Review Request 113602: kioslave/sftp: Fix user input being ignored in kbdint prompt

Review request for KDE Runtime.

Repository: kde-runtime

When authenticateKeyboardInteractive() handles an echo-on prompt, the answer from the username field is saved into infoKbdInt, which is then ignored and info.username is sent instead. As such, all echo-on prompts receive the original user name as input.

kioslave/sftp/kio_sftp.cpp 37b18107e4ea926dd964eeca74adf0b9032583f3

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Logging into an SSH-server (sftp:// ... at 127 dot 0.0.1/) with keyboard-interactive authentication and a custom PAM-module presenting one echo-on prompt and one echo-off prompt.
Before the patch, the echo-on prompt always receives the original username (bar).
After the patch, the echo-on prompt receives the value given in the username input field of the prompt dialog.


Samu Kallio