Looking for a BlueDevil legacy maintainer

Hi there

Today we have finished the release of BlueDevil 1.3, which should be the most
stable ever (yay for everybody !).

As you all probably know, I'm working in a variety of projects (kscreen, user
manager, webaccounts, kamoso) meaning that I can dedicate less time to
BlueDevil. Trying to be more efficient I have decided to give up making more
than one stable release and no more than one release at the time, meaning:
Next stable release will be 1.3.1/2/3/4...
Once 1.4 is out there will be no more 1.3 releases.

This is really sad since the codebase of BlueDevil really allows to make
backporting easy but I don't have the time to test all the patches in all
branches before release, it is just too much (last time took the whole day to
do it).

So, I'm looking for someone (probably somebody interested in maintaining old
versions) to do the backporting and the testing, in most of the cases the new
stable maintainer only will have to:

-git cherry-pick
-create tarball

Additionally, BlueZ5 has been released a few days back and I will focus on
supporting it asap, meaning even less time for legacy stable releases.

So, who's up to the work? Any packagers from a distro supporting legacy

Cheers !