Review Request 126660: Avoid finding the same package multiple times from different paths.

Review request for kde-workspace, KDE Frameworks and kdelibs.

Repository: kpackage

That was a problem in a scenario such as mine, where I have distro
packages and self compiled packages. There were (from the UI)
indistinguishable, duplicate packages in the panel's add applets
UI, in the tray config dialog's "additional items" section, and
probably in other places, too.
Note that requiring to have no duplicate packages in XDG_DATA_DIRS
by removing entries from XGD_DATA_DIRS doesn't fly because /usr
cannot be removed for the non-KF5 things that it brings.

src/kpackage/packageloader.cpp 9f7dd48

Diff: <a href="" title=""></a>

Checked for duplicate entries in "add applets" and tray config dialog, no duplicates anymore. Also no duplicates anymore in KWin effects KCM.


Andreas Hartmetz