Finish mdraid implementation and implement dmraidNew GSoC proposal for KDE Partition Manager

Project Goals:
Finish implementation of mdraid and polish current support

Most of the features such scanning, creating and manipulating software raid
have been completed. My first goal would be to finish resizing of raids and
then working on udev bugs. I am currently understanding the software raid
implementation in raid-support branch and will polish the software raid

2. Implementing fakeRAID with the help of dmraid

Fake RAID is essentially software RAID provided by the BIOS on the
motherboard, however, it has none of the benefits of Software RAID and none
of the benefits of Hardware RAID, hence, Fake RAID. It works along the
device mapper to discover and manipulate ATA RAID devices created by
controllers BIOS. My goal in this project is to offer some basic
functionalities for it, such as displaying, creating, erasing and
manipulating partitions inside of these volumes. Fake raid is accessed with
dmraid utility


In my opinion, this is a very slim proposal, but If any KPM devel is
willing to mentor, I would appreciate you giving it a look and talking a
bit with the student. While I hope that the student has already been in
touch with the team, it's my guess that they have not, or we would have had
a draft to comment on.

All the best,