Re: KDE 5, Qt 5 and QML - What is advised for writing new (KDE) applications in the long term?

A Quarta, 17 de Agosto de 2011 09:33:57 Aaron J. Seigo vocĂȘ escreveu:

Just to agrea with Aaron, and mke it very clear, as it is now QML is a no go
fo desktop apps, unless you are a very good designer, in the future wen
components are finished and some set of componets is done to match the widget
style in use in the futture, (me still unsure how doamble that is for somthing
like oxygen style), you can do that.....
But for now QML is a way to free painting canvas to be used by any one.
Its a great tool, but you need designers good ones to make it work specialy on
a desktop that requires several levels of Visual integration.