CMake 3.8.0-rc2 now ready for testing!

I am proud to announce the second CMake 3.8 release candidate.
<a href="" title=""></a>

Documentation is available at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Release notes appear below and are also published at
<a href="" title=""></a>

Some of the more significant changes in CMake 3.8 are:

* CMake now supports "CSharp" (C#) as a first-class language. It is
currently supported by the Visual Studio Generators for VS 2010
and above.

* CMake now supports "CUDA" as a first-class language.

plasma 5 desktop scripting file locations / examples?


I am Patrick, a maintainer of Whonix, which Whonix is a Linux derivative
with at least several thousand users, that by default is using Debian
with Debian KDE packages. Is it okay if I ask a few questions on how to
pre-configure KDE as a Linux distribution?

Are you aware of any example (Debian) packages that pre-configure
plasma 5?

KIO-GDrive Install on KDE Neon LTS 5.8

I'm sorry to ask such a newbie question here, but after searching form
several hours, I couldn't find any help and this is my last hope.

I'm trying to install kio-gdrive on my KDE Neon without success.

I've just setup the system which is a Neon LTS 5.8 with Plasma 5.8.5, KDE
Frameworks 5.31, Qt 5.7.1 and LiquorixAMD64 as the kernel.

kio-gdrive does not appear on the repositories I have and sudo apt-get
install kio-gdrive does not work.

Please, someone be as kind as helping me find a way to properly add the
repository I need to have kio-gdrive installed.


All your answers about Where to put documentation?

Hi all,

I'm often being asked about where to put documentation. I just wrote the final
guide about this.

On <a href="" title=""></a>, we have since last year a Guide and HowTos page
[1], which lists all KDE tutorial and resources.

There is a chapter about Quality and Documentation [2] in which you'll find
documentation about where to document things. I just wrote for Aditya this
<a href="" title=""></a>

Please, if you're being asked where to put documentation, tell people to read
this page.

EBN News: SVN Projects Removed

[resending with my kde address]


On the EBN we are no longer checking-out projects from subversion.
This means if you have a project hanging around in SVN you will no longer see its apidox, Krazy reports, etc.


EBN News: SVN Projects Removed


On the EBN we are no longer checking-out projects from subversion.
This means if you have a project hanging around in SVN you will no longer see its apidox, Krazy reports, etc.


Some questions

I was trying on this proposal:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I had some queries and would like to have some help:

* What are some simple issues I can start working on?

* How to reduce build time while tweaking single source files? I tried
'make' inside a subfolder I am working, which took much less, but I would
like to reduce it further.

* How to set up the development environment on my system? I prefer Emacs
(Spacemacs, TBH), but can't enable library based completion.

Can anyone that cares about appdata please fix all these files?

I'd do it but i've no clue how it works.



<a href="" title=""></a>

KDE Applications 17.04 release schedule

Hi people,

So that you know this is the release schedule the release team agreed on.

<a href="" title=""></a>


Suggestion to Remove KFloppy and hold back K3b

We tested some legacy media at the Plasma sprint

<a href="" title=""></a>

I recommend KFloppy be removed from Applications releases. It
couldn't find my floppy drive and when I hacked the code to tell it
where to look it depended on an external tool fdformat which didn't
work anyway.

Review a github pull request for network monitor plasmoid?


I've created a pull request here
<a href="" title=""></a> if anyone might

I went to phabricator to try and create a diff request there but could not
figure out how to register/login for that.


CMake 3.8.0-rc1 now ready for testing!

I am proud to announce the first CMake 3.8 release candidate.
<a href="" title=""></a>

Documentation is available at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Release notes appear below and are also published at
<a href="" title=""></a>

Some of the more significant changes in CMake 3.8 are:

* CMake now supports "CSharp" (C#) as a first-class language. It is
currently supported by the Visual Studio Generators for VS 2010
and above.

* CMake now supports "CUDA" as a first-class language.

New feature for windows bar.

I want to propouse a new feature for kde windows. A button or option in the
left menu on windows bar who let anybody change to dark mode or white mode.
Whitout matter if eviroment theme is dark or white breeze, for each
application. What do you think?

NOW is the time to fill in the Ideas page for GSoC! Application deadline 9 Feb.

Hello GSoC mentors, and teams supporting mentors,

We've asked for more time to get ramped up for GSoC, and so the
calendar has been moved back to early February. However, that means
that our Ideas page needs to be filled NOW, so that it can be taken
into consideration once the Org Applications are all in. The quality
of our ideas and the guidance they give our students are the most
important part of our application.

Error building Qt for android

I'm trying to build Qt for android on windows platform.
I'm getting this error on running the application.
In compile output this is displayed-
Error while building/deploying project analogclock (kit: Android for
ANDROID TARGET_ARCH=armeabi-v7a (GCC 4.9, Qt 5.7.1)) When executing step
"Deploy to Android device"

I tried this solution-
<a href="" title=""></a>
but still this error flags.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

KF5-based kdesvn doesn't display the authorization dialog

Hello world.

I have updated my *kdesvn* from KDE4 to KF5 recently, but didn't tried to
use it back then.
I'm having a problem that is that kdesvn doesn't ask me for my ssh
password, and just displays the common error in the errors box:

Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'svn+ssh:// ... at svn dot

I tried running it from the terminal, and I saw that the it is requesting
my password from the

Phabricator: All repositories registered - upcoming workflow changes

Hi everyone,

We've just completed the registration of all mainline repositories
(not including Websites or Sysadmin namespaced ones) on Phabricator.
Thanks go to Luigi Toscano for providing significant assistance with
this process.

From this point forward, communities should be moving away from
Reviewboard to Phabricator for conducting code review.

Contribution help

Hello KDE devs,

I'm a senior year CS student and a KDE user since good ol' KDE3 times. I'm
fluent in C++ (used CMAKE and boost in school projects) and somewhat
familiar with Qt.

Though wanted to contribute (and had already been subscribed to this list),
I couldn't have the spare time. Now I have a bit spare time and I would
like to contribute KDE. I think I can start from a bug of powerdevil I've
reported [1].

Guidance for contributing to kde

Hi I'm appearing for gsoc 2017. Being a newbie I don't know where to start
could you please guide me on how to contribute to the KDE projects. I'm
familiar with c++ and will be learning qt.

Preferred way for an application to inhibit suspend on KDE


I'm writing an application that needs to prevent the system from
suspending. I strive to support every GNU/Linux desktops, and I'm a bit
stuck with KDE. I didn't find any obvious way to do that.

On GNOME and related, I would use the D-Bus service
'org.gnome.SessionManager'. On XFCE, it would be
'org.xfce.SessionManager'. For other environments that lack a Session
Manager, I can still rely on 'org.freedesktop.PowerManagement'.

However I found none of these on KDE.

kde-Conference topic (India, Guwahati)

hey everyone !!
I am rahul one of the gcompris developers . I recently mentored Google Code
In also .
I have decided to present Gcompris at the kde-conference(India) along with
my journey with kde (Gcompris). I have written this mail to avoid clashes
in topics chosen for the proposals. If you had previously decided to work
on the same topic please repy to this mail so that we can sort something
out .

Rahul Yadav (irc nick - rahulyadav )

Custom proxy using KIO::get


I though it might be useful for the klinkstatus link checker application to allow finding broken links of Tor hidden services.

For that it would be necessary to override system wide proxy configuration. I tried to find other kde applications that offer this possibility and found konversation which uses QNetworkProxy::setApplicationProxy .

However, klinkstatus uses KIO::get, which ignore QNetworkProxy::setApplicationProxy and seems to look only at kioslaverc config file.

Review Request 129839: KFileMetaData: add a new property DiscNumber for audio files from multi-disc albums

Review request for Baloo and KDE Frameworks.

Repository: kfilemetadata

the new property is appended at the end of the existing enums such that
binary compatibility is kept. The special values at the end of the enums
are currently only used by automatic tests of KFileMetaData.

CMake 3.7.2 available for download

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.7.2 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks for your support!

Aleix Pol (1):
cmake-server: Do not try watching subdirectories with empty names

Brad King (4):
VS: Add v141 flag table entry for `-Zc:inline-`
VS: Add v140 flag table entries for `-Zc:inline[-]`
VS: Fix standalone Windows7.1SDK toolset selection
CMake 3.7.2

Roger Leigh (1):

GCi ending; Google Summer of Code preparations

Hello folks,

Last fall, some of us attended the GSoC Mentor Summit, and one of the
things we asked for was more time between the beginning of the contest
to "Coding begins." It looks like we got our wish.

AppStream issues with various KDE applications

Hi all,

We've been looking at the AppStream extractor issues in Fedora 25, and
we've come across quite a few broken KDE applications.

Open Source Contribution

I'm Vasudha from New Delhi, India, currently in pre-final year of my
graduation course. I wish to contribute to android development of Projects
*Minuet, **Articulate *and *WikiToLearn Desktop Client* Project.

It would be really helpful if you could guide me how to get started.

Kdevelop5 - Xdebug

Hello KDE Devs

Thank you for the work you have been doing on Kdevelop.

Cantor development meeting

Hi devs, specially those involved with Cantor community,

I would like to improve the Cantor development process in 2017. I will
do development meetings after each new release to plan the next release.
The idea is to select some important features to be implemented, put
high priority to some bugs and work to resolve them, plan big features
to be developed, discuss standards for backends and extensions

Review Request 129703: [baloo_file_extractor] Limit CPU usage

Review request for Baloo and Vishesh Handa.

Repository: baloo

Processing large directories, +5000 files, can be CPU eater. Large file, itself, can be another issue.

src/file/extractor/app.cpp 97332469

Diff: <a href="" title=""></a>



Anthony Fieroni

building krita 3.1.1 with gcc6


I am maintaining a yocto/openembedded layer supporting kde/plasma for
cross builds. Just tried to build krita 3.1.1 and got an error like
that reported in [1].

We had lots of erros in recent past and they were fixed by adding

Dropping the svn kio from kdesdk-kioslaves

* It doesn't compile with newer libsvn
* It's kdelibs4-based

Any disagreement on dropping it?


QxOrm 1.4.3 and QxEntityEditor 1.2.1 released : the Qt ORM supports CMake and provides a new QxEntityEditor documentation


QxOrm library 1.4.3 and QxEntityEditor application 1.2.1 just released :
<a href="" title=""></a>
The Qt ORM library now supports CMake and provides a new QxEntityEditor
documentation : <a href="" title=""></a>

QxOrm library 1.4.3 changes log :

- Support CMake : new CMakeLists.txt file added to build QxOrm library
with CMake
- Improve SQL error messages when qx::dao functions return a database error
- New parameter in singleton class qx::QxSqlDatabase to log SQL bound
values (setTraceSqlBoundValues) : by default, bound values are logged when
an error occurred

Guide to KDE development

Respected All,

I am an engineering student interested in open source development and have
been using Kubuntu for almost 6 months. I am comfortable with C++ and am
currently following KDE development guide to be able to contribute here.

I would be obliged to have directions/small projects to start practicing
here, so that I could understand the working of community and become
comfortable in contributing in future.

Thanks in advance...

IRC nickname:codeViser

Sent with Mailtrack
< ... at gmail dot com&idSignature=22>

Continue to develop Simon


I'm a programmer from China. I'm interested in continuing to develop Simon
(maybe as an unofficial version). But I need more
information(speech-recognition basics, outline Simon’s codebase etc.). Can
you help me?


Best regards,
Hui Chen

What in plasma/fw5 monitors laptop function keys for backlight control?


Plasma/fw5 key-stroke handler is properly monitoring the 'function-F9' and
'function-F10' keys for backlight control (brightness down/up). However, when
using the nvidia driver, the keystrokes are translated into updating the
following in sysfs:


instead of


Setting the first (range 0-20) has no effect on backlight and must be
translated to a range of 0-127 for the nvidia setting. Where would I look in
the source code to find what is handling the brightness function keys?
kdelibs? kdebase?

How to have apps preserve color/decoration when opened in another WM, like fluxbox or i3?


In every kde I've used in the past, once I set the theme/style/windeco/etc..
then regardless what WM I was using when I opened an app (like kate, kwrite,
konsole, etc.) they would always launch with the proper style. (even if opened
via X-forwarding over ssh)0

Now, with plasma, breeze, any app I open in another WM launches with the
plain default Qt boxy look and near white color. Is this by design, and is
there a way to set a default style, (or at least a default color) that is used
by the apps opened outside kde?

Notes for KDE Applications 16.12

Please help collect the notable changes applications had for the KDE
Applications 16.12 release in <a href="" title=""></a>

We need this filled in ASAP


CMake 3.7.1 available for download

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.7.1 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks for your support!

Ben Boeckel (1):
ARMCC: Fix flag used for response files

Brad King (9):
VS: Update VS 15 generator for Preview 5
FindBISON: Do not rebuild every time when not VERBOSE

Screenshot hosting repo (e.g. for Appstream)


We have just finished sorting out a centralized screenshot repo. This
repo should be used for promotional screenshots of KDE software.
Specifically, when using screenshots for appstream data you should put
your screenshots in there and reference them via
<a href="" title=""></a>

git clone kde:websites/product-screenshots
<a href="" title=""></a>

Mind the readme.


KDE e.V. annual report 2016

Hi folks :)

The board is currently preparing the annual report of KDE e.V. for
2016. It gives an overview of all the things KDE e.V. and KDE have
done in 2016. We want to include a number of development highlights of
the year. If you have a good topic for a short article please let us
know. We would need it by December 15th.

Lydia not generated


I just realized that was not generated since the 18th (one week).
I just wanted to say that it is known and currently under investigation. I'll
fix this as soon as I can (before Monday anyway)

@Ben: I would be happy to discuss if an email alert could be set from the
server to be aware of problems without checking everyday the logs. I'm quite
busy with IRL issues and cannot spend too much time otherwise.


Atelier - KDE for 3DPrinting

Hi everyone,
In the last 4 months, I, Patrick Pereira and Chris Rizzitello started
Atelier, a 3DPrinting host to control 3DPrinters.
Now we have a good basis to start to talk a little more about this project
inside the community.
AtCore, our API to control the serial communication is stable and so
far, trustworthy.

Now we need to find more testers for this API, so if you have a 3DPrinter,
with an open source Firmware, and have the will to help us, please do.
For more information, you can find us on freenode #kde-atelier or on our
telegram group:

​Thanks for your attent

Review Request 129549: Check more thoroughly for inotify

Review request for Baloo.

Repository: baloo

Don't just assume that Linux has inotify and nobody else does.

Tray icon by system_tray_request_dock protocol

I tried several days - without success - to fix the
tray-icon functionality of MSEide+MSEgui toolkit:
<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>
for KDE 5.5.5 on OpenSUSE LEAP 42.1.

MSEgui applications send a system_tray_request_dock message to the owner
of the _NET_SYSTEM_TRAY_Sx selection.
After sending system_tray_request_dock I get a _XEMBED client message
for the icon window.

Review Request 129548: Check more thoroughly for inotify

Review request for Baloo.

Repository: baloo

Don't just assume that Linux has inotify and nobody else does.

Review Request 129546: DBus-parts of baloo don't depend on inotify

Review request for Baloo.

Repository: baloo

The src/dbus directory was only added to the build if BUILD_KINOTIFY is on. But the DBus bits don't depend on inotify, and besides the DBus bits are mandatory for other parts of baloo (e.g.

kate/kwrite - set icons for 'find' 'replace' toolbars?


Switching icon themes, the icons for 'Match case sensitive' and 'Switch to
power search and replace bar' completely disappear? And if you are using the
Breeze theme where there are no real buttons, the options just vanish.

You can move your mouse over the area and button-highlight will outline
where the icons should be, but that's it.

KDE Emerge emerged as Craft

The KDE Emerge tool got a new name.
Not only that, Craft is capable of so much more than just building KDE on Windows.

Craft is an open source meta build system and package manager.
It manages dependencies and builds libraries and applications from source, on Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD.

Read the announcement[1] and start Crafting!

Visite the new Community Wiki[2]
or our new repository[3]

Kind regards,


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>
[3] <a href="" title=""></a>

Howto disable kate/kwrite autoindent following if, loop, or open-brace


How do you disable the automatic indention of the next line after an 'if',
'for', 'while' or open-brace, etc.. There are many, many times, I just want to
maintain the current indention level, for whatever reason, and the new indent
behavior in kate/kwrite wants to think for me now and automatically indent the
next line of code. Then it wants to think for me again and decrease the
indention level when I type the closing brace.

Review Request 129471: Add FreeBSD to metainfo.yaml.

Review request for Baloo.

Repository: kfilemetadata

Add FreeBSD to metainfo.yaml.

metainfo.yaml ac769a3e52e127751ad8a78e3ca1166d1941204b

Diff: <a href="" title=""></a>



Tobias Berner

Review Request 129478: Add FreeBSD to metainfo.yaml.

Review request for Baloo.

Repository: baloo

Add FreeBSD to metainfo.yaml.

metainfo.yaml f0a143b176a2c9b406bd4c5ae9234b3afcb1868b

Diff: <a href="" title=""></a>



Tobias Berner

kate/kwrite search/replace no longer loads word following cursor by default -- intended?


I have stumbled across another issue with the kate/kwrite search/replace
dialog. The dialog no longer loads the word following the cursor into the
search dialog by default. For example, with the cursor (insertion point) as
shown by the pipe ('|') below:

|register size_t sz = 0;
register char *p = (char *)s;

the word 'register' is no longer be loaded into the 'search' edit window of
the search/replace dialog by default.


cantor and kaccounts-integration use KDE_APPLICATIONS_VERSION_MAJOR as
the SOVERSION to their libraries. This is strange because it's a
variable which only changes every few releases when the year changes.
SOVERSIONS should change every time there's binary incompatibility,
which if you're unsure can just be every release (marble does this) or
you can not use an SOVERSION and put the library in a sub directory
and call it a private library.

Is a new variable needed? KDE_APPLICATIONS_SOVERSION which gets
changed every release?


KDE/Qt Flatpak SDK/Runtime


I'm a developer of QGIS [1] which makes heavy use of Qt libraries. I was
very happy to see the work on a KDE flatpak repository which already
packages Qt [2].

I have recently been looking into a couple of different approaches to
ship app bundles and flatpak sounds like a very interesting one.

To not duplicate work I would like to ask if there is interest for a
collaboration. In particular, for our needs:

* We require the QtLocation module.

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