KDE incubator candidate request for marK tool


I am planning to release a new application for KDE, which is a tool to help
people on building datasets for machine learning training processes. It
will act as a general-purpose tool for annotation and allow users to
annotate different types of data (i.e. images, audio, video, text). For
now, it is only allowing users to build image datasets. A further
description of this tool can be seen at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Today, the team is composed by me and Icaro Jerry. The project is being
hosted at Github and it didn't had any patches for some months, but we are
starting to make it active again and planning to make our first release on
this month. According to the Incubator process list, we can't host it on
Github, so we want to know if it is possible to host it as a KDE repository.

Sandro Andrade will be helping us as a sponsor.