Dolphin bug, help needed

I'm trying to fix a bug in Dolphin. It basically doesn't show any
information in columns like Artist, Image size etc. in details view.

After finding what is missing I wanted to see an example way to retrieve
that metadata. I decided to look at the code of Information Panel which
works correctly. After seeking some help in the IRC channel I decided to
dive into the code. Information Panel uses Baloo widgets to fill that
information. KFileMetada is meant to be used as a fallback compile time
option. And I was told thay KFileMetadata has been deprecated. However, I
found that Baloo widgets still uses it somehow. Also the code in Baloo
Widgets seems a bit convoluted and repeats the same checks such as
multiple/single file again and again. I made some notes since the process
has many layers and easy to forget.
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I want the fix Dolphin bug so I need some guidance. Is it valid to use
KFileMetaData directly to fill in the columns in Details View? If it's not,
are there any other plans which I may help?

I also wonder if there is anyone actively working on Baloo widgets. It
seems it needs some refactoring and I may need some mentoring to decide on
the architecture.

Thanks for help,


Re: Dolphin bug, help needed

By Elvis Angelaccio at 05/15/2018 - 17:28

On martedì 15 maggio 2018 04:09:10 CEST, Ongun Kanat wrote:

Image size works for me, as do other roles. Album indeed looks broken.

You probably meant KFileMetaDataWidget? Yes, that's deprecated.
Without baloo (and baloo-widgets) metadata extraction doesn't work in

No, we should find the actual bug and fix it. I'd start looking what's
going on in kfileitemmodel.cpp.

Feel free to open a task in the dolphin workboard on phabricator:
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