Review Request: Make the tab group Xproperty accessable via NETWinInfo

Review request for kdelibs and Martin Gräßlin.

For KWin 4.8 Windows grouped using kwin's window tabbing feature, tell the world outside kwin in which group they are, using an XProperty.
This patch makes this XProperty accessable via NETWinInfo.
I hope it will be possible to integrate it into the 4.7 branch for KDE r4.8.

kdeui/windowmanagement/netwm.h c64a0a5
kdeui/windowmanagement/netwm.cpp cf28339
kdeui/windowmanagement/netwm_def.h 1482bca
kdeui/windowmanagement/netwm_p.h d7f4599

Diff: <a href="" title=""></a>

Tested with the methods/signals, tabGroup() and windowChanged(). Everything I tested works.


Anton Kreuzkamp