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Yes, Kartesio is used to calculate fitting curves for experimental points: I, as a chemistry student, already used it for some laboratory reports. Actually, there is no other program like this in KDE: obiously you could obtain something similar with RKward, but this one is too much complex for fitting curves, and students usually do not like R. Kartesio does one thing, and does it simply and good. Caculating best fit curves with R is smilar to cross a stream with the Queen Mary.The most interesting feature of Kartesio is that it allows you to write manually the equation you want to use to fit the points (with other programs like LibreOffice Calc it's possible only to use 3 or 4 already implemented and generic functions). For example, I can choose to fit my points with "y=a*sin(b*x)" or with "y=(9.342/x)+c".
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Quite Unlikely ...

It's a Solver, to fit curves into points, That's very used in any theorical research, engeniering, math, phisics, etc.

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I am wondering what is the user base for this application as it seems quite specialized (I did not build it yet though). Can you tell us more about the potential target? Another question that comes to mind is: can't it be a feature of an existing KDE Edu apps?

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