Kopete and Libjingle

This patch needs tested for Kopete
<a href="" title=""></a>

But I don't know how to test it. Does anyone use jabber and video conferencing through it with libjingle?

I signed up for accounts at this server
<a href="" title=""></a> and I can send messages
from Kopete but messages don't arrive in Kopete when sent from their
web client. And I see no options to use video conference in Kopete as
would use Jingle.

If there's nobody who uses this any more I think we should remove Kopete to unmaintained.



Re: Kopete and Libjingle

By Albert Astals Cid at 12/16/2018 - 14:02

El divendres, 14 de desembre de 2018, a les 17:19:26 CET, Jonathan Riddell va escriure:
Why would you move kopete to unmaintained?

Because libjingle support fails?

Worst case scenario, just remove libjingle support in the jabber protocol.