KF5 Update Meeting Minutes 2013-w22

Today we had the 3rd update meeting for KF5, on #kde-devel.

Attendees: 287 people in the IRC channel :-)


* qt5.git has been updated, everyone should pull and recompile at some point
this week
* the "Building" wiki page has been updated; if you don't have a working
setup, I strongly recommend switching to the newly described setup
(uninstalled Qt, kdesrc-build for everything else)

On-going work:

* David Edmundson (d_ed_), Wojciech Kapuscinski (wojtask9_), Maarten De Meyer
(mdemeyer), Anne-Marie Mahfouf (annma_) are all working on tasks from the
KDEUI crumble.
* alimg (didn't grab your real name, sorry) will join the effort and pick a
task after setup
* David Gil (dgilo) will start on the task of porting from time_t to QDateTime

Topics discussed:

* the kdesrc-build setup has the issue that changes to the kdesrc-buildrc
recipe on my website won't propagate automatically to its users. Aaron found a
solution: a global recipe in git (I suggested the kdesrc-build git) which we
can include from our kdesrc-buildrc


* Congratulations to Benjamin Port (ben2367) who got the QTextEdit placeholder
feature merged into Qt !

Closed action items from last time:

Action items still open:

New action items:

* [ben2367] update QTextEdit placeholder feature to match QLineEdit's
* [dfaure] extract kf5 module definitions from kdesrc-buildrc into a file in
* [steveire] investigate why kde4support isn't usable from outside kdelibs
(issue with the cmake file)

Next meeting will be Tuesday 4 June. Exact time to be announced later (I won't
be available at the usual 4pm CEST).