Retiring and testament

Hello dear KDE contributors,

I'm sending this from Akademy 2014. Our KDE Frameworks BoF is now over, as
usual we did great progress:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Also I put in place the goals for the months to come before coming:
<a href="" title=""></a>

It might require updating based on the minutes of the meeting.

Now, let's get to the subject of this email: effective immediately I will
be stepping back from KDE Frameworks to refocus my energy elsewhere in KDE.
Some of you probably saw this coming as I was already less active over the
past few weeks.

I have been working on kdelibs (and now KDE Frameworks) related topics almost
since the beginning of my involvement in KDE. I came to realize that I needed
to do different things now. After ten years, and although I love the project,
I just don't have enough energy to keep going on my spare time.

You will still see me around of course. I'm retiring from KDE Frameworks, not
from KDE. I just want to focus mainly on Zanshin and some of my community work
(french promo, manifesto, e.V.). Because of my other involvements you'll
probably see me sending patches from time to time to KF5, just don't expect me
to monitor closely what's going on or to drive anything anymore.

Also, I am actively discussing with Kevin Krammer to pass him the torch. I
guess most of you know him. He will be a good replacement since he has a good
view on the whole stack. Not to neglect the fact we both have the same first
name so you feel right at home. :-)

I'm a bit emotional of letting that go of course, but I'm retiring from KDE
Frameworks knowing our community brought it in a very good place. It made the
leap to a completely new arena which opens plenty of opportunities. If we want
to reap the fruits I'd like to see the following things happen in the next few
* kdepimlibs and akonadi fully transitioned to KF5 (latest in early 2015, our
application ecosystem need it to strive in the KF5 world);
* a clear developer story for third parties wanting to use parts of KF5 (they
are one of the main motive for the modularization, it should be easy for them
to use the result of our efforts);
* a stronger take on quality, especially more tooling support on reviews and
tests even on non-Linux systems (we're still dropping the ball often I think,
our craft needs to be perfected);
* a very good documentation (the apidox and book are an amazing start
* the closing of k-f-d in favor of k-c-d again (see kde-community for the
* emails from reviewboard on a list similar to kde-commits and not on regular
mailing lists anymore (this constant noise prevents higher level thinking on
our lists IMHO);
* more reaching out to qt-interest (making it easy to use KF5 for third
parties is nice... making them aware of it is even better).

Take the points above as my "testament". I believe they are essential for the
broader success of KF5 and ultimately for the success of our community. I hope
that in your capable hands I will see those wishes fulfilled.

Keep having fun with our collective creation! And don't hesitate to still send
me direct emails if you're in need of an extra opinion or advice, I'll always
have some time to answer my fellow gearheads.



Re: Retiring and testament

By Alex Merry at 09/14/2014 - 18:23

On 2014-09-09 16:41, Kevin Ottens wrote:
Thank you for all the time and enegy you've put into getting Frameworks
to this point. It wouldn't have happened without you and David :-)


Re: Retiring and testament

By Thiago Macieira at 09/10/2014 - 14:44

On Tuesday 09 September 2014 17:41:59 Kevin Ottens wrote:
Hi Kevin

Thank you for so much work you've done and for leading the KF5 effort.

Yeah, thanks for making the transition easy! The first name helps!