kdelibs coding style.

Hey all,

In updating some frameworks I took a look at the kdelibs coding style
(Is there a frameworks coding style, if not maybe it should be
created?) and especially the Qt Includes section seems a bit backwards
from what I see in actual code in frameworks.
<a href="" title=""></a> it
suggests using QtCore/QString instead of QString for example but I've
not seen QtWidgets/QButton or similar in include statements in the
frameworks I've dealt with so far. Are we suggesting the opposite for
that section at least? Should we put together a Frameworks coding
policy (since kdelibs coding policy is what is documented there, but
frameworks aren't kdelibs) or update that page to what we suggest for
frameworks coding policy? I'm willing to do the wiki changes/make a
new page, just would like some feedback before I get started I guess.
Or if such a policy already exists, maybe we should link to it from
the Policies wiki page.



Re: kdelibs coding style.

By Luigi Toscano at 10/09/2014 - 13:07

Jeremy Whiting ha scritto:
I would create a new page for Frameworks and keep the kdelibs page as
reference, because kdelibs will follow that style... forever :)
It can always be useful when going back in history and for maintenance, I
think we will release bugfixes for kdelibs 4 for a while (at least as long as
we release 4.x-based applications) and then some bugfixes from long-term
distributions are always possible.