker] Use generated DBus interface
[KFileWidget] When saving, highlight filename after clicking existing file also when using double-click
Don't create thumbnails for encrypted Vaults (bug 404750)
Fix WebDAV directory renaming if KeepAlive is off
Show list of tags in PlacesView (bug 182367)
Delete/Trash confirmation dialogue: Fix misleading title
Display the correct file/path in "too bit for fat32" error message (bug 405360)
Phrase error message with GiB, not GB (bug 405445)
openwithdialog: use recursive flag in proxy filter
Remove URLs being fetched when listing job is completed (bug 383534)
[CopyJob] Treat URL as dirty when renaming file as conflict resolution
Pass local file path to KFileSystemType::fileSystemType()
Fix upper/lower case rename on case insensitive fs
Fix "Invalid URL: QUrl("some.txt")" warnings in Save dialog (bug 373119)
Fix crash while moving files
Fix NTFS hidden check for symlinks to NTFS mountpoints (bug 402738)
Make file overwrite a bit safer (bug 125102)


fix listItems implicitWidth
shannon entropy to guess monochrome icon
Prevent context drawer from disappearing
remove actionmenuitembase
don't try to get the version on static builds
[Mnemonic Handling] Replace only first occurrence
sync when any model property updates
use in back/forward
fix toolbars for layers
Fix errors in kirigami example files
Add a SearchField and PasswordField component
fix handle icons (bug 404714)
[InlineMessage] Do not draw shadows around the message
immediately layout on order changed
fix breadcrumb layout
never show toolbar when the current item asks not to
manage back/forward in the filter as well
support back/forward mouse buttons
Add lazy instantiation for submenus
fix toolbars for layers
kirigami_package_breeze_icons: Search among size 16 icons as well
Fix Qmake based build
get the attached property of the proper item
fix logic when to show the toolbar
possible to disable toolbar for layer's pages
always show global toolbar on global modes
signal Page.contextualActionsAboutToShow
a bit of space to the right of the title
relayout when visibility changes
ActionTextField: Properly place actions
topPadding and BottomPadding
text on images always need to be white (bug 394960)
clip overlaysheet (bug 402280)
avoid parenting OverlaySheet to ColumnView
use a qpointer for the theme instance (bug 404505)
hide breadcrumb on pages that don't want a toolbar (bug 404481)
don't try to override the enabled property (bug 404114)
Possibility for custom header and footer in ContextDrawer (bug 404978)


[KUiServerJobTracker] Update destUrl before finishing the job


Switch URLs to https
Update link to fsearch project
Handle unsupported OCS commands, and don't over-vote (bug 391111)
New location for KNSRC files
[knewstuff] Remove qt5.13 deprecated method


[KStatusNotifierItem] Send desktop-entry hint
Allow to set custom hints for notifications


Allow selecting only supported audio files (bug 405470)

KPackage Framework

Fix finding the host tools targets file in the Android docker environment
Add cross-compilation support for kpackagetool5


Add X-GNOME-UsesNotifications as recognized key
Add bison minimum version of 2.4.1 due to %code


Fix: apply correctly the text colors of the chosen scheme (bug 398758)
DocumentPrivate: Add option "Auto Reload Document" to View menu (bug 384384)
DocumentPrivate: Support to set dictionary on block selection
Fix Words & Chars String on katestatusbar
Fix Minimap with QtCurve style
KateStatusBar: Show lock icon on modified label when in read-only mode
DocumentPrivate: Skip auto quotes when these looks already balanced (bug 382960)
Add Variable interface to KTextEditor::Editor
relax code to only assert in debug build, work in release build
ensure compatibility with old configs
more use of generic config interface
simplify QString KateDocumentConfig::eolString()
transfer sonnet setting to KTextEditor setting
ensure now gaps in config keys
convert more things to generic config interface
more use of the generic config interface
generic config interface
Don't crash on malformed syntax highlighting files
IconBorder: Accept drag&drop events (bug 405280)
ViewPrivate: Make deselection by arrow keys more handy (bug 296500)
Fix for showing argument hint tree on non-primary screen
Port some deprecated method
Restore the search wrapped message to its former type and position (bug 398731)
ViewPrivate: Make 'Apply Word Wrap' more comfortable (bug 381985)
ModeBase::goToPos: Ensure jump target is valid (bug 377200)
ViInputMode: Remove unsupported text attributes from the status bar
KateStatusBar: Add dictionary button
add example for line heigh issue


Make KFontRequester consistent
Update kcharselect-data to Unicode 12.0


Send blur/background contrast in device pixels (bug 404923)


WireGuard: make marshalling/demarshalling of secrets from map to work
Add missing support for WireGuard into base setting class
Wireguard: handle private key as secrets
Wireguard: peers property should be NMVariantMapList
Add Wireguard connection type support
ActiveConnecton: add stateChangedReason signal where we can see the reason of state change

Plasma Framework

[AppletInterface] Check for corona before accessing it
[Dialog] Don't forward hover event when there is nowhere to forward it to
[Menu] Fix triggered signal
Reduce the importance of some debug information so actual warnings can be seen
[PlasmaComponents3 ComboBox] Fix textColor
FrameSvgItem: catch margin changes of FrameSvg also outside own methods
Add Theme::blurBehindEnabled()
FrameSvgItem: fix textureRect for tiled subitems to not shrink to 0
Fix breeze dialog background with Qt 5.12.2 (bug 405548)
Remove crash in plasmashell
[Icon Item] Also clear image icon when using Plasma Svg (bug 405298)
textfield height based only on clear text (bug 399155)
bind alternateBackgroundColor


Add KDE Connect SMS plugin


the plasma desktop style syupports icon coloring
[SpinBox] Improve mouse wheel behavior
add a bit of padding in ToolBars
fix RoundButton icons
scrollbar based padding on all delegates
look for a scrollview to take its scrollbar for margins


Allow building without UDev on Linux
Only get clearTextPath when used

Syntax Highlighting

Add syntax definition for Elm language to syntax-highlighting
AppArmor & SELinux: remove one indentation in XML files
Doxygen: don't use black color in tags
Allow line end context switches in empty lines (bug 405903)
Fix endRegion folding in rules with beginRegion+endRegion (use length=0) (bug 405585)
Add extensions to groovy highlighting (bug 403072)
Add Smali syntax highlighting file
Add "." as weakDeliminator in Octave syntax file
Logcat: fix dsError color with underline="0"
fix highlighter crash for broken hl file
guard target link libraries for older CMake version (bug 404835)

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure < ... at kde dot org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB

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