Progress notifications questions

Hi guys,

Danimo and I have been working on desktop progress feedback for Creator
in Plasma desktop and Unity. See the attached screenshot for the current
state. After discussions in #kde-devel, I implemented an adapted KJob
and used KUiServerJobTracker to talk to the notification area. So far,
so good, bu there are some specific questions:
Have a look at platform_plasmaplugin.cpp here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

- in the first screen shot (the one numbered 2 ;-) ), how can I set a
displayed text next to the Qt Creator icon? I would like to show the
project name and the current operation (build/rebuild/clean/...).

- The tooltip for the notification area shows "1 running job (0b/s)".
That is of course nonsense, since this is not an I/O operation. How can
I get it to display "1 running job (32% done)"?

- Is there a way to show detail text for an operation? Something like
the number of warnings and errors?

- When the operation is finished, it displays as in the second screen
shot. How do I set the text that is displayed there? Instead of
"[Finished]", it should say "Build successful" or "Build error".




Re: Progress notifications questions

By Rolf Eike Beer at 04/04/2013 - 06:31

Am 04.04.2013 11:31, schrieb Mirko Boehm:
emit description(...)

Eike, still waiting for bug 312796 and 311413 to get any developer