KF5 Update Meeting Minutes 2014-w15

Hello everyone,

This is the minutes of the Week 15 KF5 meeting. As usual it has been held on
#kde-devel at 4pm Paris time.

Were present: agateau, apol, mck182, notmart, tosky and myself.

* agateau put more work on translation support for Qt-based frameworks;
* he fixed string extraction from .ui files;
* he's also working on setting up scripty to work with .qm files;
* he's also trying to figure out the best way to handle plural forms since Qt
differs a lots from ki18n there;

* alemerry is almost done with the KDE4 reference removals;
* he also upstreamed find module docs to CMake;

* apol has been working on moving kde-runtime components in their final

* mck182 has been working on fixing QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory in our
plugin: <a href="" title=""></a>

* notmart moved plasma-shell out of plasma-framework and into plasma-
workspace (making plasma-framework strictly library and plugins);

* tosky is working on kdoctool still;
* he's also working on KDE4 references;
* he still plan to address a few bugs in the next days;

* ervin has been mostly reviewing.

If you got questions, feel free to ask.