"Quality is in the eye of the beholder" BoF summary

Hi all, this is the summary for the BoF that as follow up of
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* We are Big and small at the same time, not sure how to fix it :D

* We need more tests and CI in different archs and OS

* We need more tools
- What are the most important crashes to fix?
- Automatic crash reporting
- Ubuntu has <a href=";period=month" title=";period=month">;period=month</a>
- Fedora has <a href="" title=""></a>
- Having to go over each distro is not cool a kde wide thing would be great

- What are the most important features?
- Consensus is we have enough problems with crashes and this kind of "vote for my feature"
most of the time ends up being a social media friends contest

- There are some review boards stale
- Try to ping people

- All seeing team
- Team what would try to have a global view and ping people
- Do some bug gardening
- Close old products
- Delete silly bugs
- Find projects that need love
- An idea would be trying to get volunteers for a limited amount of time, not much commitment
- We don't find much steam in people wanting to join, it's something i'll keep doing in
my spare spare time, if you want to join, ping me.