KDE Frameworks 5.55.0 released

09th February 2019. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.55.0.

KDE Frameworks are 79 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


[tags_kio] Disable access with a double slashed url, i.e. "tags://" (bug 400594)
Instantiate QApplication before KCrash/KCatalog
Ignore all non-storage deviceAdded signals from Solid
Remove Qt 5.10 checks now that we require it as min version

Breeze Icons

Add Cursors KCM icon
Add and rename some YaST icons and symlinks
Improve the Notfication Bell Icon by using the KAlarm design (bug 400570)
Add yast-upgrade
Improve weather-storm-* icons (bug 403830)
Add font-otf symlinks, just like the font-ttf symlinks
Add proper edit-delete-shred icons (bug 109241)
Add trim margins and trim to selection icons (bug 401489)
Delete edit-delete-shred symlinks in preparation for replacing them with real icons
Rename Activities KCM icon
Add Activities KCM icon
Add Virtual Desktops KCM icon
Add icons for Touch Screen and Screen Edge KCMs
Fix file sharing preference related icon names
Add a preferences-desktop-effects icon
Add a Plasma Theme Preferences Icon
Improve contrast of preferences-system-time (bug 390800)
Add a new preferences-desktop-theme-global icon
Add tools icon
document-new icon follow ColorScheme-Text
Add a preferences-system-splash icon for the Splash Screen KCM
Include applets/22
Add Kotlin (.kt) mimetype icons
Improve the preferences-desktop-cryptography icon
Fill lock in preferences-desktop-user-password
Consistently fill the lock in the encrypted icon
Use a Kile Icon that is similar to the original

Extra CMake Modules

FindGperf: in ecm_gperf_generate set SKIP_AUTOMOC for generated file
Move -Wsuggest-override -Wlogical-op to regular compiler settings
Fix python binding generation for classes with deleted copy constructors
Fix qmake module generation for Qt 5.12.1
Use more https in links
API dox: add missing entries for some find-modules & modules
FindGperf: improve api dox: mark-up usage example
ECMGenerateQmlTypes: fix api dox: title needs more --- markup
ECMQMLModules: fix api dox: title match module name, add missing "Since"
FindInotify: fix api dox .rst tag, add missing "Since"


fix for macOS


Save two KFilterDev::compressionTypeForMimeType calls


Remove support for passing gui QVariants to KAuth helpers


Build without D-Bus on Android


[kcmutils] Add ellipsis to search labels in KPluginSelector


nsSJISProber::HandleData: Don't crash if aLen is 0


kconfig_compiler: delete the assignment operator and copy constructor


Build without KAuth and D-Bus on Android
Add KLanguageName


Comment why changing the ptracer is required
[KCrash] Establish socket to allow change of ptracer


[KCM Controls GridView] Add remove animation

KDELibs 4 Support

Fix some country flags to use all the pixmap


handle wrong password when using sudo which asks for another password (bug 389049)


exiv2extractor: add support for bmp, gif, webp, tga
Fix failing test of exiv gps data
Test empty and zero gps data
add support for more mimetypes to taglibwriter

KHolidays #

holidays/plan2/holiday_ua_uk - updated for 2019


Add JSON metadata to khtmlpart plugin binary


Build without D-Bus on Android


xcf: Fix fix for opacity being out of bounds
Uncomment the qdebug includes
tga: Fix Use-of-uninitialized-value on broken files
max opacity is 255
xcf: Fix assert in files with two PROP_COLORMAP
ras: Fix assert because of ColorMapLength being too big
pcx: Fix crash on fuzzed file
xcf: Implement robustness for when PROP_APPLY_MASK is not on the file
xcf: loadHierarchy: Obey the layer.type and not the bpp
tga: Don't support more than 8 alpha bits
ras: Return false if allocating the image failed
rgb: Fix integer overflow in fuzzed file
rgb: Fix Heap-buffer-overflow in fuzzed file
psd: Fix crash on fuzzed file
xcf: Initialize x/y_offset
rgb: Fix crash in fuzzed image
pcx: Fix crash on fuzzed image
rgb: fix crash in fuzzed file
xcf: initialize layer mode
xcf: initialize layer opacity
xcf: set buffer to 0 if read less data that expected
bzero -> memset
Fix various OOB reads and writes in kimg_tga and kimg_xcf
pic: resize header id back if didn't read 4 bytes as expected
xcf: bzero buffer if read less data than expected
xcf: Only call setDotsPerMeterX/Y if PROP_RESOLUTION is found
xcf: initialize num_colors
xcf: Initialize layer visible property
xcf: Don't cast int to enum that can't hold that int value
xcf: Do not overflow int on the setDotsPerMeterX/Y call


KLauncher: handle processes exiting without error (bug 389678)


Improve keyboard controls of the checksum widget
Add helper function to disable redirections (useful for kde-open)
Revert "Refactor SlaveInterface::calcSpeed" (bug 402665)
Don't set CMake policy CMP0028 to old. We don't have targets with :: unless they are imported..
[kio] Add ellipsis to search label in Cookies section
[KNewFileMenu] Don't emit fileCreated when creating a directory (bug 403100)
Use (and suggest using) the nicer K_PLUGIN_CLASS_WITH_JSON
avoid blocking kio_http_cache_cleaner and ensure exit with session (bug 367575)
Fix failing knewfilemenu test and underlying reason for its failure


raise only colored buttons (bug 403807)
fix height
same margins sizing policy as the other list items
=== operators
support for the concept of expandible items
don't clear when replacing all the pages
horizontal padding is double than vertical
take padding into account to compute size hints
[kirigami] Do not use light font styles for headings (2/3) (bug 402730)
Unbreak the AboutPage layout on smaller devices
stopatBounds for breadcrumb flickable


[kitemviews] Change the search in Desktop Behavior/Activities to more in line with other search labels


Set SKIP_AUTOMOC for some generated files, to deal with CMP0071


Fix semantics for ghns_exclude (bug 402888)


Fix memory leak when passing icon data to Java
Remove the AndroidX support library dependency
Add Android notification channel support
Make notifications work on Android with API level < 23
Move the Android API level checks to runtime
Remove unused forward declaration
Rebuild AAR when Java sources change
Build the Java side with Gradle, as AAR instead of JAR
Don't rely on the Plasma workspace integration on Android
Search for notfication event configuration in qrc resources

KPackage Framework

Make translations work


Fix struct/class mismatch


Remove explicit use of ECM_KDE_MODULE_DIR, is part of ECM_MODULE_PATH


Build without D-Bus on Android
Suggest people to use K_PLUGIN_CLASS_WITH_JSON


Qt 5.12.0 has issues in the regex implementation in QJSEngine, indenters might behave incorrectly, Qt 5.12.1 will have a fix
KateSpellCheckDialog: Remove action "Spellcheck Selection"
Update JavaScript library underscore.js to version 1.9.1
Fix bug 403422: Allow changing the marker size again (bug 403422)
SearchBar: Add Cancel button to stop long running tasks (bug 244424)
Remove explicit use of ECM_KDE_MODULE_DIR, is part of ECM_MODULE_PATH
Review KateGotoBar
ViewInternal: Fix 'Go to matching bracket' in override mode (bug 402594)
Use HTTPS, if available, in links visible to users
Review KateStatusBar
ViewConfig: Add option to paste at cursor position by mouse (bug 363492)


[server] Generate correct touch ids
Make XdgTest spec compliant
Add option to use wl_display_add_socket_auto
[server] Send initial org_kde_plasma_virtual_desktop_management.rows
Add rows info to the plasma virtual desktop protocol
[client] Wrap wl_shell_surface_set_{class,title}
Guard resource deletion in OuptutConfiguration::sendApplied


[KWidgetsAddons] Do not use light font styles for headings (3/3) (bug 402730)


Build without D-Bus on Android
Make KCheckAccelerators less invasive for apps that don't directly link to KXmlGui


Fix QVariantMapList operator >> implementation

Plasma Framework

[Wallpaper templates] Add missing Comment= entry to desktop file
Share Plasma::Theme instances between multiple ColorScope
Make the clock svg's shadows more logically correct and visually appropriate (bug 396612)
[frameworks] Do not use light font styles for headings (1/3) (bug 402730)
[Dialog] Don't alter mainItem's visibility
Reset parentItem when mainItem changes




Fix combobox initial sizing (bug 403736)
Set combobox popups to be modal (bug 403403)
partly revert 4f00b0cabc1230fdf
Word-wrap long tooltips (bug 396385)
ComboBox: fix default delegate
Fake mousehover whilst combobox is open
Set CombooBox QStyleOptionState == On rather than Sunken to match qwidgets (bug 403153)
Fix ComboBox
Always draw the tooltip on top of everything else
Support a tooltip on a MouseArea
do not force text display for ToolButton


Build without D-Bus on Android


Don't call this code if we have only space

Syntax Highlighting

Fix end of folding region in rules with lookAhead=true
AsciiDoc: Fix highlighting of include directive
Add AsciiDoc support
Fixed Bug Which Caused Infinite Loop While Highlighting Kconfig Files
check for endless context switches
Ruby: fix RegExp after ": " and fix/improve detection of HEREDOC (bug 358273)
Haskell: Make = a special symbol

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure < ... at kde dot org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB

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