Review Request: Replace doxygen tag @arg by @param.

Review request for kdelibs.

The @param doxygen tag is formatted way nicer and should be used throughout our apidox.

There are no further changes here. Only @arg -> @param and three fixes where the param name was not stated.

The formatting chanes from something like:

Defaults to the application wide default font.

- font the new font
- role which role (usage pattern) to set the font for


Defaults to the application wide default font.

<em>font</em> the new font
<em>role</em> which role (usage pattern) to set the font for

kdecore/config/kconfig.h e920114
kjsembed/kjsembed/binding_support.h f06f090
kjsembed/kjsembed/static_binding.h 523d7b9
plasma/abstractrunner.h aabc805
plasma/animations/animation.h dae4a0d
plasma/animations/geometry_p.h 47f4006
plasma/animations/rotation_p.h 2d898a3
plasma/animations/rotationstacked_p.h 6771b8f
plasma/animations/slide_p.h 3e4ab39
plasma/animator.h 797c05e
plasma/applet.h a417dfd
plasma/configloader.h 4ae0ef0
plasma/containment.h c60eda0
plasma/containmentactions.h 5ab4570
plasma/corona.h 4104ff6
plasma/dialog.h 4c4ef12
plasma/framesvg.h d43e253
plasma/glapplet.h f264bd3
plasma/package.h 15b22dd
plasma/packagemetadata.h 5fa72e9
plasma/packagestructure.h b2f2e43
plasma/plasma.h 5ed8981
plasma/popupapplet.h cc80625
plasma/remote/accessappletjob.h b13dd9d
plasma/remote/serviceaccessjob.h 0225f77
plasma/runnercontext.h cfb956e
plasma/runnermanager.h 341d22f
plasma/runnersyntax.h 690a734
plasma/scripting/appletscript.h 424690c
plasma/scripting/scriptengine.h 610c10e
plasma/service.h 126ea6f
plasma/servicejob.h 30660c5
plasma/svg.h 3b640ac
plasma/theme.h f74a959
plasma/tooltipmanager.h 083feae
plasma/view.h 2489ec5
plasma/wallpaper.h e2d3926
plasma/widgets/busywidget.h e14ec4f
plasma/widgets/checkbox.h 6e8d77f
plasma/widgets/combobox.h 142b587
plasma/widgets/frame.h be1b1ee
plasma/widgets/groupbox.h 91d76b0
plasma/widgets/iconwidget.h 7a4c298
plasma/widgets/itembackground.h 4e87d23
plasma/widgets/label.h 17f8bbd
plasma/widgets/lineedit.h 524bc9e
plasma/widgets/pushbutton.h 7819c8f
plasma/widgets/radiobutton.h 6cec317
plasma/widgets/scrollbar.h 7ed6190
plasma/widgets/scrollwidget.h ad15a38
plasma/widgets/slider.h a9834fd
plasma/widgets/spinbox.h fdced70
plasma/widgets/tabbar.h b6c3f86
plasma/widgets/textbrowser.h ca5ab47
plasma/widgets/textedit.h 1c4e4b8
plasma/widgets/toolbutton.h 77f48dc
plasma/widgets/treeview.h 2d753ad
plasma/widgets/videowidget.h 267c313
plasma/windoweffects.h 80534ee

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Re: Review Request: Replace doxygen tag @arg by @param.

By Allen Winter at 06/13/2011 - 08:00

Ship it!


- Allen

On June 12, 2011, 7:59 p.m., Frederik Schwarzer wrote:

Re: Review Request: Replace doxygen tag @arg by @param.

By Frederik Schwarzer at 06/13/2011 - 12:29

Committted in be5406fa87bc406c7a5ac4896fa623197738d914.

- Frederik

On June 12, 2011, 7:59 p.m., Frederik Schwarzer wrote: